Undead is a Race in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Undead become an undead version of one of the other 4 races, making an effective hybrid Race.


The Undead are an abhorred race in Rivellon, considered abominations of the natural order. Those who wish to walk among the living must mask themselves or risk provoking violence.



Undead: You heal from poison, but regular healing damages you


Undead Human:

Ingenious: Gain +5% Critical Chance and +10% Critical Damage


Undead Elf:

 Corpse Eater: Eat body parts to access memories of the dead


Undead Dwarf:

Sturdy: Gain +10% max Vitality and +5% Dodging


Undead Lizard:

 Sophisticated: Gain +10% Fire Resistance and +10% Poison Resistance



Special Ability

 Play Dead: Fool enemies into thinking you're dead

Dome of Protection: Create a magic field that increases elemental resistance & restores Magic/Physical Armor




  • Undead
  • Origin character: Fane



  • Undead characters can be healed by Necromancer Skills like Blood Sucker and Mosquito Swarm.
  • Consider using Recipes to create poison bottles which will act as healing potions.
    • NOTE - By shouldering Zaikk's Talon and an Barrel of Ooze, an Undead can both convert Healing Potions and fill Empty Potion Bottles as per their demand.
  • The Undead race is very versatile and can fill any Class, but consider getting Geomancer Skills or Necromancer Skills for self healing.
  • Undead character are innately immune to Bleeding, Suffocating, Drunk, and Death Fog.
  • Decent levels of Thievery on an Undead can conserve early gold costs and scrounging for picks with their ability to substitute their bony fingers as lockpicks.

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