Blood Dowry

doriangall alone
Dorian Gall
Location The Arx
Suggested Level 18
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Blood Dowry is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. There seems to be an unhappy wedding between the bride and the groom. Will you uncover the truth?



Important NPCs



Blood Dowry Objectives

  1. Head into Dorian Gall's lab and read his diary.
  2. Speak to Dorian and ask to assist him in his plans.
  3. Kill Micheil Ros (optional).
  4. Tell Micheil Ros of Dorian's plans (optional).
  5. Kill Dorian Gall.
  6. Report back to Micheil Ros (if you told him of Dorian's plans earlier).



Blood Dowry Walkthrough

You can obtain and do this quest multiple ways, but the most complete way will be listed here. Simply start this quest by first heading over to Dorian Gall's house (the groom) at around co-ordinates X:416, Y:323, and enter his bedroom. As shown in the picture below, you will need to press the button to reveal that his bed actually hides a hidden hatch to his laboratory.

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Enter his laboratory, and you'll immediately find that it is full of oil barrels, waiting to explode, and that the hatch above you is blocked. To unblock the hatch, you will need to press the button on the southwest side, next to the piled up crates and a bunch of secured ones. The fire damage taken from the resulting explosion shouldn't pose much of a threat, at high levels. In any case, head on in and you will eventually come to a bunch of poison traps and failed experiment slimes. Defeat them all and head deeper in, but don't forget to loot the unique helm here. You will come to Dorian Gall's bedroom, and you can read his diary to realize that he is planning on killing his wife's father for inheritance.  Note: in the definitive edition, the diary is on a table in the house's main bedroom, not the bedroom in the laboratory.

Now head on over to Micheil Ros' house, near the wedding site. If you have not already persuaded them already, you can pass a speech check with the guards to let you in, or pass a speech check with the drunken dwarven woman outside to give you an invitation that will let you in. In any case, once inside, Micheil Ros, the father of Isla, the bride, is on the upper floor. Speaking to him will yield some information about the deathfog barrels in the quest, "The Secrets of the Dwarves". It is recommended to do this quest in conjunction with it since both take place at around the same area.

For this quest, though, you'll want to first speak with Dorian Gall in the balcony as shown in the picture below and tell him that you know about his plan to "hasten" his wife's inheritance. Note that you can also speak to Isla at this point and tell her that her husband's marrying her for money, but she will refuse to believe you.


Pass a speech check with Dorian Gall, telling him that you want to help him. If you are rude, he will not give you the contract to kill Micheil, so make sure not to pick the overly rude options. If you pass the speech check, he will then ask what kind of reward you want, and you'll earn 19,400XP. The choices here don't matter, as you'll see why later on. Note that you will want to steal as much as you can from him first before proceeding, as he will disappear later.

In any case, the choices and rewards diverge based on whether you kill Micheil or not, so we'll start first with the killing Micheil Ros path.

  • If you choose to kill Micheil Ros as instructed, make sure to probe him for some information about deathfog crates first, if you have not already done so. You will also probably have to deal with his guards on the top floor if you choose to kill him. He will grant no XP, but the two guards are worth 77,575XP each. Also, make sure to loot his body for his last will and testament; if you read it, you will realize, in comedic fashion, he bequeathed his entire estate to his pig, Lulabelle, not his daughter, rendering Dorian's plan moot.

    Head back down, and you'll realize Dorian Gall poisoned all the guests, killing Isla and his aunt. Speak to Dorian Gall in the balcony. Here, you will again have multiple choices, but they all lead to the same result. If you hand him the will, he'll realize his plan had all been for naught, and decides to call the guards to blame you for his crime, disappearing into thin air. If you don't hand him the will, he'll call the guards anyway because of his impatience with you. Either way, the guard will be called, and you'll have to pass a speech check (persuasion 5+) to get her to stand down. Of course, if you'd rather kill her, feel free to do so - she awards 77,575XP, though others can be potential enemies and join the fight if they see you.

    Head on over back to Dorian's house and enter his laboratory. No matter what you say, he will attack you. Kill him for 77,575XP, as well as 58,175XP for completing the quest.

  • If you choose to defy him and help Micheil Ros instead, you can reveal his plot to Micheil Ros directly. But first, a little bit of trivia here: speak to Isla and tell her that her husband is trying to kill her father to inherit his gold, and she'll say "What? No- no, that's not true. That's impossible!" - which is a direct reference to Luke Skywalker's famous line in Star Wars. Also, the setting of this quest (killing her father) matches similarly to the event in Star Wars.

    In any case, after convincing Isla (either via speech check or by handing her Dorian's diary), she will run up to tell her father the news. Speak to her father and you can pass a speech check here to get additional rewards upon completion of this quest. Head back down to the balcony, and you'll find that Dorian's missing. Head back to his house to confront him.

    Enter his lab, and you'll meet him in the area where the failed experiment slimes were. After a brief conversation, he will attack you. Slaughter him for 77,575XP and loot his body. In the Definitive Edition, he has the unique wand The Groom's Gift on his body. 

    Return to Micheil Ros, and inform him of Dorian's demise. You'll receive 96,950XP and 2000 gold for your troubles. You'll also receive a diamond if you passed the speech check earlier on for additional rewards. The quest is complete at this point. In the Definitive Edition, he will instead offer Legendary gear - two pieces if the earlier speech check was passed instead of the usual one. 





  • 19,400XP for convincing Dorian to let you help him kill Micheil Ros.
  • 77,575XP for each guard killed (optional) on the "Killing Micheil Ros" path, (38880XP each in DE).
  • 77,575XP for killing Dorian Gall, plus 4 slimes worth 19400XP each.
  • 58,175XP for completing the quest on the "Killing Micheil Ros" path.
  • 96,950XP and 2000 gold for completing the quest on the "Help Micheil Ros" path.
  • A Diamond will also be given by Micheil if you passed the speech check for additional rewards.


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    • Anonymous

      for max xp, side with ros but kill his guards as well. you can lock him in a conversation and kill the two guards with another character. dont let him see it. or i imagine you can also just kill them all after getting all the quest XP too

      • Anonymous

        Tried to cheese Dorian by talking to him to hold him in place before revealing his plot to his father-in-law and turning against him.
        Apparently he was the Flash in DOS's world cuz he managed to teleport away amid deathfog after I had ended the dialogue.

        • Anonymous

          So can't find this mentioned, but I killed Dorian on the balcony right after he asked me to kill the Father. When I went into the cellar of his house all the slimes were passive, just wandering around. Meant the cellar was 0 combat

          • Anonymous

            Just did both kill ros and side with him on the DE. Only xp difference is 77,625 you get from siding with Dorian.

            So when I sided with Dorian: I killed ros, Isla, and his two guards: went downstairs, told dorian after he killed everyone with poison, he called for the guard, killed the guard: got his location from Isla's ghost, went to his house, killed him in his underground lab. When I sided with Ros: got the assassination mission from dorian: went to tell Isla about it, she tells ros: I talked to ros, accepted his offer to kill dorian instead: I run to confront him downstairs as he disappears: got his location by Isla: went by his house, killed him in his lab. When I sided with Ros; I was left with 58,800 xp left till lvl 20, but when I sided with Dorian; I had 58,750 xp when I got to him, lvling up after killing him for his 77,575 xp.

            • Anonymous

              In Definitive Edition, you can still loot the wand off his corpse after killing him so don’t worry about it. Tried it today.

              • Anonymous

                If you have the Villain tag, you can find out about Dorians plan by talking to him, rather than having to find his diary.

                • Anonymous

                  I decided to kill dorian, but when i returned to hand the quest in to micheil all he says is "Our business is done." and the dialogue ends. The quest is still in my log. Anyone know the cause/solution to this?

                  • Anonymous

                    When you try to pick-pocket him before he run from the wedding the wand in his inventory has 2/4 charges. If you dont steal it at that moment and loot it in the end after you kill him it will have 5/5 charges. (DE)

                    • Anonymous

                      The way I did this quest and had no bugs: got invitation from drunk dwarf woman, was allowed in through the shop entrance; spoke to the groom first: I had Ifan in my party and the groom asked him to help him with the assassination, Ifan refused. Then I spoke to the bride Isla and then with her dad upstairs. He gave me info about queen Justinia (but I did not insist a lot at this point. Had success with persuasion tests using 6 Persuasion + higher stat. Then I went to the garden and exploded the cake (dad mentioned his daughter did not even got a chance to taste it). Reported about the cake and learned that it was a gift from a doctor. Took the note left next to the cake (mentions Isbeil and updated log). Then went to the grooms house which is next to the the old moneylender lady's. Found his diary in the bedroom, opened hatch, visited the lab in the basement, escaped by activating the explosions. Back to the merchant's place, the groom was still on the balcony, I left Ifan in the other room, just in case I lose pts with him when I accepted the assassination contract, got xp at that point. Then went inside and told everything to the daughter who believed me and run upstairs to tell her dad. When I talked to him he gave me only 2 options 'oh, you came to do the job' and 'take your leave'. I chose the second and as I was leaving he stopped me and asked me to kill his son in law instead, which I accepted. I got to the groom's house (he had left the balcony and was in this time, in the basement lab. My main is an undead and heals from poison so I left my party in the first chamber where there's no traps and fought the groom 1 to 1 (it was a bit of an annoying fight because he teleports and drinks potions all the time and regains health & armor but I eventually got him. Back to the merchant's house I got xp and a choice of gear for reward. The wand that the groom drops had only 2/5 charges of ooze blobs when I looted it. There's also some good stuff in a chest at the end chamber of his basement lab.

                      • Anonymous

                        DE: I had split off a party member before entering the cellar, so he accidentally remained upstairs when the rest of the party triggered the timed trap in the lab. When the hatch gets blocked it's because the bed is replaced over it by the trap. I didn't try to climb back up the ladder, though that should work if your other party member hits the button again. I initially just started picking up and sending all the oil barrels to Lady Vengeance before I noticed I was short a party member. Funny thing was that I was able to put that loose party member in sneak mode, climb down the hatch after unlocking it again, and then sneak right over to the button and deactivate the trap - he was never pulled into combat so never had to deal with limited AP. And all I was trying to do was have him pick up more barrels!

                        • Anonymous

                          In the Definitive Edition the Diary is in his normal Bedroom, where the hatch into his basement is located. It's simply laying on a table, near a Window.

                          • Anonymous

                            In DE I had Ifan in my party. Had dialogue pop up with the Groom with Ifan when I got close to him. Turned down the offer and never got a quest or anything. Cleared the lab and didn't find anything to trigger the quest either.

                            • Does this quest still exist in DE? I can only find a journal mentioning his wand but nothing about killing his wife. Can trigger no dialogue that starts the quest.

                              • Anonymous

                                I don't know why, might be because I cleared his laboratory before even triggering his quest. But when I returned there to confront him. He stood there as untargetable dummy and fight isn't triggering. Character trying to trigger scene (cause they are stopping before him) but failing to do so.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Whenever I kill the alchemist in his lab and go back in town (method does not matter : walking or teleporting), I am being attacked by the all townfolks so it's not possible to conclude this quest without slaughtering everyone !
                                  Am I the only one with this case ?
                                  Note : just checked a walkthrought video, the alchemist's house door is open while it's closed in my case, thus I have to pick up the lock without being noticed by someone, so maybe that's the issue. Is there another way to break into his house ?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    "Also, the setting of this quest (killing her father) matches similarly to the event in Star Wars."
                                    No it doesn't, not even a little bit

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Current status of this quest: Buy the poison wand off him if you lack the thievery to steal it or just don't want to! He will retain the gold he has on him when you kill him, so you can get the wand at no cost if you just buy it before betraying his quest and killing him. Much better reward than killing M. Ros!

                                      • Anonymous

                                        balcony: "On his fingers Dorian wears some rings, 1 has a gem missing"
                                        "Say u'll only accept 1 reward: Margret's wand"
                                        is this wand any good?

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Playing with Ifan and Sebille (main character). I didn't have to acquire the diary, just taking with Dorian has him ofering the quest to Ifan (which he refuses). However he offers the same thing to Sebille later (maybe because of the OUTLAW tag?)

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Is there any other way to do this quest without having to agree to persuade Dorian at first? Ifan automatically refused for me and then my character who has maxed persuasion did as well, but I thought I'd be able to let the father or something know of the plot once I got the papers that reveal it. Now my other two companions can't pass the persuasion check to get the quest.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Quest bugged out for me. When returning to his basement laboratory to turn on Dorian, he simply vanishes after the "string of grenades' line plays. No combat initiates, nothing resolves.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                In my game the button was not next to the fireplace it was at the other side of the window (were the trash is) behind a barrel that you have to move

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  broken questline? I have the diary but no dialog opens with father. Daughter ignores you and no quest was ever given from groom

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