Civil Abilities in Divinity Original Sin 2 are listed here. These abilities  will save money while buying or selling goods, increase the likelihood of dialogue persuasions/intimidations, confer bonuses to party members, or simply increase the chances of finding loot. You gain a civil ability at level 1, 2, 6, 10, 14, 18, 22, 26, 30, 34. You cannot invest more than 5 points into any Civil Ability, but you can take them past this with gear. Lone Wolf has no effect on Civil Abilities.


Civil Abilities


Ability Description Effects
Bartering Bartering improves your haggling skills with traders. Bartering improves your haggling skills. With each point invested, traders' items become 2% cheaper and your items become 4% more expensive.
Lucky Charm Lucky Charm increases your likelihood of finding extra treasure whenever loot is stashed. Every time the character opens a loot stash, Lucky Charm gives a chance that it will have more loot than usual . A unique sound and animation will play if Lucky Charm successfully triggers.
Persuasion Persuasion helps you convince characters to do your bidding in dialogues, and increases how much characters like you. Increases base Attitude with strangers by 5 per point.
Loremaster Loremaster identifiles enemies and allows you to identify items. Increasing Loremaster allows you to identify more, faster. To identify, use an identifying glass and click on the item you want to identify. To examine a monster or NPC, right click them and choose Examine. Higher level equipment will need higher Loremaster.
Telekinesis Telekinesis allows you to move items telepathically regardless of weight. Range of telekinesis is 4m per point. 
Sneaking determines how well you can sneak without getting caught. A higher sneaking ability improves your movement speed while sneaking and shrinks NPC sight cones.
Thievery Thievery improves your lockpicking and pickpocketing skills. To lockpick, use a lockpick and click on the item you want to lockpick. Or right-click the item and choose from the menu.(+2kg and xx gold value)


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