Doctor Leste


Doctor Leste is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Doctor Leste information

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Doctor Leste location



Notes and Tips

  • Polymorph Skill Book Vendor
  • Providing her with alcohol when asked rewards 250 party Experience. An additional 250 party Experience is rewarded after the conversation ends (may have to kill the gamblers first?).
  • Killing her rewards 250 party Experience.

    • Anonymous

      12 Jan 2018 16:33  

      You can talk to Doctor Leste to give her alcohol if you have it on your person for 250 Exp. Upon ending conversation with her, you will receive another 250 Exp as she goes to administer the beer/wine to Dain, rendering him drunk. Once all characters are off the Fort Joy map (I.E. Everyone goes into the cave next to the Doctor and Dain, he will be dead once you come back to the main map. You can then take the Sparkler card from his dead body to use against the card dealers near the entrance to Fort Joy for 100 gold.

      Alternatively you can have one character initiate the conversation with Doctor Leste while having a second character heal Dain. Upon Dain being healed, you will receive 250 Exp. You can then initiate a conversation with him and if you ask how he ended up so beat up, he will tell you about his run in with the card dealers and give you the Sparkler card to use against them for 100 gold. The first character can then give alcohol to Doctor Leste for 250 Exp and end the conversation for an additional 250 Exp. She will make Dain drunk, but you can still talk to him. Basically you can get the Sparkler card, 750 Exp, and keep Dain alive this way.

      Will post this on the Dain page as well.

      • Anonymous

        03 Nov 2017 01:43  

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