Unlikely Lovers

In Almira's hideout
Almira and Mihaly in Almira's hideout,

decaying due to the dark clouds in the area

Location Reaper's Coast
Suggested Level 15
Next Quest Almira's Request
Previous Quest  n/a

Unlikely Lovers is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs


Unlikely Lovers Objectives

  1. Kill the Harbinger of Doomfor Almira



Unlikely Lovers Walkthrough


Find Almira in a ruined house in Paradise Downs, and agree to either escort the couple to safety, or to kill the Harbinger of Doom for her.

The Harbinger is located in the northeast corner of the map. Kill it and the zombified Magisters, then report back to Almira.

You can let Almira kiss you to give you more source points or an item reward. If you refuse her advances, she and Mihaly both become hostile and attack your party.

If you agreed to the kiss, she will follow up with another quest, Almira's Request.



Tips & Tricks

  • The decision to escort or kill must be made during the initial conversation.
  • ???



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    • Anonymous

      13 Apr 2021 23:53  

      I’ve found what *may* be the easiest way to kill the Harbinger. If you explore north from the Ancient Empire Caravan, you can climb a hill and look down on the Harbinger from quite a distance. My ranger, Sebille, put herself at extreme range and took a shot. The Harbinger got mad and FIGHT notice flashed, but it did NOT go to battle mode but stayed in real time mode. The Harbinger hopped up and down, but basically stayed in one place as I put arrow after arrow into him until he died. Since I had not yet encountered Almira, I reloaded to do that first, then came back and killed him again. So not a fluke.

      Sebille had the Far Out Man talent and was wearing the vulture armor which gives Far Sight so her range was extremely good, especially with a height advantage. I was standing at about X:659 Y:455

      I don’t know if it is possible to do this without the vulture armor, but if so, it is the simplest way to kill him and is possible at a fairly low level.

      • Anonymous

        16 Mar 2021 03:21  

        the harbinger is a really easy kill if you can set things up nicely. otherwise.... not so much. there's lots of corpses nearby. enough that if you can put them all together, you can kill him with mass corpse explosion. the minions are vulnerable to fire; use the ooze bulbs to make the poison gas and then laser ray.

        • Anonymous

          03 Dec 2020 20:51  

          After killing the Harbinger, I found this quest. There is a persuasion check, so maybe save before talking to them. (I confirmed that you DO NOT want to say that you killed the Harbinger, as you miss out on 29K of experience.) I cleared out all of the poison (by burning it) and led them to the nearest waypoint and head for the ship. You can teleport the magister across the gap between their house and the Paradise Downs waypoint. (I healed him before hand). He didn't aggro, and the succubus can get across on her own with Phoenix Dive. Once you trigger the waypoint, they will be waiting in the hold for you to give you your reward...so save before you go below decks if you want to reload a few times to find item attributes that you need.

          • Anonymous

            01 Dec 2020 14:01  

            Ok don't judge but I just teleported the Harbinger to the paladins using 2 characters that know teleport, entered the battel with everyone else and then we ganked the sh*t out of it. It took a while but it saved me a lot of time and rage. Delicious cheese

            (Sidenote: I teleported it through the Lone Wolves camp hoping they would engage it but they all ignored it...)

            • Anonymous

              24 Nov 2020 21:15  

              I finished Unlikely Lovers quest and then almira disappeared. She is not at the boat since I have yet to give her the tablet. Does anybody knows where she is?

              • Anonymous

                13 Nov 2020 18:10  

                There are multiple ooze bulbs (produce infinite poison clouds) in the area. If you have high telekinesis (use gear to boost temporarily), you can move the ooze bulbs to be within the undead crowd while sneaking. Then drop a candle and move it into the clouds. The fire aoe should be enough to whittle them down if you move the ooze bulbs around to trigger the clouds and explosions fast enough. I killed all of the minions on the ground before combat even started.

                Then it's just a matter of Armor DPS and Knock Down on the harbinger and GG.

                • Anonymous

                  28 Sep 2020 14:22  

                  Before combat stack all the corpses near the minions. After starting teleport Harbinger to corpses and use mass corpse explosion for one shot kill

                  • 26 Jul 2020 17:47  

                    For escorting Mihaly, you bring him over to Coordinates X585, Y342 - Completes once you get him over the broken bridge. You need to heal and teleport him. (Also expect ambush if you did not kill that Harbinger.)

                    • Anonymous

                      08 Jun 2020 12:13  

                      I beat the harbinger fight easily on Honor Mode. I snuck my 4 people (archer, rogue, 2 mages) to the cliffs on either side. They all stayed out of view, so each could enter the fight with an attack. Started off with the mage with Torturer and high initiative using Worm Tremor and was able to entangle the Harbinger and his undead cronies. Harbinger got a turn before his when the fight started, but none of them could move so it couldn't do much. Had others enter combat using multi-target skills and was able to kill off most of the minions before the first round. None of the enemies could move, and I was able to break Harbinger's Armor and be able to stun/knock down, etc to keep him from doing anything at all the entire fight, which was only 2 rounds of actual combat, so 3 counting the surprise attacks.

                      • Anonymous

                        30 May 2020 18:24  

                        PSA: Do NOT report back to Almira that the Harbinger of Doom is dead. Instead choose the option to escort Mihaly back to safety. This quest has two subquests: Saving "Magister Mihaly" and "Shroud of the Voidwoken." You can accept both subquests. (The first time I spoke to Almira, I agreed to clear a path, ending the dialogue. Then I spoke to her again and said I was going to clear the decaying shroud first.) However, it seems you can only complete one subquest. Saving Magister Mihaly grants 25950 experience upon speaking to Almira, whereas Shroud of the Voidwoken grants none upon speaking to Almira. For all the journal updates and the most experience, first accept the Saving Magister Mihaly quest. Then accept the Shroud of the Voidwoken quest. Then locate and kill the Harbinger of Doom. Clear the path for Mihaly. Speak to Almira and offer to escort Mihaly back to the entrance of Paradise Downs to collect 25950 extra experience. Do not tell her the Harbinger is dead.

                        • Anonymous

                          21 Apr 2020 16:40  

                          I'm having trouble getting them to safety. I defeated the voidwoken causing the plague, but I can't secure a path for them to safely go... anywhere. I tried teleporting them to get them across the cliffs, but they just get hostile. They won't fast travel with me to any waypoints. Any suggestions?

                          • Anonymous

                            21 Apr 2020 02:13  

                            Use the Lady Vengance waypoint if you are trying to escort them, go to the bottom floor. Worked for us once they got stuck.

                            • Anonymous

                              12 Apr 2020 23:38  

                              it just need under 5 turn I win the game, just pile the dead body (using teleport skill) in top left cliff where it will jump on, start the battle with archer hit from highest cliff too, and mass corpse (1 hit kill) after he jump

                              • Anonymous

                                30 Mar 2020 22:26  

                                Living on the edge so you cant die, death wish so you do 99% more damage, flesh sacrifice if you're an elf. Teleport all of the corpses onto one spot before you start combat, right before you get close enough for her to aggro cast living on the edge then walk up to her, she'll whack you with a fireball that takes you down to 1 HP, cast death wish, teleport her onto the four corpses and cast mass corpse explode. 1 shot kill.

                                • Anonymous

                                  08 Mar 2020 17:44  

                                  2 lone wolf lv 11 + lv 9 stuff in tactician mode: use the perma electric steam + chest to block path to clear magic armor without engaging in combat. And using air wand to perma stun. PS: (A texture bug?) When harbinger is stuck and take constantly the damage from elect steam, if you save+load, he will disapper (and regen the magic armor) until you engage, so you have to finish him in one load.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    04 Jan 2020 15:44  

                                    You will get much more XP if you don’t report to her of killing the Harbringer and instead survey her to escape. The reward is the same and there will be no ambush. I killed the Harbinger, they helped them escape and got about 30k XP more. You still can do her other quest with tablet.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      24 Jul 2019 19:04  

                                      Get your mage and ranger up on the tallest cliff if you can. You will need sneaking or invisibility. Get your tank to tank the initial burst damage, he will need frost armor or he will die. Ranger should attack the poison flower and then mage blow the poison cloud up and that should nearly kill all the minions. Now all thats left is the boss which is easy.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        11 Jun 2019 20:27  

                                        Before the fight, i placed all the green looking plants that produce poison near the enemies. Then i blast em using fireball. I significantly droppes their hp. Then i used knockdown arrows and physical skills to take down the harbinger dragon. It worked! I alao aummon totems and encarcates

                                        • Anonymous

                                          16 Nov 2018 09:45  

                                          We just teleported him into us, then destroyed the armour and one shotted him. (Daggers Drawn ability - Rogue Lvl 14)

                                          • Anonymous

                                            19 Sep 2018 10:45  

                                            The f*ck? I cleared the ambush, got em across the bridge and out of the aura, almira and mihaly port to the ship. Now, I teleport myself a few times and Mihaly is still following me? Quest complete 100%, rewards and all, but Mihaly is still following my main character...

                                            • Anonymous

                                              14 Aug 2018 17:17  

                                              I chose to escort them. i came to a point with an ambush which seemed to be the final step. cleared everything and dont know where to go now. both still say the same. the last thing i know is, that they wanted to go south. i brought them all the way to driftwood where they got attacked and also way down to the shore direct south. Still nothing. i have no idea. i healed the guy up by resting, not healing and i think i broke it somehow. i'm probably just going to reload.

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