Unscholarly Pursuits

Taryan Graye
Location The Academy
Suggested Level N/A
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Unscholarly Pursuits is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. The ghost of Taryan Graye is seeking her beloved, who may have been killed. Can you uncover the truth?



Important NPCs



Unscholarly Pursuits Objectives

  1. Help Taryan Graye find her lover



Unscholarly Pursuits Walkthrough

In the Academy Library, cast Spirit Vision, and you will find lots of spirits wandering around. At the northern end, there is a spirit by the name of Taryan Graye. Speak to her to learn that Lucian the Divine murdered everyone in the Academy in his quest to become Divine, including possibly her lover, Raedalus.

The Spirit of Taryan's lover, Raedalus, is in the Forbidden Library, close to where she is. Unfortunately, it is locked. With a high enough thievery skill, you can simply lockpick it and the door will open (Note: in Definite Edition at least, the door cannot be lockpicked at all), but if not, you will have to activate the following doodads in the Library in order:

  1. Step on the pressure plate next to the fallen Ancient Depository in the middle of the room.
  2. Press the button on the eastern pillar.
  3. Activate the Unusual Tablet (named Inconspicuous Contraption after activation) in the south-east side of the room.
  4. Activate the lever on the right side of the locked door.

Once you unlocked the door, head inside for 27,900XP (this XP will be granted upon activating the lever instead if you chose not to lockpick the door) and 41850 Exploration XP. Cast Spirit Vision and speak to Raedalus's spirit to learn that he wanted to speak with the Chancellor in hopes of finding a "God-King" to sever his Godwoken bond so he can be free to live with Taryan. Unfortunately, he was too late; he found the Chancellor killed by Lucian's hand, and he was subsequently murdered as well. Simply tell him to return to Taryan and he will leave.

Return back to Taryan and smile at the reunited lovers. You will earn 69,750XP and a choice of Common-quality loot. The quest is complete at this point.




  • 27,900XP & 41,850 Exploration XP for entering the Forbidden Library.
  • 69,750XP and a choice of Common-quality loot upon quest completion.

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    • Anonymous

      25 Jan 2021 18:20  

      For anyone who didn't want to do the puzzle or lacks 7-8 thieving, you can simply fly/teleport up the ledge to the west from the room Alexander is in to get to the Chancellor's room. There is also a loot chest on the outer ring of the level between.

      • Anonymous

        20 Jul 2020 23:03  

        Definitive Edition: You still get the 27,900 exp even if you just lockpick the door without solving the puzzle. It’s going to be added to the exploration exp netting you 60k+ exp instead (obtained after entering the secret library).

        • Anonymous

          04 Feb 2019 19:30  

          NOW, you have to find Taryan's body by NW desk in library, and separately cast Spirit Vision, and then her spirit will appear. No longer automatic!

          • Anonymous

            01 Oct 2017 11:40  

            For this quest and the library connected to it - if you watch Spirit of Master Tremly he'll reveal the appropriate order for switches that will reveal the room Raeladus is in - switch on the floor (not visible by alt-item-vision), switch on the east wall, tablet near desk on the south east, lastly lever to the right of the door -> Ironically the room seemed to have a bug in its resource title

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