Poison Resistance is one of the Attributes in Divinity Original Sin 2. These statistics are determined by your character’s base statistics. They can be affected by skills, stances, statuses, gear, abilities, and talents.



Poison Resistance Information

Poison resistance is the statistic used in order to block a percentage of Poison Damage. 




Notes about Poison Resistance

  • Poison resistance cannot be lowered by any non self-inflicted statuses, therefore with 100% or more poison resistance a player can be immune to and/or heal from any poison damage dealt to them.
  • The Jellyfish Skin spell goes against the above due to it reducing poison resistance by 30%, which would mean 130% poison resistance is needed to use the spell and remain immune.
  • All Undead characters have a poison resistance of 200%, meaning they will always heal from it.
  • Resistances are hard capped at 200%.



Extended Statistics
Accuracy  ♦  Air Resistance  ♦  Damage  ♦  Dodging  ♦  Earth Resistance  ♦  Experience  ♦  Fire Resistance  ♦  Initiative  ♦  Magical Armour  ♦  Movement  ♦  Physical Armour  ♦  Water Resistance

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      someone answer me this, is it pointless to have poison resistance as an undead? wouldn't that give you less healing?

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