Opposites Attract

Betty the Turtle
Location Stonegarden
Suggested Level 12
Next Quest None
Previous Quest None

Opposites Attract is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. It can be picked up by speaking to Betty the Turtle in the Ryker's Rest Cellar. It yields 7725 XP. 



Important NPCs

  • Betty the Turtle
  • Rory the Rat 


Opposites Attract Objectives

  1. Lure Rory the Rat over to Betty the Turtle so that she can confess her love for him.


Opposites Attract Walkthrough

At the basement of Ryker's mansion, there is a rat and a turtle.

If you have Pet Pal talent, you will learn that the turtle is in love with the rat. 

You can use foods to lure the rat to the turtle (hit and miss). Or you can use Nether Swap to teleport the turtle to the rat (or vice versa) and once they have hearts swirling above them you can talk to the turtle and finish the quest. Do not use Teleport to do this as the fall damage might kill the turtle (and definitely kill the rat), failing the quest.


Tips & Tricks

  • After finishing the quest A Generous Offer, you can pick up fruit in the dining room of Ryker's mansion to use for this quest if you haven't brought fruit or cheese with you.

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    • Anonymous

      10 Apr 2021 01:22  

      Easiest quest ever. Just teleport the turtle to the rat. No fortify needed it already has 145 PA well enough to manege a tp

      • Anonymous

        21 Mar 2021 08:55  

        I think they patched it so you can't just nether swap the rat within range. Easiest method is to block off the top of the stairs with boxes/barrels, nether swap the rat to the other side, then place a piece of food near the turtle.

        • Anonymous

          07 Feb 2021 08:33  

          If you are on console (ps4), you may find it a bit hard to put the food on the ground. But actually it would be easier to drop the food starting from the turtle to the rat, not from rat to the turtle so you have enough time to access inventory without it eating the food first

          • Anonymous

            07 Jan 2021 16:44  

            I stood behind betty and cast chicken claw! it makes her run away whichever? way she has her head towards, and when i got her near stairs rory came down and then, they fell in loove :d

            • Anonymous

              19 Mar 2020 00:30  

              just bring any potato or any food u get will make the rat goes to turtle... almost 8k exp... after u can kill the turtle for 13.5k exp.... ez 20k exp

              • 16 Mar 2020 02:10  

                I transported the rat and he splattered all over when we landed. The poor turtle shed a tear. Oh well we have more important business to attend to. Like killing anyone or eradicating the very essence of anything thing that gets in the way of our never ending fiending for source. Ahahahahaha evil laugh

                • Anonymous

                  12 Feb 2020 16:42  

                  I'm an idiot. I thought you had to feed Rory a certain food for the quest to progress. I spent so long scoring the island for CheeseFood? FruitFood?

                  • Anonymous

                    16 Jan 2020 17:34  

                    You can use Nether Swap instead of Teleportation, and swap one of your group members which is close to the turtle with the rat. This way you avoid damaging the rat.

                    • Anonymous

                      11 Dec 2019 16:54  

                      Use the fruit you gather from the first and second floor, drop them in a beeline towards the turtle and watch him feed his way down to her. They will cuddle and you will finish the quest

                      • Anonymous

                        17 Nov 2019 17:23  

                        Just put armour of frost on the rat before teleporting. And teleport the rat as far away as possible to the left of the waterfall and he will walk past the turtle and smooch her.

                        • Anonymous

                          05 Nov 2019 07:06  

                          Using a food trail the rat won't go down the stairs so I teleport the rat, the rat dies. I teleport the turtle and it starts a fight with me.

                          • 03 Oct 2019 15:29  

                            This was a very frustrating one. The rat dies if teleported, but you can teleport the turtle just inside the entrance (but not on or beyond the rat else he dies or gets scared and runs away outside) and little heart signs start swirling above them, you can then talk to the turtle and complete the quest.

                            • Anonymous

                              19 Jul 2018 10:44  

                              Fun fact, if you just keep feeding Rory and don't make a trail he will eat everything nonstop until he clears it all. Big stomach for a rat.

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