Powerful Awakening

meistr siva gallows
Meistr Siva at the gallows, next to executioner Ninyan and a silent monk
Location To the Hall of Echoes
Suggested Level 9+
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Previous Quest  

Powerful Awakening is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II


Important NPCs


Powerful Awakening Objectives

  1. Talk to Siva outside Driftwood
  2. Find Siva at her home in Driftwood
  3. Talk to Siva, press button behind painting near bathroom
  4. Perform the ritual (only needs to be done once if you get 3 source points first)
  5. Go to the Hall of Echoes
  6. Have a source master increase your source level


Powerful Awakening Walkthrough

 After you have been teleported back to Lady Vengeance, Malady asks you to find Siva, the Meistr of Seekers. 

Siva is hanging on the gallows at the outskirts of Driftwood, guarded by some magisters. You can persuade them to allow you free her, otherwise you'll have to force your way. Once freed, Siva asks you to visit her home in Driftwood.

Sivas house drifwood dos2

Talk to Siva at her home, remove the painting near the bathtub and then press the button behind. (Siva will tell you the code to her Vault is 15R 34L 23R 35R 9R 16L 33L 45R 51L 1L) You will receive her teachings in her vault.

Siva will tell you what you need for the ritual, you can get in ingredients in a closet near the source fountain. Make sure you have the source point, then use the blade (right click the blade) to cut yourself, combine the ingredients, and burn them.  (please keep the quest items)

The ritual will teleport you to the Hall of Echoes, where you will speak to your god, and learn a new skill - Spirit Vision. Siva then encourages you to seek other source masters for gaining further knowledge.

Tell Magister Bellworth that you need to get information about the powerful sourcerers in the area. This nets you 3000XP. She will reveal information on powerful sourcerers can be found at the bottom level of the barracks (prison). There you have to either persuade the prison keeper to leave his post and relocate elsewhere, or kill him and 2 silent watchers, or sneak past them to the bulletin board and check the information on it.

There are 7 source masters who can teach you. The order in which you approach them does not matter, however some of them would ask you to complete some quests prior to helping you, which might require a higher player level. The first two teachers will increase your number of source point slots to 2 and 3 respectively, the rest will grant you a random source skill book (except Jahan who grants you a unique skill book). You can either accept or decline the training offered by any of those masters. See: Source Masters.

The dwarven sourcerer named Mordus can train you. In the quest Shadow over Driftwood you learn that Mordus is hidden in Wrecker's Cave, if you promise to spare his life, he will teach you to master source by eating a voidwoken heart. You can keep your word or kill him afterwards if you wish.

If you help Higba in The Missing Magisters quest, he will tell you the location of source master Hannag. She can be found in a ruin at Cloisterwood. If you help her deal with the magisters, she will offer to teach you source in exchange for saving her apprentice in On the Ropes quest. 

If you kill Roost (Sebille or Ifan ben-Mezd personal quest) at the sawmill and rescue Saheila, she will teach you the source.

If you talk to Nicholas in Driftwood, you will learn that a holy man passed through this area recently and he may help you master the source. (currently bugged, DO NOT INTERACT WITH NICHOLAS) (Fixed)

Ryker, the lone wolf assassin at Stonegarden Mansion can also increase your source power. You need to help him in a quest in A Generous Offer. (Explore the Blackpits mine and retrieve a tablet from Ancient Temple.)

Another way to increase your source level is to help Almira. You can find her in the top right corner of the map, above the Paradise Downs Waypoint (note: several 'jumps' are required to reach her house). She will require you to kill the Harbinger of Doom (he can be found just west of her location), or simply escort her and ex-magister Mihaly from Paradise Downs. See: Unlikely Lovers quest.

The demon on the Bloodmoon Island, the Advocate, can also teach you source if you promise him to kill Black Ring members near the elven ancestor tree (note: you just have to promise, no need to kill anyone before getting the source point, it has to be done afterwards).

If you kill the Advocate, you can let the demon hunter Jahan teach you the source. See: A Hunter of Wicked Things quest.

After you have gain every extra source point slot, you are required to complete the same ritual again. You will need more Blackroot which can be found in Cloisterwood (you can skip this if you get 3 source points before doing the ritual):


Blackroot location

After gaining the second source point slot and completing the ritual you will teleport to the Hall of Echoes and learn the skill Source Vampirism.

After gaining the third source point slot and completing the ritual you will teleport to the Hall of Echoes to find there two Voidvoken. You have to fight them with your god (no XP granted), after that your god will reveal you the location of The Nameless Isle. When you come back to Siva's Vault, some Voidwoken will appear and murder Siva. You will need to defeat them. Then you should cast a spiritual vision to speak with the ghost of Siva. She will urge you to hurry up to Malady on the Lady Vengeance. To find Malady, you may need to talk to the ship. When you talk to Malady on board of Lady Vengeance, she demands everyone to be on board to continue sailing further. You need to find Tarquin and return him back to the ship.


Tips & Tricks

  • Fulfilling each master's quest after you have obtained the maximum three Source points will give you a skill book as a reward. Of special mention is Jahan's skill book, "Summon Inner Demon", as this is the only known method of obtaining it.
  • Hannag's teaching will come at the cost of Pet Pal. If you do not unspec this talent beforehand, it will be removed (effectively reduces your talent by 1).
  • You can also learn Source Vampirism in the next Act if you reject or kill all the source masters.
  • If you reject or kill all the source masters without increasing your source level, you will be stuck at 1 source point for the rest of the game. This is necessary to get the "Isle of Last Resort" achievement. This will also have negative consequences for Malady later in the game.



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    • Anonymous

      If the Meistr dies, or like me you think its funny to do things out of order, the code for the cellar is RLRRRLLRLL.

      • Anonymous

        Kinda sucks but you should 100% check the quest log as you can easily miss SW from this chapter,which can grant you failsafe way of going through some things(like if you failed ghost stat check) or be a generally useful thing if you dont run a "restore source points upon rest" gift bag to not run around or use teleport (some may consider this just QOL like i do,some may call it too OP,point differs)
        And its only mentioned in quest log saying "we should do it more more time" while actually being check-marked with next step being "consult malady" and just leave without any kind of protection from what i have seen
        So again,do not make long breaks or swift decisions, and read everything, if you play or read a lot,reread everything if you decide to come back after a break

        • Anonymous

          pls anyone answer me.
          point is entering hall of echoes to meet god, first will give you vision and second time give you vampirism. the think is can we skip the 3rd time to meet god just for saving meistr siva? like after we enter the 3rd time, we need to defeat 2 enemies. after that we go out and meistr siva get ambushed and killed. i wonder what happen in act 3 or act 4. :(

          • Anonymous

            the ones i recommend you to do are the Advocate (he teaches you source for free. so theoretically you can get his source point even at level 8 or so), Mordus (requires a fight, but much easier than the other fights). Jahan gives you a very good skill book -- do his quest, but make sure you have max source first. Saheila, Ryker, and Almira are also available, but there are some reasonably difficult fights involved. You definitely should do them, but if you want to reach 3 source early on, its recommended you postpone them a bit. Don't do Hannags. She's ungrateful, besides, you get a lot more xp for killing her than siding with her. And unlike Mordus, Ryker, or the Advocate, Hannag will not teach you unless you side with her first. Just kill her, or wait for her to kill herself for even more xp (and a very tough fight -- even more so than the rest)

            • Anonymous

              I have all 3 SP but decided to skipped the final ritual since it rewards no xp. I got on ths ship and left for NI. I suppose by doing so I saved Meistr Siva. Since the little skirmish that happens never takes place

              • Anonymous

                For those of us in the room who are rogues, quick show of hands please....(everyone else should take mental note and watch your purse around these people) When it comes time to do your final chat with your God and you're about to battle, if you will enter sneak, cloak and dagger a couple times being careful not to break stealth in any way, you may pickpocket your gods Lint. And possibly another rare item, I received a helmet with my lint.

                • Anonymous

                  There's no safe behind either painting in her house?? Guides say painting by the bathtub...there's nothing there. Even got wit up to 22 with a character by various means. How high does wit have to be?

                  • Anonymous

                    If you think you've done all main quests on island, and you have 5 subquests of "Powerful Awakening" marked as closed, check "the Gift of Blackroot" subquest and look if you don't have ticked "look out for more blackroot" task. As far as i know from my experience and pain and time wasting looking in the same spot i cleared and checked twice if is there something else to do on the whole bloody island, this is what you need to do to progress to Arx. Find blackroot, repeat process with ritual bowl and obsidian(?) knife in Siva basement, and again smell teal fumes. You don't need to do all 5 quests to do it, you can do only 3 since you need 3 source points to progress. If you want to do all five like me, go for it. If you were struggling at this point, i hope my "pain" will help you out.

                    • Anonymous

                      What if you leave act 2 without completing the last two rituals? I'm at the very end of the act and don't know if I should go through with them as I can't do the ritual in act 3.

                      • Anonymous

                        SPOILERS! I am playing as Sebille, and I had counted on Saheila for one of my Source points. But there is a huge wrinkle if you play as Sebille. For role-playing reasons, I murdered Ryker and Hannag (evil molester of the dead and elf mass murderer, respectively) and decided to press Mordus for who he is working for, which kills him before he teaches you. I wanted to get my Source points from Saheila and Almira because doing Jahan's quest with full Source gives you a unique spellbook you can't get anywhere else. HOWEVER, if you play as Sebille, once you rescue Saheila, she presses you to commit to being the Prime Scion. I refused because Sebille "would never again be a slave" (to the Mother Tree) as she says if you choose these responses. Saheila and the elves go hostile before she teaches Source. The workaround I found is to break off the other members of my party and place them at the elf camp. Saheila is attached to Sebille as you lead her out, but she disengages when you approach the elves. I then fast traveled Sebille away and talked to Saheila with another party member. You get the Source point, and Saheila doesn't even bring the issue up when Sebille talks to her after the point is awarded. P.S. Sorry for the long, wordy post!

                        • Anonymous

                          I gathered the ingredients with Lohse (my main character is Sebille) and performed the ritual, but no matter if I use Lohse to click on the smoke, it defaults to Sebille and tells me that this ritual and smoke is apparently not meant for me (it was Lohse's blood). I disconnected Lohse from the party, moved everyone away, and tried again and all that happened was Lohse gained status "sleeping" for 3 turns. Sooooo.... do this ritual only with your main character or you'll bug out and have to reload.

                          • Anonymous

                            On Definitive Edition: I already had 3 source points unlocked when I turned in Hannag's quest, expecting to receive a skillbook instead. I didn't. What a *****.

                            • Anonymous

                              Can you still engage other Masters and complete their mission even if you had max your source? I am at max source but I had hot engage Hannag and Jahan yet.

                              • Anonymous

                                If you are worried about losing pet pal when completing Hannags quest, just go respec, remove any pet pal talents, complete the quest, invest in pet pal Done

                                • Anonymous

                                  If you cast Spirit Vision at the platform where you find Siva, you can talk to the other lizard there (Zusan) and get a story bit that is pretty interesting.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Got 2nd Source point go to hall of echoes talk to god get source vampirism......now I cannot leave hall of echoes!!!!......any advice please

                                    • bueno, resulta que YA NO SE QUE MAS HACER!! SOCORROOOO.....voy a ver a la magistra y me dice que necesito encontrar a mas maestros que me enseñen, ya eh visto a todos.... al primero que vi es a riker el cual mate...porque si....cuestion que es al unico que no se me cerro la mision pero.....ya tengo los 3 espacios de fuente........ya vi absolutamente todo el mapa.... ya no se que hacer.....

                                      • Anonymous

                                        I killed Mordus before talking to lohar and now i have unfinished quest: Mordus Awakens. It tells me to find him, exept he's already dead.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          i'v lost the talent pet-pal after doing Hannag's quest and getting 3rd source point like a talent was wasted on that..

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Only have two source points. I killed Ryker and Almira, and didn't accept Hannag's offer given the whole separating your soul from nature condition... are there any other ways to get source points? That seems to be what's keeping the Lady Vengance from moving.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              So reading through the comments, this is how I did it and had no issues.

                                              Saved Siva from the gallows, went to her house and she took me to her basement. Talked to her, opened her drawer of ingredients, did the ritual.

                                              Then I went and got my second source point (mine was from Mordus). Went to Cloisterwood and got more blackroot, went to Siva, did the ritual again. Got Source Vampirism, no voidlings yet.

                                              Got my third point, went back to Siva, did the ritual again. This time had to fight 2 voidlings in the Hall (one strong vs magic, one immune to physical). After the 3rd ritual, popped back into Siva's basement from the Hall and you get a script about "something smelling wrong" or "something isn't right". Then those same 2 voidlings from the Hall show up and murder Siva, and fight you again.

                                              After that, use spirit vision to talk to Siva, she tells you what to do next and to go tell Malady (I haven't done this yet as I'm still finishing the rest of the quests).

                                              Now for people who can't find Malady, I don't know if you remember but she told you to talk to the ship when you are ready to summon her. "The ship knows how to get in touch with me" or something. So go back and talk to the front of the ship again (like you did to wake it up and leave Fort Joy). I assume at this point you will get an option to summon Malady back to the ship.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                A tip. You don't need to complete the ritual more than once. Get your source up before you enter the vault, and then you receive Spirit Vision and Source Vampirism without needing to fight the Voidwoken in the Hall of Echoes. If you do things right, you can also avoid Meister Siva's death by simply pickpocketing her at the gallows, and not freeing her until after your done.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  something weird happened. when i arrive at driftwood siva was dead on the platform. now wtf is this and how and why?

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    I somehow got the source points not on my main char. He is still at one source point, so I can't process, right? How is it determined who get's the quest related source point?

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      so you can do the ritual 3 times? at 2 points you go to hall of echoes, get source vampirism, come back, Siva is dead, kill voidwoken. After 3 points, what happens?

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        Do you need to get a source point from Jahan to get summon inner demon? and do you need Lohse in your group?

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          One more good way to get source point is to save Saheila and talk with she in elven camp. Maybe it work only with Sybil in party,

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            I can't do the ritual a second time : I've got the plant and the knife and the bowl but when I try to smell the smoke created with the fire it tells me it has no effect on me.
                                                            I've got my 3 source points but I've done the ritual only once ! Is that normal ?
                                                            I must say that I've been to the Hall of echoes several times so I guess it's possible to have the equivalent of the ritual made but through other quests isn't it ?
                                                            Also I must say that, for me, Siva was killed at the gallows (when I tried to free her by force) and, at the moment, I didn't thought it was important (especialy since I'm able to access here vault anyway) so I let her dead instead of reloading my previous save.

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              Cant reply to the below comment b/c site is fail, but harvest more blackroot at X161 Y221 (Cloisterwood tele).

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                So I have my 3 points and it says I need to perform the ritual again and speak to my God. By some freak chance I actually still have the knife and the bowl but I cannot for the life of me find any blackroot anywhere. Anyone got any advice?

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  I hate this quest system , seems i killed to many of them and now i cant get a third source point ? now what ?

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    If you get source training from Hannag you will lose Pet Pal perk.

                                                                    To get source training from Mordus you have to eat a voidwoken heart. No idea of consequences but the thing in Lohse liked that. Seemed bad so didn't choose it.

                                                                    Will update as I found out more.

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      After you get the third source point and go do the ritual for the third time, there are 2x unkillable voidspawn (they cant take damage)

                                                                      So skip the third ritual, it is pointless

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        What if I lost the bloody lancet, is there any way to procure another or something similar that does the job or have I bricked my play through?

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