Seed of Power

Quest Giver
Location Fort Joy
Suggested Level 4
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Seed of Power is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs

  • Daeyena



Seed of Power Objectives

  1. Find what happened on the shipwreck
  2. Defeat the magisters



Seed of Power Walkthrough



You can find the first clue of this quest at Fort Joy. Near the turtle's beach, there's a new shipwreck, you will find some magisters cornered an elf there. If you kill the elf and magisters (or simply let her die at magisters' hands), you can loot Greaves of Contamination and Boots of Contamination. You can also let an elf eat the remains of this elf scion, it will show you where these spores come from, and teach you a new skill named Trigger Spores.

If you help the elf, you can find a Contaminated Magister's Foot on the magister's body. Let an elf consume it and learn Trigger Spores.


 You can find one of the contamination spores on this ship, and there's book telling you where are the rest spores. (Two in the Blackpits, Reaper's Coast. One in Arx )

If you helped Daeyena and kept her alive, you can later meet her at Reaper's Coast. (about X: 437, Y: 319) If you talk to her, she will show you how her armour is made by casting Trigger Spores on the nearby magister which has been incapacitated by a contaminated spore, which kills the magister and creates a pair of gauntlets. She will instruct you to head to the Blackpits. You can choose to fight her again if you want to loot all the armour pieces she has thus far acquired (boots, greaves and gauntlets, all at level 14).

If for whatever reason Daeyena dies here before she creates the gauntlets (for example, because she became aggressive due to triggering the fight from Counting Your Chickens next to her, forcing you to kill her), you can cast Trigger Spores on the magister yourself to create the gauntlets. If you've already obtained the spore from her you can cast Trigger Spores near the party member holding the spore to kill the party member and create the gauntlets that way.

In the Blackpits travel to X: 716, Y: 164 and you will find a Spore Research note. Read it with each party member to learn Trigger Spores for everyone.



Cuirass of Contamination, the chest piece of this armor set, can be found on a hill overlooking the black pit. You can peacefully remove that armor from a magister, or by force. If Daeyena died at Fort Joy, the magister carrying the other contaminated spore will be here too. You can cast Trigger Spores near her to kill her and create the Gauntlets of Contamination, or if you've already obtained the spore from her you can cast Trigger Spores near the party member holding the spore to kill the party member and create the gauntlets that way.

When you arrived at Arx, inside Reimond's basement you will find a note about spore research. (X64, Y13)


The entrance to the research facility is at X375, Y230. Defeat the enemies within to acquire a full set of Contamination armor.

A character with 5 Persuasion should equip the Helm of Contamination to break the curse within, otherwise the wearer will be subject to permanent Madness. An afflicted character can only unequip the Helm if killed. After the curse is broken, the helm can be safely equipped by another character.



Tips & Tricks

  • Set Bonus: The Heart of Contamination blossoms with a complete set, boosting the armour's level to 19. Toxic sap flows through the wearer's blood, lashing out at attackers.
  • Contamination Armour Set stats & descriptions: here



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    • Anonymous

      04 Oct 2021 10:22  

      So if you didn't bring any trap disarming stuff and you also realized that the fire rune instantly destroys the vases you attempted to use from the advice from Houdini in the previous comments - don't worry - If you don't talk to Malady after committing genocide you can just have one of your characters pop out the portal and run into town to buy a bunch of disarming kits.

      Also for some reason one of the runes would not let me grab it without the disarming kits so Imma call this a legit bugged quest.

      • Anonymous

        03 Sep 2021 07:50  

        i'm having fun fighting this, after take down devaour. the devaour set is the most op set ever. shouldn't be in game but it happens.

        • Anonymous

          01 Aug 2021 00:58  

          I started the fight on the boat from stealth and the quest didnt start, Daeyena didnt have any dialogue, I killed her and she didnt have any loot.

          • Anonymous

            27 Jul 2021 21:58  

            Easy way: deathfog box
            Easy-but-take-longer way: fire (obviously)
            My 2 char all have tele and nether swap, one dark knight and one elementalist. Before starting the fight, unchain your mage/archer to the higher ground near the exit (just to be sure), make some oil puddles all around the lower ground. Start the fight and keep putting the enemies down the fire pit, try to target one at a time. Make sure the knight have last rite to revive the mage/archer (if you have last rite, you also have insane blood suck so don't worry).
            I did both way and win easily, i even do the hard way 2 times in a row (i forgot to save and put on the helmet, and kill my knight lol)

            • Anonymous

              27 Jul 2021 21:58  

              I saw many of you guys said this fight is the hardest so i came prepared, turned out its not that tough.
              I positioned my lone wolf mage right near the exit (so she can fight with ease and escape easily) and my lone wolf high retribution with revive idol down talking.
              (I was going to pour some oil down there to slow enemies and turn the ground into fire hell but i didnt cause it would be too much graphic for my poor laptop lol)
              Then I just keep spawning fire laser and fireball while my knight keep fortify and heal with item, honestly he did so much damage himself doing this.
              My mage died first (obv) but i used last rite on her (of course my knight has necromacer skill lol) and also time warp (yes my black knight is Fane)
              The fight end with both my char 50% HP and the 3 momentum flower still there doing nothing.

              • 27 Jun 2021 17:53  

                Love the laughable nonchalance of the last sentence: "Defeat the enemies within to acquire a full set of Contamination armor."

                This battle was insane. Easily one of the hardest so far, and my 2-person Lone Wolf party each do 900+ damage. There are 7 very powerful plant enemies, and the most powerful one has like 6k vitality, 4k phys armor, 3k magic armor and does over 1k worth of damage. Oh, btw, he also has 6AP every turn.

                The first time we fought we both were wiped out in like 2-3 turns. Not even close. My advice would be what someone else wrote -- get the boss plant's magic armor to 0 and then Charm and keep it Charmed for the rest of the battle. At least you won't have to worry about killing it until the end, and it'll take out half the enemies for you.

                • Anonymous

                  09 May 2021 08:10  

                  I suggest to modify the last phrase of this page when it says: "The entrance to the research facility is at X375, Y230. Defeat the enemies within to acquire a full set of Contamination armor".

                  I would rather say: "(...). Defeat the enemies within to get any of these results, depending on your previous actions.

                  a) You killed Daeyena in Act I obtaining 1st and 2nd pieces (leggings and boots). Then, in Act II at the Black Pits, you obtained peacefully the 3rd piece (armour) from the magisters. Then, in Act IV after this fight at the sewers, you will obtain the 4th and 5th pieces (gloves and helmet). You have a complete set.

                  b) You didn't kill Daeyena in Act I. Then, in Act II at the Black Pits, you obtained peacefully the 3rd piece (armour) from the magisters. Then, in Act II near the Saw Mill, you killed Daeyena and obtained the 1st, 2nd and 4th piece (leggings, boots and gloves). Then, in Act IV after this fight at the sewers, you will obtain the 5th piece (helmet). You have a complete set.

                  c) You didn't kill Daeyena in Act I. Then, in Act II at the Black Pits, you obtained peacefully the 3rd piece (armour) from the magisters. Then, in Act II near the Saw Mill, you didn't kill Daeyena. Then, in Act IV after this fight at the sewers, you will obtain the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th pieces (leggings, boots, gloves and helmet). You have a complete set.

                  d) You didn't kill Daeyena in Act I. Then, in Act II at the Black Pits, you didn't obtain the 3rd piece (armour) from the magisters. Then, in Act II near the Saw Mill, you didn't kill Daeyena. Then, in Act IV after this fight at the sewers, you will obtain at once the 5 pieces (leggings, boots, armour, gloves and helmet). You have a complete set.

                  e) You have chosen any of the previous options, but you have sold any of the pieces before starting this fight at the sewers in Act IV. You don't have a complete set, because the game considers that your acquired and sold pieces have been acquired anyway. Therefore, you can't acquire them again after this fight, even though you don't have them equipped in your characters or stored in your inventory.

                  Guess which option I chose in the two playthroughs I've made.

                  • Anonymous

                    04 May 2021 03:53  

                    I killed Daeyena in act 2. I have all pieces except the helm. I cleared the dungeon, but the Paladin didn't have the helm on him. I've tried putting the contaminated spores on his body and casting Trigger Spores on him, but it's not working. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

                    • Anonymous

                      27 Apr 2021 18:34  

                      What utter bullshit the fight in Arx was...all of my party was dead cept Sebille, I ran away with her to take advantage of the ''Boost Flowers'' I had already destroyed and when I came back the Contaminated Horror (The giant anus) was simply dead, easy clean up after that. This last act is being a complete joke in it's difficult spike.

                      • Anonymous

                        18 Apr 2021 09:55  

                        hi guys, so sadly Daeyena died in my run on the ship. i looted the contaminated greaves, boots and i got trigger spores. now i am at the reapers coast where she is supposed to be if she were alive, all i can find there are 2 flawed seeds. anyone know what i should do to continue the quest? i have read somewhere that i can create the gauntlets myself if i use trigger spores near a magister in black pits, can anyone confirm this and maybe go a little bit into detail?

                        • Anonymous

                          12 Apr 2021 19:09  

                          hello. i'm stuck with finding the helmet of contamination.
                          in our game, we killed daeyana in act2.
                          now, in Arx, with won the fight against contaminated flowers, and the contaminated paladin died. we tried to put unperfect spore in his inventory, with no results.
                          we tried to put perfect spore in, no results...
                          we tried to used the Futeko's mod "The Relics of Rivellon - Stand Alone" to recover the quests, but even if we tried many answers, canno't find a good one to get the helmet...

                          have any ideas ? someone (3april2021 08:16) post a reply with same situation talking about a player character becoming contaminated... do we have do do something to do that ?

                          • Anonymous

                            04 Apr 2021 04:21  

                            In definitive addition: I did not get the gauntlet drop. But planted / put a spore in the inventory of the dead paladin and cast active spore spell. Poof! Gauntlets created!

                            • Anonymous

                              03 Apr 2021 02:16  

                              i killed daeyana in act 1. i killed the enemies in the magister's lab and got a piece of the armour. however i was stuck with 4/5, until later, I found that my main character was contaminated. i let my other party members kill my main to trigger producing the last piece of the armor (gauntlets).

                              • Anonymous

                                14 Mar 2021 10:05  

                                For the final fight, I carried a deathfog crate from the sewers, sneaked in, placed it, snuck into battle positions, snuck behind and spoke to the paladin. After speaking to him, I blew up the deathfog crate and it made the fight instantly easier lol

                                • Anonymous

                                  22 Feb 2021 09:47  

                                  Got the Contamination Spore in the Blackpits, doesn't seem functional. I don't know if it's meant to still be in my inventory, or if the quest has bugged. According to the quest log, Daeyena has the Gloves, Boots and Cuirass/Breastplate.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    12 Jan 2021 08:01  

                                    Are those "Contaminated Spore" items, like in this guide, or "Flawed Contamination Spore" items (which seems to be the case)?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      12 Jan 2021 07:53  

                                      "In the Blackpits travel to X: 716, Y: 164 " There's no such location in the Black Pits, I suppose you mean in the Reaper's Coast. It's the location where one can find Herman, but the whole spore that spawns gauntlets is weird, I can't reproduce that.

                                      • 03 Jan 2021 23:20  

                                        I have the entire set, but my ranger has zero persuasion. Therefore could not pass the check. I let my warrior with high persuasion complete the dialog and persuasion checks. Then I swapped the armour with my ranger. No problem it just took time to find a solution.

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