Fort Joy is a location in Divinity Original Sin: 2. Fort Joy is the first location that players will encounter at the start of the game. Please see Walkthrough and/or Locations for other areas.


Fort Joy Ghetto

Fort Joy Ghetto is a sub-area in Fort Joy. Here, you can find access to the Caverns and the Arena of the One. Countless merchants are also found in this sub-area where they sell a variety of skill books such as:


  • Nebora (Summoning Skill Book Vendor)
  • Hilde (Scoundrel Skill Book Vendor)
  • Doctor Leste (Polymorph Skill Book Vendor)
  • Mona (Necromancer Skill Book Vendor)
  • Gawin (Aerotheurge Skill Book Vendor)
  • Rezik (Hydrosophist Skill Book Vendor)
  • Butter (Huntsman Skill Book Vendor)
  • Stingtail (Pyrokinetic Skill Book Vendor)
  • Maol (Geomancer Skill Book Vendor)



Notes & Tips

  1. Rezik (Hydrosophist Skill Book Vendor)
  2. Hilde (Scoundrel Skill Book Vendor)
  3. Butter (Huntsman Skill Book Vendor)
  4. Hatch to Underground Tunnel
  5. Gawin (Aerotheurge Skill Book Vendor)
  6. Nebora, she can remove one Source Collar if you become the champion of Arena of the One (Summoning Skill Book Vendor)
  7. Mona (Necromancer Skill Book Vendor)
  8. Maol (Geomancer Skill Book Vendor)
  9. Stingtail (Pyrokinetic Skill Book Vendor)
  10. Ladder to fort
  11. Kalias, lizard soldier inside Caverns (Warfare Skill Book Vendor)




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