Saam is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Saam information

  • Saam is killed by Baladir due to arguement over the fate of Baladir's wife.



Saam location

  • Saam first appears in Fort Joy Getto located near coordinates (X:161 Y:136)



Notes and Tips

  • Doesn't seem to be a way to stop the killing of Saam by Baladir
  • You can fail pickpocketing him before he dies, which should aggro him to attack you. He's worth an extra 250xp when killed by you. Be careful of your surroundings and save beforehand to avoid angering everyone nearby.

    • Anonymous

      06 Jan 2018 10:27  

      Saam can be avenged via conversation by the Red Prince. It will start honest combat rather than just murdering Baladir wholesale.

      • Anonymous

        20 Sep 2017 22:11  

        You can save him by teleporting him away from Baladir during conversation and then kill Baladir before he can kill Saam. Saam just runs off and disappears afterwards though, so saving him doesn't really do anything.

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