Builds for Divinity: Orginal Sin 2 are player-created combinations of skills and gear to adhere to a specific theme or reach a min-max objective. This page features the builds created by Castielle on youtube, you can find detailed written build guides here. Also please feel free to add your Build! (text only)


DOS 2 Builds

 Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Eternal Warrior (Death Knight Perfected)


 Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds – Ranger


Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds – Stormchaser


Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds – Tidalist

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Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds – Assassin

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 Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds – Battlemage

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Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds – Blood Mage

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 Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds – Magick Archer

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Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds – Elementalist

Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds – Frost Paladin


 Divinity 2 Builds – Death Knight

Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds – Duelist


Death Knight

Use Necromancer and Warfare Skills to overwhelm your enemies while you heal yourself through damage.




Necromancer Skills

Warfare Skills

Other Skills

Death Knight Tips

  • Having high Constitution allows you to take many hits and gives you time to heal up via damage afterwards.
  • Having someone in your group that can remove disabling effects works well with this build
  • Increase Necromaner if you want to gain more healing
  • Healing from Necromancer does work with Living Armour
  • Undead can play this build as Necromancer Skills do heal them.


Supportive char that helps you dealing with trades, talks and find the hidden treasures. Undead is the best choice for this kind of character, they are good at opening locks and can play dead to avoid fight.


  • Wit and Intelligence focus. (Although other attributes can be used in persuasion, intelligence and wits usually yield better outcomes.)


  • Pet Pal (needed to persuade animals)
  • Trader's Secrets
  • Thrifty
  • Spellsong
  • ??
  • ??


  • Lucky Charm
  • Bartering
  • Thievery
  • ??
  • ??


Blazing Champion (Lone Wolf Build)

Super Aggressive, Highly Explosive. Uses a Staff with Warfare abilities and Pyrokinetic Buffs to do INSANE critical damage. Also works from long range 


Stat Spread at Level 15 (Lone Wolf)

  • Strength-10
  • Finesse-10
  • Intelligence-25 (40) (+15 from Lone Wolf)
  • Constitution-10
  • Memory-15 (20) (+5 from Lone Wolf)
  • Wits-20 (30) (+10 from Lone Wolf)

After this point spread your stats as 2:1:1 in Intelligence : Memory : Wits until Intelligence is maxed out, then dump all your points into Wits

or just do that from the start if you’re not using lone wolf


Talents at Level 20

  • Executioner (2nd Pick, Level 3)
  • Lizard-Demon/Human-Savage Sortilege (5th Pick, Level 18)
  • Opportunist (4th Pick, Level 13)
  • Lone Wolf (1st Pick, Character Creation)
  • Sophisticated/Ingenious
  • Spellsong/Thrifty/Undead
  • Elemental Affinity (3rd Pick, Level 8) 

If it wasn’t already obvious, play as either a Human for extra critical chance or Lizard for extra fire resist+dragon’s blaze (This Build works pretty well with Red Prince!)

your Level 18 talent is interchangeable, demon with lizard makes it easier to push above 100% fire resist which means fire heals you. Savage sortilege with human means taking advantage of your extra critical chance with your spells.

it goes without saying if you make it to level 23 during Arx, take the opposite talent to the one you picked at Level 18


Put your Warfare point in early and then in a ratio of 2:1:1 of pyro :scoundrel : 2Handed. Add another point in warfare when thick of the fight becomes available. Add polymorph as/when you feel appropriate

  • Warfare 4
  • Pyrokinetic 10
  • Scoundrel 10
  • Two-Handed 10
  • Polymorph 2 (Optional later on for flaming skin)

Pyrokinetic Skills

  • Fireball
  • Laser Ray
  • Supernova
  • Sparking Swings (Pyro+Warfare) 
  • Firebrand 
  • Flaming Tongues

Warfare Skills

  • Blitz Attack
  • Phoenix Dive
  • Whirlwind
  • Enrage
  • Thick of the Fight
  • Battle Stomp (Clears fire at lower levels so you don’t burn your self to death)

Misc Skills

  • Cloak and Dagger
  • Adrenaline
  • Bless (Holy Fire heals you. And can disable Necrofire)
  • Flaming skin (ignore your own fire pools while making them bigger if you bleed!)
  • Wind-Up Toy and Fire Slug. Throw your summons into the fray! They both make fire!
  • Peace of Mind (Extra Wits means Extra Crits!, and a nice Intelligence bonus!)

Combat Tips

  • Use your movement spells to get into the battle and set everything on fire.
  • Pyro skill tree gives you a ton of buffs, use them! 
  • Fire attacks on the fire slug will heal it!
  • Sparking Swings + Blitz attack = Fireworks!
  • Use Giant Flame Runes of Power on weapons for increased Intelligence and fire damage!
  • Use them on Jewellery too for extra crit chance!

Build Name Goes

Theme and description goes here.


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?? Skills

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?? Skills

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?? Skills

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?? Tips

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    • Anonymous

      10 May 2018 19:20  

      Vampire Build (flexible)
      Start with:
      Fane/Undead Human for the extra damage boost (Healed by poison and immune to bleeding)
      Lone Wolf
      Necromancer (up to about 10 for 100% life drain healing works with any damage to enemy vitality)
      Attributes in whatever damage type matches the second skill you want to use: Intelligence, Strength, or Finesse (geomancer is a good option since it has poison to heal with and earth damage, but you can use this build with any of them. Polymorph will give you additional 2 for 1 attribute points for more damage, initiative/critical hits, or health)

      Living Armor (every time necro heals you, magic armor is also healed)
      All skilled up (Lone wolf double combat ability points)
      Bigger & Better (Double attribute points increases damage, health or crits)
      Savage Sortilege for Intelligence based damage to crit so Wits are for later in the intelligence based build
      There are other good talents, but I always use these first

      Strength, Finesse, or Intelligence for your main damage type (match skills/spells to weapon)
      Wits & Constitution are secondary
      Memory is not necessary

      Useful movement skills (can get you out of dangerous ground effects or change elevation quickly):
      Tactical Retreat Huntsman 2 points = best movement skill as it gives haste buff with teleport
      Wings Polymorph 2 = decent flying movement for several turns similar to teleport but adds avoid ground effects
      Cloak & Dagger Scoundrel 2 is a teleport
      Planar Gateway Summon 3 is a teleport that can be used by multiple characters in one casting
      Backlash Scoundrel 0 is a teleport then backstab which is very effective
      Phoenix Dive Warfare 2 is like a teleport with a fire ring on impact
      Battering Ram Warfare 1 can be useful, but easily blocked by line of sight or elevation
      Bull Horns Polymorph 1 = better than battering ram since you can use it for several rounds

      Venom Aura Geo/Scoundrel (2/2) = adds poison damage to weapon attacks for party
      Peace of Mind Pyro 1 = arguably the best buff
      Haste Pyro 1 = excellent buff
      Firebrand Pyro 3 = adds a fire proc buff
      Sparks Pyro/Warefare (2/2) = adds a proc buff
      Favorable Wind Aero 1 = movement speed increase
      Chameleon Poly 1 = invisible
      Blessed Smoke Aero/Scoundrel (2/2) = invisible
      Apotheosis Poly 5 = reduce source point cost of abilities by 3
      Encourage Race Ability = buff party attributes

      Always keep in mind that with necromancer/living armor, damage = healing of vitality & magic armor

      • Anonymous

        28 Feb 2018 12:51  

        Some things i've used extensively :
        First of all, the must have is probly to give the scoundrel skill Adrenaline to each one of your characters and start a fight with it, it will give you the possibility to burst and kill an enemy or more in the first round (depends on your initiative obviously). Can be good with the talent Hothead which gives +crit chance when your health is max. You'll then be able to reuse it multiples times in a long fight to burst more. It is really how i take care of things.

        With scoundrel, i've given chloroform to multiple characters, the sleeping effect is so damn good for crowd control and the range is excellent.
        I did tend to give Teleportation, Clear-minded, Armour of frost and Fortify to all my characters too. Same thing for First Aid and Restoration. Basically it demands only one point in each skill tree involved like Pyrokinetic, Hydrosophist, Geomancer or Hunstman and you may often have these points just by stats from your gear without investing directly in them.
        Meaning everyone in my group is able to heal or give armor considering the situation. There is no reason to die cause your main "healer" is permanently stunned.
        If you have no heal skill available, don't forget the heal potions, the giant ones may be better than your heal skills anyway.

        If you have a rogue character, use atrophy extensively, i've combined mine from the scoundrel skill sleeping arms with the atrophy coming from the tentacle polymorph skill to have a double atrophy. You may disable most characters ine one or two turns with adrenaline/rupture tendons/corrupted blade/terrifying cruelty/sleeping arms with the physicial armor and chloroform is well used when the magic armor is busted.

        To move quickly on the battlefield, i've given Phoenix dive to multiple characters too which usually prevents me to use action points to walk. It is one point and save many AP's when you use it. It's particularly useful for physical close combat characters who have to be close to the enemy asap.

        And obviously use your resurection scrolls in combat, it is 3AP, you may come back in a fight multiples times with them (it is how i succeeded doing the third wave of demonists/ the dream arena in the Lizard Consulate/ the fight against Isbeilt in Arx).

        I use a full warfare two-handed, a warfare/scoundrel/polymorph with two daggers, a ranged hunter/summoner and a pyrokinetic/hydrosophist caster with a staff. Ech one having some spells from other treelines.
        One of my main probs in the game is to be able to heal Fane, except Poison Dart and poison potions i can't really help him from regular healing spells quite the opposite. I've issues too to deal with massive curses.
        I will probly lack time but i consider a run with double wands or one-hand and shields for the extra stats and protection.

        • Builds [Divinity OS 2 Wiki]20 Dec 2017 14:31  

          [i:25cy9srg] "this build can't capitalize on damage due investment in a multitude of magic schools."[/i:25cy9srg]

          If you refer to Elementalist, I'd say this build doesn't lack on damage, you don't put many points in either school, and you put the rest of the points on Polymorph and thus you can maximize intelligence pretty quick, adding damage to every skill you have = more profit than any individual magic school.

          • Anonymous

            20 Dec 2017 06:03  

            Why do all these builds seem to have some ridiculous drawback to them? I get really excited when you starts describing what they can do, but it's usually followed by something like "this build is really hard to gear for," "this build damages itself and teammates so you have to play 'lonewolf'," or "this build can't capitalize on damage due investment in a multitude of magic schools."

            • Anonymous

              27 Nov 2017 21:59  

              I'm running a 'Warlock' (whatever you want to call it). So I'm all in on summoning and necromancy, using summoning from both as damage. Primary stats are intelligence and constitution.
              Broken down like
              STR: 10
              FNS: 10
              INT: 20
              CON: 20
              MEM: 15
              WIT: 15

              Living Armor
              Far out man
              Five-Star diner

              Summoning 10
              Necromancy 10
              Leadership 5
              Retribution 5

              Necromancer Skills:
              Raise Bloated Corpse
              Bone Cage
              Death wish
              Shackles of Pain
              Summon Bone widow
              Grasp of the Starved
              Silencing stare
              Totems of the Necromancer

              Summoning Skills:
              Conjure Incarnate
              Dimensional Bolt
              Elemental Totem
              Power infusion
              Dominate Mind
              Super charger
              Door to Eternity
              Planar Gateway
              Ethereal Storm

              So its easy to see you don't have combat options or too many movement spells. We compensate by being burly and stinky. That being said I play a dwarf and get a bit more CC out of petrified touch. This build requires crafting grenades or arrows (I'm playing full party right now so I have a ranger for arrows) so you can set totems how you want them. I play with a shield and wand. I stay back and set incarnate or bone widow first, followed by totems, and then buff buff buff. With this your guy can take a beating, little weak against elements so kit that way, and sit back and watch the chaos your summons ensue.

              • Anonymous

                13 Nov 2017 14:56  

                The death knight build listed out above is nothing like my build-out for my solo-playthrough, and I killed Braccus/Kraken first time around.

                Max Necro and Warfare, throw like 4 into Hydro, maybe 4-6 in one-handed (or two-handed). I prefer one-handed because deflective barrier and shield bounce are amazing. I added 2 points to every attribute and everything else went solely into intelligence and strength. Keep in mind, using Lone Wolf boosts all of these points 2x. You don't need much consitution because your armor is going to be through the roof with Deflective Barrier, Shields Up, and Bone Armor. I could heal my entire HP bar with one shield bounce. The biggest hitter for me was reflective armor (via item). Deflective Barrier -> shield bounce -> shackles -> reflective barrier -> enemy dead first turn.

                • Anonymous

                  08 Oct 2017 10:35  

                  you can basicly add polymorph in all charackters if you are dmg oriented, you get 1 free attribut for every point in polymorph (2 with lone wolf), that means u get the same 5% you would get by puting ur point in warfare for example, if u put this 1 (2) points in Str. it goes best with Str builds, becaurse all polymorph skills that scal scaling with Str, but do to skills like apotheosis or spread your wings makes polymorph good for every build.
                  keep in mind, if u useing Picture of Health u need to put the points in warfare to get this 3% vitality and u need to make the requirement for each skill u wanna use.

                  if u have problems with your HP u can allways put 2-5 points in necromancer (10% dmg into HP per point), it also works with living armour (35% of all healing you receive is added to your magic armour). i recommend putting 3 in necromancer for the revive "combo" Last Rites and Living on the Edge, sometimes you not even need Living on the Edge.

                  summoning goes in every build, becaurse it scales with your level and your summoning ability itself, i recommend not useing it in weapondmg oriented build.

                  i also recommend only going physical-dmg or magic-dmg, not both. you will simply lose 50% of your dmg if you go 1/2 Int 1/2 Str.

                  • Anonymous

                    06 Oct 2017 07:03  

                    What i learned from a LW game on classic was that, you need combat skills, the ones that your character mainly uses as damage, ex warfare and 2 handed, or fire and earth. The other skills you can add on for utility to increase survivability and adaptability to each situation, ex hydro to heal and wet, aero for mobility. In my game of being a LW, mobility and restricting mobility for my archmage to nuke is extremely important. Aero was almost the most used skill in every battle to teleport people to the correct places for a big nuke while the fighter takes care of the stranglers. While playing another archer and summoner combo, aero helps place the archer in the right places and teleport people to the summon to tank. Water heals and buffs the magic armor which helps when the whole arena is lit up.

                    • Anonymous

                      05 Oct 2017 00:01  

                      Summoning brings you lot of power. Especially at level 10 when your invocation becomes a champion.
                      But you'll need to mix with some other skills to improve your survivability.
                      Aerothurge lvl 2 will be fine for it's teleport and switch position spells.
                      You'll be fine fine also with scoundrel 2 to get the free move talent, chloroform and teleport again.
                      Try this combination and you'll never be bored nor defendless.

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