Currently, Divinity: Original Sin II is a multi-platform game. 
Any previous update to when/if a console version will be released will be posted here.
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" No news is not bad news for consoles. We're just focusing on the PC version right now." - via Twitter
"Right now, we're focusing on Windows only. Additional platforms may be announced in the future.

Believe us, it's not that we're not interested in producing a version for Mac/Linux/Console, it's just that we want to get the gameplay and world fleshed out in all the detail that it needs first. Once we have the game fully worked out, we'll start looking at porting it to other platforms. That's not something that'll happen during the Kickstarter or indeed this year.

But - and it's an important but - we do have most things in place to support several other platforms, since we are starting work from the Divinity: Original Sin- Enhanced Edition engine. We just don't want to make any promises yet." -

"I know you have all been waiting for this news and we are happy to announce the PS4 and Xbox One version of #dos2 will be released this August! #DOS2PaxEast" - via Twitter


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    • Anonymous

      Will there be cross platform play, like there is in such games as Rocket League and Fortnite? Like, if I'm on the XboxOne, could I play with friends who are on the PC?

      • Anonymous

        But there are enough games on consoles which are only existing on these consoles. This is why PC gives the best chances for gamers even if its an xbox game coz u can play it on pc :)

        • Anonymous

          Howdy, folks! Where do you find the Flee Combat and the turn delay buttons on the console version? Thanks in advance!

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