Shields in Divinity: Original Sin 2 (DOS2) is a special piece of equipment that can provide additional protection and Shields Up skill to your characters. Shields are usually obtained as rewards from completing quests, purchased from merchants, looted from various locations, or dropped by Enemies or Bosses. You can find detailed information on how to get these Shields and properties on each individual page linked below.









Magister Carin's Shield   +1 Lucky Charm 11 Constitution Fort Joy Prison, dropped by Magister Carin



+1 Single-Handed
+1 Perseverance
+5% Dodging

11 Constitution

Sold by Exter (Fort Joy Seeker hideout)
Magister Shield   ?? ?? ??
Crab Shield   ??


Paladin Shield   ?? ?? ??
Seeker Shield   ?? ?? ??
Magister Shield Gold   ?? ?? ??
Misery's Mirror (Metal Shield) 1 +1 Strength
+1 Retribution
+5% Dodge
Reflect 20% of the melee damage as Physical damage.
Constitution 12 Wrecker's Caves Depths
Dwarves Shield   ?? ?? ??
Livewood Shield 1 +1 Warfare
+1 Perseverance
Gants Shield Up
Constitution 14 Finish the task of the oak in lone wolf camp.
Lizard's Shield   ?? ?? ??
Elves Shield   ?? ?? ??
Wooden Shield   ?? ?? ??
Radiant Aegis  1

+2 Intelligence
+3 Constitution
+1 Wits+1 
+10% Block
Grants Blinding Radiance instead of Shields Up

12 Constitution Defeating Dallis, Act 2 Start
Amadio 1

+1 Strength
+1 Single Handed
+1 Polymorph
+5% Dodging
Reflect 10% of the melee damage as physical damage

12 Constitution Trader Haran, Driftwood Market


+3 Strength
+5% Fire Resistence
+5% Water Resistence
+5% Earth Resistence
+5% Air Resistence
+1 Single Handed
+1 Perserverance
+5% Dodging
Reflect 10% of the melee damage as physical damage

14 Constitution Inside a chest outside of Arx, buried near X:343, Y:124 
Kemm's Deflector


+6 Constitution
+1 Perseverance
Set Deflecting 
15% block chance

14 Constitution On Lord Kemm at Arx
An Maflin


+5 Strength
+2 Constitution
+1 Warfare
+1 Single-Handed
+1 Polymorph
+6 Initiative
+0.1 Movement
+10% Dodging
Reflect 10% of melee damage as physical damage
Set Death Wish
20% block chance
Skill: Flay Skin (not Shields Up)

14 Constitution Vault of Linder Kemm at The Arx
Septas Shield


+3 Strength
+1 Retribution

13 Constitution Given to you by an Empyreo a crab by the lizard shrine if you killed Septa the Ineffable in Fort Joy.


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    • Anonymous

      livewood shield from the sawmill close to the fletcher, a reward from completing the quest you get from the log 13 con lvl 14 shield I believe +1 warfare +1 perseverence

      • Anonymous

        In my opinions, shields are almost worthless in this game, especially on the higher difficulties. Battles are often decided by who can effectively CC their opponents first and favors offense to defense.

        AI is programmed to target mages/archers/rogues etc. first and without any real way for melee classes to peel/aggro there is absolutely no use to making a tank character. Hell, the summoner skill incarnate is infinitely better at tanking because it gets the Taunt ability which can pull aggro.

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