Weapons in Divinity: Original Sin II are used to improve damage dealt to enemies. These could be Swords, Bowes, Staffs, Axes, Maces, Shovels, Rods, Sticks and almost anything you can wield. Weapons can have charms and enchantments added to them to complement your skills used in combat. You can get weapons through random loot, through Boss-drops, trading with NPCs and even Crafting!

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Weapon Types


All Divinity Unique Weapons List

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Abstinence Dagger 9-10 Physical +155% Dmg Set Silenced for 1 turn (10% chance)
Can Backstab for Critical damage
Finesse 11 Kniles the Flenser
Accursed Wand  Wand          
Alexandar's Staff Staff     +2 Intelligence
+1 Two-Handed
+1 Fire Specialist
Alexandar's Sword  Sword     DamageBoost + 10
Constitution + 2
Archaic Spear Spear          
Baran's Burning Dagger Dagger      Damage Boost + 10    
Baran's Electrifying Dagger Dagger      DamageBoost + 10    
Burro's Club Club Physical +150% Dmg None Strength 10 Dropped by Burro
Chamore Doran Wand   +155% Dmg +2 Intelligence
+1 Aerotheurge
+1 Summoning
+1 Dual Wielding
Set Sleeping for 1 turn (20% chance)
Immunity to Sleeping
  Sold by Trader Ovis in Driftwood square
Chastity Dagger Physical +150% Dmg Set Bleeding for 1 turn (10% chance)
Can Backstab for Critical damage
Finesse 11 Kniles the Flenser
Commander of the Tides Staff Water +150% Dmg +1 Intelligence
Grants Skill: Arcane Stitch
Intelligence 11 Dropped or sold by Zaleskar
Darling Bow Bow Physical +150% Dmg +1 Finesse Finesse 10 Secret dig pile, Fort Joy (X:235 Y:252)
Deer Bow Bow     DamageBoost + 10
Finesse + 1
Sneaking + 1
Earth Resistance + 15
Delorus Bow Bow Physical +155% Dmg

+3 Finesse
+2 Wits
+1 Ranged
1 Rune Slot

Finesse 14 Quest reward for A Familiar Face
Divine Reckoning Staff   +150% Dmg +3 Intelligence 
+1 Two-Handed 
+1 Aerotheurge
Djinn's Scimitar Sword Physical +165% Dmg +3 Intelligence
+1 Two-Handed
+1 Aerotheurge
1 Rune Slot
Dumora Lam Wand Earth +159% Dmg +3 Intelligence
+2 Geomancer 
+1 Dual Wielding
Create a 1m Poison surface when targeting terrain
Grants Skill: Siphon Poison
1 Rune Slot
Intelligence 14  
Elf Temple Axe  Axe     DamageBoost + 15
Strength + 1
Two Handed + 1
Warrior Lore + 1
Excruciating Echo Crossbow  42-44 Physical  +150% Dmg

 -1 Movement              +5% Accuracy           Grants Skill:             Arrow Spray                     1 Rune Slot

Level 11 Finesse 12
Fang of the Winter Dragon Sword


+150% Dmg
+10% Chance

+1 Strength
+1 Intelligence
+1 Warfare
+1 Hydrosophist
Set Chilled for 1 turn (5% chance)
+25% Cleave Damage

Strength 12 Dropped by Slane the Winter Dragon
Fancy Dagger Dagger

 2-4 Piercing 19-20 Physical

 +150% Dmg

 +1 Finesse                    Can Backstab for critical damage                     Grants skill:                        Rupture Tendons

 Level 9 Finesse 12
Fetch Crossbow Crossbow           
Grand Scepter Wand


+150% Dmg

+ 1 Intelligence
Set Blinded for 1 turn(s). 10% chance to succeed
13m Range

11 Intelligence Void-Woken Deep-dweller
Griff's Potato Peeler Dagger Piercing
+150% Dmg Can Backstab for critical damage Finesse 10 Dropped by Griff in Fort Joy Ghetto
Hallorn's Blade Dagger Physical +150% Dmg None Finesse 11 Kerban in Sanctuary of Amadia
Hanal Lechet Two-Handed Axe Water
+180% Dmg
+10% Chance
+2 Strength
+1 Constitution
+1 Two-handed
+1 Hydrosophist
Set Chilled for 1 turn
+25% Cleave Damage
Strength 12 Chest in Reaper's Coast by wrecked caravan
Hollind's Bow Bow Physical +150% Dmg None Finesse 11 Dropped by Magister Hollind in Fort Joy Ghetto
Houndmaster's Crossbow Crossbow Physical +150% Dmg Set Slowed for 2 turn (20% chance)
+5% Accuracy
-1 Movement
Finesse 11 Fort Joy Prison
Kalias' Stunner Sword Air
+150% Dmg
+5% Chance
+1 Strength
Set Shocked for 1 turn (10% chance)
Strength 11 Sold by Kalias
Lohar's Two-Handed Source Hammer Two-Handed Mace 48-51 Physical +150% Dmg +20% Chance

+2 Strength                     +1 Warfare                           +1 Two-Handed              Set Knocked Down for 2 turns (15% chance)     Grants skill           Onslaught

Level 11 Strength 12 Given to you by Lohar for finding out what happened in the caves.
Lover's Quarrel Dagger          
Magister Orivand's Mace Two-Handed Mace Physical +150% Dmg
+5% Chance
None Strength 11 Dropped by High Judge Orivand
Magister Trippel's Twohander Two-Handed Sword Physical +150% Dmg
+5% Chance
+1 Strength Strength 11 Dropped by Magister Captain Trippel
Magister's Sword Sword Physical +150% Dmg
+5% Chance
None Strength 11 Dropped by a Magister Swordsman fighting Gareth
Needle's Wand Wand Air +150% Dmg +1 Intelligence Intelligence 10 Dropped by Needle in Fort Joy Ghetto
Radeka's Thorn Wand   +150% Dmg +1 Intelligence
+1 Hydrosophist
  Dropped by Radeka the Witch
Reaver's Axe Two-Handed Axe 91-106 Physical +150% Dmg +20% Chance +1 Two-Handed          +50% Cleave Damage       1 Rune Slot Level 15 Strength 13 Located on a body on Bloodmoon Island
Resurrection Prevention Staff Staff     Necromancy + 1
Anti Resurrection
River's Daughter       DamageBoost + 10
Staff Of Magus
Scepter of the Grand Judge Wand     DamageBoost + 10
Necromancy + 1
Shadow's Eye Crossbow   +155% Dmg
+5% Chance
-1 Movement
+25% Accuracy
Grants Skill: Chameleon Cloak
  Given to Ifan ben-Mezd during personal quest by Zaleskar
Slug's Axe Axe Physical +5% Chance None   Dropped by Slug at gambler's table in Fort Joy
Smuggling Crossbow Crossbow          
Smuggling Sword            
Spear of Braccus Rex Spear Earth
+150% Dmg
+5% Chance
Set Petrified for 1 turn (10% chance)
Set Slowed for 1 turn (10% chance)
Finesse 10 Impaled in Lord Withermoore (Strength check to remove)
Spear of Foes Spear          
Spring Hero            
Stolen Magister Weapon            
Stormforger One-Handed Mace Physical +159% Dmg Grants Skill: Closed Circuit    
Summer Hero            
Sundering Cleaver Two-Handed Axe Physical +150% Dmg +1 Strength
+1 Warfare
Strength 11 Sold by Zaleskar outside Fort Joy
Survival Dagger            
Terrorbite Dagger          
The Illuminator One-Handed Mace Fire
+150% Dmg
+5% Chance
+1 Pyrokinetic
Set Necrofire for 1 turn (50% chance)
Set Burning for 1 turn (10% chance)
Strength 11 Dropped by Scapor during The Burning Pigs quest
The Promise Breaker            
The Reckoning Two-Handed Mace Physical +150% Dmg +2 Strength
+2 Intelligence
+2 Necromancer
Strength 11 Dropped by Dallis the Hammer
The Viper's Tongue Sword Physical +150% Dmg +1 Strength
+1 Warfare
Strength 11 Fort Joy (X:228, Y:320)
Trompdoy's Hatchet One-Handed Axe Air
+150% Dmg
+5% Chance
+1 Wits
Set Shocked for 1 turn (5% chance)
Strength 11 Dropped by Trompdoy
Turtle's Claw Wand Poison +150% Dmg None Intelligence 10 Dropped by Ancient Tainted Turtle
Venombite Dagger          
Voor d'Aravel One-Handed Sword Physical +159% Dmg
+10% Chance
+3 Strength
+2 Constitution
+2 Warfare
Set Taunted for 2 turns (25% chance)
+25% Cleave damage
Grants Skill: Guardian Angel
1 Rune Slots
Strength 14  
Waltz's Staff Staff Water +150% Dmg None Intelligence 10 Dropped by Waltz
Winter Hero            
Xhaxh's Staff of Parasitic Decay Staff          

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    • Anonymous

      Okay is Good Part Of A Sword more uncommon than it’s supposed to be because I haven’t found any information about it.

      • Anonymous

        You're missing the only divine weapon I've found in the game so far. A 2 handed sword known as Blade X (Nameless Isle near the Masters locations. There's a cliff with a wilted tree and diggable plot of dirt. Ignore the plot of dirt and look out at the wreckage of the nearby ship in the waters below. You'll see a ornate chest containing Blade X along with some other weapons and gear and gold.) (Gotta use the teleporter gloves or something similar, the ships wreckage and coastline are surrounded by lava.)

        • Anonymous

          Turtles Claw has a unique effect of leaving behind a poison puddle. The poison puddle seems to scale in damage with the casters ability. The poison puddle will explode if hit with fire causing additional damage and applying burning. So with Turtle claw and a fire wand you can poison, explode and burn the enemy. other poison wands don't seem to leave behind a puddle. Casting subsequent poison at anything on fire causes an immediate explosion. Poison puddle great for a healing node for a skeleton type.

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