Battlemage is a preset class in Divinity: Original Sin II.


"Amplifies brute strength with powerful magic."



talentsComeBackKid  Comeback Kid: If an enemy lands a fatal blow, come back to life with 20% Vitality


Starting Skills

aerotheurge blinding radiance icon Blinding Radiance: Enemies around you take Air damage and become Blind

aerotheurge shocking touch icon Shocking Touch: Deals Air damage and Shocked status to target in melee range

warfare battering ram icon Battering Ram: Rush forward, dealing Physical damage while knocking down foes



If you recruit a Battlemage on the Lady Vengeance, you get Ravella, a female Dwarf, who starts with:

warfare whirlwind icon Whirlwind: Perform a whirlwind attack, dealing damage to all enemies around you

aerotheurge netherswap icon Nether Swap: Force two characters to swap places

warfare enrage icon Enrage: Enrage an ally, ensuring critical hits with basic attacks at the cost of being Muted

aerotheurge favourable wind icon Favourable Wind: Allies around you gain an increase in movement speed



  • Consider choosing Dwarf (+10% max Vitality) or Lizard (+10% Fire/Poison Resistance) as your race for this class

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    • Anonymous

      The warfare skills now scale from any close weapon's stat, so if you use staffs you can dump str for this class.

      • Anonymous

        Battlemage trades raw damage for utility, that's the thing to remember here. For best results you're taking fewer skills overall and spreading points between Str / Int / Con. From Warfare you're using skills with knock down and crippling effects. Depending on what your party needs, from magic you can either lean towards more magic damage or towards buffs and movement abilities like teleportation / uncanny evasion / haste / clear mind etc. Necromancy can also synergize well with a Battlemage because it benefits from both the physical damage from points in Warfare and spells like Decaying Touch receives a bonus from Intelligence.

        • Anonymous

          Starting a Battlemage is a bit difficult because you won't be able to capitalize on the Knockown for Battle Stomp and Battering Ram. The build gets a bit better later on in the game when you have access to Pheonix Dive, Blitz Attack, Whirlwind and Thick Of The Fight. If you're going to go full Warfare and Aerotheurge, I'd recommend putting one point into Hydrosophist for Armor of Frost and Rain, one point into Geomancer for Fortify. For Aerotheurge, I suggest Evasive Aura, Uncanny Evasion and Blinding Radiance for survivability. Add more Aerotheurge skills however you see fit afterwards.

          • Anonymous

            I built a battlemage as a pure Int mage. He got a two-handed staff (the only int-based melee weapon after all), skilled Pyro, Air and Necromancer (+warfare and geomancer due to eq).
            Necromancer gives a lot of utility as well as (which is the most important) leech. Once the Magic Armor of your target is down, you can easily replenish your full life by hitting an enemy 2 times...
            Pyro is a key investment, due to the Sparking Swings and Firebrand. Both of these skills are very strong, especially if you combine Firebrand with a summoner (using totems - they deal double their damage afterwards!). Supernova is a great way to deal massive damage as well, Laser, Meteor Shower and similar are simply too strong to ignore. Peace of Mind is extremly useful as well, Haste can be taken, too. And since you have tons of spells to cause burning, Combustion is a great way to get the damage to the man as well.

            Now, currently he reads quite similar to a classic Fire Mage (ignoring Sparking Swing and Firebrand), but thats where Air comes into play. There aren't a lot of spells I was really interested it - but Vacuum Aura is one of them. It helps in destroying those pesky magic armors, and even silencing some more troubling enemies after that is done. Both Blinding Radiance and Vacuum Touch are interesting abilities as well. Teleport is extremly useful to get that one archer at the back to the front, and Thunderstorm seems to be one of the stronges Single-Target spell I know of. (I only used both Meteor and Thu8nder in the last battle, though). Never got the chance to really cast Closed Circuit, since Vacuum Aura seemed to overshadow it completely....

            Another interesting School is ... Polymorph! Yes, it scales with str, but the utility is great in that one. Using Flay Skin really helps against tough enemies, Medusas Head is control pure, and with Flaming Skin you don't have a problem with your fire spells killing yourself (Especially Super Nova).

            All in all, though, Battlemage feels underwhelming. You have barely support (Pyro is a must to begin with), you have barely options for your weapons (and most staffs tend to roll the wrong, un-boosted damage), the enemies are often resistant to an element (some of them fire/air, which made me actually happy that my staff dealt water damage....). You can't really stat str, since the returns are too low (or, you simply use Necro Spells, which would turn you into a Death-Knight instead of a Battlemage, though).

            So, I would foremost skill Pyro and Necro, then pumping some points into Aero. Using a Staff and skilling Int, Const and Memory (foregoing strenght nearly completely, though you still need a bit to wear some melee equipment). Or, you build a polymorphing Death Knight, due to all of the Necro spells being physical, meaning, buffed by Warfare

            • Anonymous

              I think the best option for this class is to drop Aerotheurge and pick up Necromancer. Out of Necromancer take Raining Blood and Blood Sucker, Leech is also a nice thing to take with this.

              • Anonymous

                I'm not sure about late game, but early game I have found that picking and focusing on either strength or intelligence based damage, whilst using the other sides skills as support is the most effective. It would seem to be a, "you just can't have your cake and eat it to." Kind of thing.

                • Anonymous

                  Running Beast as a Battlemange and my main character. I've tried building him as one of the coolest classes I could think of: a 2Handed Lightning wielding Knight.

                  I've been very underwhelmed. For one, the lack of offensive lightning spells and the long cooldowns on all spells means I have to invest highly in Memory in order to be able to make use of them, but making a hybrid class like this already entails a crazy stat spread, so it has felt like a sacrifice to pump points into memory (unlike other straightforward classes where it feels like an actual investment) .

                  The split armor system that the game has in place is also extremely annoying to work around and especially punishing for hybrid classes, which has meant that I mostly rely on Necromancer and physical damage. Elemental offensive spells are always on cooldown (and a really long one, at that) even moreso when you don't have enough of them (because you have to fill memory slots with Warfare and Utility skills given you are a split class). Add to this the fact that I am not fully invested in Intelligence (rather a mix between STR and INT) means that I cannot focus on the enemies I want. See an enemy who is either weak to air spells on in the perfect position for an electricity combo or blowup? TOO BAD: all your***** is either on cooldown or he has a billion magical armor that you have no chance of blowing through before the opportunity for an attack passes.

                  Also, the Dwarf racial passive "Sturdy" favours dual-wielding for the dodge bonuses, so using a 2Hander is further gimping.

                  All my other party members (A sword&board, wizard and ranger) just sort of "fell into their role" quite intuitively. I've tried to give the battlemage the pick of the litter when it comes to loot but at level 12 he is still coming to his own and overall doesn't have a clear role in the party.

                  I find combat as a whole to be very unintuitive and clunky in this game.

                  • Anonymous

                    Has anyone tried this class to any extent? I am level 10, and based on my experience, the only reason I would even want one in my group is to maybe electrify the water for my conjurer to summon lightning based creatures, which seem to be terrifying, but i settle for fire for the giant aoe it can use

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