Fort Joy Prison is a sub-area of Fort Joy  in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


Fort Joy Prison

fortjoyprison annotated


  • Emmie, part of the quest Finding Emmie, can be found at (1). The door to this room can be unlocked with Buddy's Key. You can pacify the hounds by throwing the Shiny Red Ball. You gain 1400 XP for pacifying the dogs, and 800 XP for completing the quest.
  • You gain 800 XP the first time to walk into the room where (2) and (3) are.
  • Kniles, found at (6), can be pacified with Atusa's Leg. If Fane is in your party, Kniles will give you Face-ripper when pacified.
  • You can avoid combat with the Magisters at (5) by telling them Madam Zoor sent you, but that you don't have time for questions. This earns you 0 XP. (Alternatively, you get 1600 XP for killing both of them)
  • The locked chest at (9) requires 1+ Thievery to lockpick. The chest always contains an unidentified item.
  • There is a hidden lever just to the west of (B) that opens the hatch. Going down the hatch gives you 800 XP and progresses the quest Withermoore's Soul Jar.
  • Escaping Fort Joy through (D) or (E) causes all magisters and source hounds to become hostile towards you. This includes Emmie.




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