Up in the Clouds

Location Nameless Isle
Suggested Level 16
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Up in the Clouds is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. High in the clouds, Amadia's Temple rests. Will you be able to unlock its secrets?



Important NPCs



Up in the Clouds Objectives

  1. Reach Amadia's Temple.
  2. Use the hovering runes to remove magical barriers and carve a clear path.
  3. Overcome the defences of the temple.
  4. Receive the Knight of Amadia's boon.



Up in the Clouds Walkthrough

First, you must reach the Temple of Amadia, high in the clouds. To reach there, you have to use some sort of teleportation/flying/leaping skill to teleport yourself over to the island, then unlock the waypoint and climb the vines. See the picture below for details.


The picture below is a map of the Temple of Amadia.


The moment you enter the floating temple, this quest will be active, and you will gain 30,100 Exploration XP. (10,050 XP DE edition) From here on out, its actually short and straightforward - there will be constant fire/lightning/etc pummelling the ground, acting as traps, and your job is to interact with the runes and deactivate the barriers.

Right next to where you started, you will come face to face with an Amadia Face Door. Interacting with it can give you one random buff. In order to open it, however, you will need the engraved jewel found on the northeastern most island in the picture above. Use teleport to get to the jewel, then use the jewel and open the door for some nice loot.

From where you started, teleport yourself to the next island, then simply interact with the runes. Next, use the portal to teleport yourself to the eastern side of the island (as depicted by the picture above). From where you landed after using the portal, head slightly north and teleport yourself over to grab the engraved jewel, teleport back, then continue onwards and deactivate the barriers by using the runes.

Using the three runes will free the Knight of Amadia. Talk to her and accept her gift to receive 40,150XP and 1 Knight of Amadia's Gloves, a pretty good glove for mages. 


  • 30,100 Exploration XP upon entering the floating temple. (DE edition gives 10,050 Exploration XP upon entering the floating temple)
  • 20075 XP praying to the Altar of Amadia on the center island (DE edition)
  • 40,150XP and Knight of Amadia's Gloves upon accepting the Knight of Amadia's gift and completing the quest.
  • 20075 XP for killing the Knight of Amadia after completing the main quest (DE edition)



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    • Anonymous

      maybe obvious, but as it not mentioned here:

      before leaving this area have a 2nd closer look at the face of amadia. With the graved diamond, that you find on the small floating island after using the portal, you can open a door to amadias vault.

      You will find a piece of godly equipment there.

      Also not mentioned: I would do this area 1st after reaching the "Nameless Island", as you can do the whole quest without a fight.

      • Anonymous

        Took everyone’s advise- need wings/cloak&dagger/Phoenix dive/tactical retreat to have max freedom in temple 1.) took care of the runes for the first set of elemental sentinels; spirit vision to speak to ghost of black ring corpse (not useful, but does tell you he tried to take the temple on his own. 2.) went to Amadia vault door (face statue as you enter temple). Pray to it/offering- depending on your character they will either get air immunity or floating (permanent only while in the temple) 3.) took portal to east part of temple, there is an artifact there (fane/red prince can read it), “hopped” to get gem. 4.) wakes over to next challenge (if your godwoken has Amadia as their god show her you’re harboring her and she will stand down and hand you the gloves. Tell her you’re searching for Amadia salted, she’ll walk you to it and pray with you. (You can attack her but it’s -5 attitude from Amadia) Once completed quest will update in archive that you were given gloves and new part to “the nameless isle” will want you to pray at each gods altar to win their favor

        • Anonymous

          Must have selected a wrong dialogue option and the knight immediately started fighting me upon their release. Quest won't close now that they are dead. The altar does nothing except show me the moon image... no other options. Wonder what I did wrong.

          • Anonymous

            Nervous about editing the wiki, but it's incorrect: You CAN close the quest even if you didn't pick the gift the first time. You just have to speak with her using a different party member as she will no longer do more than nod at the first person who spoke to her.

            • Anonymous

              If you pray to the face of amadia after deactivating the traps and before acquiring the engraved gem, it acquires immunity air permanently ol

              • Anonymous

                When you pray to Amadia at her altar is it better to giver her source or let your god intervene? I checked both and they both give 20075 exp but is one option better storywise?

                • Anonymous

                  I found the temple by chance while exploring near the lava fields. Went all the way up using a char with teleportation to go first, then the rest of the team joined her using the pyramids. Clicked on all the runes and opened the transparent gates and activated the portal. Went through. There was a black ring ghost I talked to with spirit vision which tells u about the sentinels attacks. I tele'd to the small island where I picked up a gem, then reached a pillar surrounded by sentinels bombing the place with fire. They disappeared once I clicked on all three runes on the sides of the pillars. There was the knight of Amadia, bubbled, on top of the pillar, showing green (friendly) on the mini-map. She un-bubbled and came down to talk once I had turned on the 3 runes. She gave me a pair of gloves and told her story (another failed contestant for divinity) then I followed her to the altar of Amadia where I offered a prayer, saw a vision of the goddess and voilà, quest complete, I made my way down same way I came. No bug.

                  • Anonymous

                    Broken piece of trash quest.
                    If the knight aggros when she still has a bubble around her or if you're suddenly being attacked by invisible enemies, just reload.
                    She's completely invincible in that state since she's basically wearing the prison you're supposed to free her out of, and her allies don't actually physically exist so you cannot retaliate whatsoever.
                    Feel free to brain her immediately after freeing her; she's worth a smooth 40k and man is it satisfying.

                    • Anonymous

                      This quest has more bugs than my mattress. First run through did all the runes, found the altar, stuck the gem in the door-- no knight ever appeared. Reloaded, did the quest over again. Knight appeared after the runes business, gave me her gloves, but when I went up to the altar she attacked, which was a pretty stupid move on her part. But I got 40k xp for killing her. That at least assuages my guilt.

                      • Anonymous

                        You need the gem? I know for a fact I got that buff before I got said jewel.. I don't remember if I opened it but I may have teleported then.

                        • Anonymous

                          Just me and one other doing the quest, Lonewolf. So used teleport to navigate most of the places until last , then took the portal. When we were attacked, just ignored the fight and continued to activete the runes till all were gone. got the jewel, talked to the knight, got the gloves and exp, prayed at alter, let Amadia take some sourse, then wnt back to the face and open it using jewel. Entered and got some nice gear and a great shield.

                          • Anonymous

                            odd quest. activated the runes fine by clicking them following the guide above. talked to the knight. got the gloves. went to the altar, clicked it, and was presented with text telling me about a sick Amadia. asked my god to intervene. my god then then beat the heck out of Amadia who fled. got some XP and found that Amadia is aligned with the moon. no idea what is behind the face/door. playing with Lohse main.

                            • Anonymous

                              I used the red prince to phoenix dive to the engraved jewel, but somehow my entire party was then teleported into the Temple that I had yet to discover, no idea what caused this.

                              • So the knight attacked me and i got 40k exp from killing her but im hoping she doesn't mean anything for the story going forward... she gave me some gloves and tried to fight

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