Humans are a playable race in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


"Adaptable, expansionist and superstitious, humans are the dominant race of Rivellon. Civil wars have ravaged their lands, but not their authority."



 Ingenious: Gives you 5% bonus Critical Chance and 10% extra Critical Multiplier. (Was +2 Initiative and +5% Critical Chance )

 Thrifty: Gain +1 Bartering



Special Ability

 Encourage: Increase Strength, Finesse, Constitution, and Intelligence of allies around you

Dome of Protection Dome of Protection: Create a magic field that increases elemental resistance & restores Magic/Physical Armor





  • Humans are questionably the best as damage-dealing classes per their advantage from the Ingenious talent which promotes early turn order and a higher consistency in Critical Hits.
    • NOTE - This can be contested by the fact that Elves benefit from their Flesh Sacrifice racial ability, and that Critical Hit chance is redundant for Backstab Criticals.

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