Opposites Attract

Betty the Turtle
Location Stonegarden
Suggested Level 12
Next Quest None
Previous Quest None

Opposites Attract is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. It can be picked up by speaking to Betty the Turtle in the Ryker's Rest Cellar. It yields 7725 XP. 



Important NPCs

  • Betty the Turtle
  • Rory the Rat 


Opposites Attract Objectives

  1. Lure Rory the Rat over to Betty the Turtle so that she can confess her love for him.


Opposites Attract Walkthrough

At the basement of Ryker's mansion, there is a rat and a turtle.

If you have Pet Pal talent, you will learn that the turtle is in love with the rat. 

You can use foods to lure the rat to the turtle. Or you can teleport the rat directly near the turtle


Tips & Tricks

  • After finishing the quest A Generous Offer, you can pick up fruit in the dining room of Ryker's mansion to use for this quest if you haven't brought fruit or cheese with you.
  • Use Teleportation (or the Gloves of Teleportation) to teleport Rory if you can't be bothered going back up for the fruit. 

    • Anonymous

      19 Jul 2018 10:44  

      Fun fact, if you just keep feeding Rory and don't make a trail he will eat everything nonstop until he clears it all. Big stomach for a rat.

      • Anonymous

        29 Oct 2017 20:10  

        I decided i couldn't bring myself to kill them for the playthrough, though i can confirm. 13,500 exp each. :(

        • 07 Oct 2017 21:08  

          Speak to the Turtle to get the quest and if you don't have enough food to bait the rat it's possible to teleport it down to the turtle but make sure not to damage the turtle. After getting the rat close to the turtle you can talk to the turtle again and finish the quest (there will be purpleish sparks flying around them both if you've teleported the rat correctly)

          • Anonymous

            02 Oct 2017 07:13  

            If you introduce them to each other they become In Love and there are hearts and pink particles around them. At that point the rat no longer cares about food as much a he does about love. We discovered that they give like 14k exp a piece though as my friend decided if he can't have love then no one can. RIP true love =(

            • Anonymous

              28 Sep 2017 17:00  

              I couldn't get the rat down the stairs so I try to teleport the rat but by doing that you get -5 attitude because of the damage of teleportation. After speaking to the turtle again the quest conclude.

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