Scoundrel skills in Divinity: Original Sin 2 are very specialised in Status Effects and usually require a dagger to be equipped. All skills are Finesse-based - skills that require you to equip a dagger may show a different attribute, but will be affected by Finesse when you equip a dagger.


Scoundrel Skill Books


Divinity Original Sin 2 Scoundrel Skills


Name Req Mem AP SP CD Res Scale Range Description


Gain 2 Action Points immediately, but lose 2 Action Points next turn. Any Action Points over your maximum are lost.
 1 1 - - 4 n/a n/a  --

Gain 2 Action Points immediately, but lose 2 Action Points next turn.
Does not break Invisibility or Sneaking


Jump over the enemy, landing behind their back and backstabbing them for [X] physical damage.
 1 1 - 3 n/a Fin 8m 100% chance to Backstab


Destroys [X] Magic Armour and then tries to set Sleeping.
 1 1 - 3 Fin 13m Set Sleeping for 1 turn(s).
Does not break Invisibility or Sneaking.

Throwing Knife
Throwing Knife

Throw a knife at your opponent, dealing [X] physical damage. Can backstab!
 1 1 - 1 n/a Dynamic 8m


Cloak and Dagger
Cloak and Dagger

Teleport without breaking sneaking.
 2 1 - 4 n/a n/a  13m Does not break Invisibilty or Sneaking.

Corrupted Blade

Dagger attack that deals [X] physical damage and sets Decay and Diseased.
 2 1 - 4 Fin  2.5m Set Decaying for 2 turn(s).
Set Diseased for 2 turn(s).

Gag Order

Destroy [X] Magic Armour on target character. Silence target.
 2 1 - 4 Fin  2.5m

Set Silenced for 1 turn

Rupture Tendons

Deal [X] physical damage to target character. When they try to move, they will take piercing damage.
 2 1 - 5 n/a Fin  2m Set Ruptured Tendons for 2 turn(s).

Sawtooth Knife
Sawtooth Knife

Pierce the enemy's Physical Armour and directly deals [X] piercing damage. Sets Bleeding if enemy has no Physical Armour.
 2 1 - 3 Fin  2.5m Set Bleeding for 3 turn(s).

Sleeping Arms

Deal [X] physical damage and set Atrophy: your target can't use weapons or weapon skills anymore.
 2 1 - 3 Fin  2.5m

Set Atrophy for 2 turn(s).

Terrifying Cruelty
Terrifying Cruelty

Dagger attack that deals [X] physical damage and sets Bleeding and Fear on target character.
 3 1 - 4
Fin  2.5m Set Bleeding for 3 turn(s).
Set Terrified for 1 turn(s).

Wind-Up Toy

Summon a mechanical bomber at the target point. The bomber can explode, dealing fire damage and producing a fire surface.
 3 1 - 6 ? ?  13m Does not break Invisibility or Sneaking.
The stats of the summons will depend on caster level and Summoning ability.

Daggers Drawn

Whirl into a barrage of 5 stabs, each dealing [X] physical damage.
 3 2 6 n/a Fin  2.5m -

Fan of Knives
Fan of Knives

Fling a dagger at every enemy around you, dealing [X] physical damage. Can backstab!
 3 2 2 n/a Fin 8m 


Mortal Blow
Mortal Blow

Deal [140% weapon] physical damage. Damage is doubled if you are sneaking or invisible. Target is killed instantly if below 20% Viality.
 5 3 - n/a Fin  2.5m Instantly kill target below 20% Vitality.


    • Anonymous

      08 Feb 2018 02:26  

      Considering the base damage of dagger is too low(in the late game, only 52% of a two-handed weapon, 78% when duel-wielding. Backstab guarantees critical hits but warrior, archer or magic user can reach 70% critical chance in the late game, not to mention archer has highground bonus), and the range of dagger is also the shortest(except for two skills) damage of these skills should be at least 115%/2ap. The ap cost of Throwing Knife /Fan of Knives/Terrifying Cruelty/Daggers Drawn/Corrupted Blade should be reduced (Although if reduced to 2ap Corrupted Blade 150% would be a little op). 100% damage skill (Rupture Tendons/Sawtooth Knife/Sleeping Arms)should be buffed. Damage of Chloroform should be doubled. Cloak and dagger should give 1 turn invisibility.Mortal Blow should be given a CD and increase its damage while reduce its sp cost(or trigger its lethal effect at 40% Viality while others remain the same).
      Personally, I'd like to see a 2ap scoundrel skill that acts similar to Enrage, which makes all the damage caused by dagger piercing damage or makes all soundrel skills' effect ignore armor in one turn(actually 2 turns just like enrage)

      • 17 Oct 2017 23:37  

        I would greatly appreciate it if instead of all the Deal [X] physical damage, we got 100% of 60% of 120% physical damage (Meaning what are the percentages) for the tooltips like the Huntsman skills in the wiki. Thanks.

        • Anonymous

          11 Oct 2017 09:19  

          It would be great if more skills didn't require daggers. Would allow more character types to use scoundrel for something more than Chloroform + Crit Multiplier

          • Anonymous

            28 Sep 2017 21:11  

            Anyone else confused about the fact that Scoundrels don't have the ability to gain action points on a successful kill. Should have a skill, if you kill a target behind, refresh half the AP you gain each turn. So you can dart around the battlefield after your magician put some wicked dope explosions down.

            • Anonymous

              26 Sep 2017 03:30  

              Why does Backlash and Throwing knife scale off of strength? At least, thats what the skill descriptions currently say. At least Chloroform scales off of Finesse.

              • Anonymous

                15 Sep 2017 21:45  

                Can the skills that require a dagger be used with a dagger in the off hand, but other weapon in the main hand?

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