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Kniles the Flenser is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Kniles the Flenser information

  • Kniles the Flenser is an insane, delusional, psychotic and sadistic magister located under the bowels of Fort Joy Castle within the prison complex. This is where he tortures, disembowels and mutilates Sourcerers. Using their dead corpses and body parts to create Meat Golems. To him he sees his practice as an art form. When first seen by the player, he is seen having a one sides conversation with an Agitated Silent Monk.

    In the same room just behind, a young scared child named Trice can be found in the bloody sewer shoot by the sewer entrance which might indicate Kniles is a child killer as well. It could also be surmised that he may even be a sexual sadist to some extent with how he reacts excitedly to seeing blood, torture and death. But most of this is never explained in the game. What can be said though is that Kniles desire to determine needless pain, torture, suffering and death to those who are innocent just for his own sadistic pleasure makes him a very disturbed, psychopathic and repugnant individual. He is obviously at least partially insane, and the network that is the Magisters that would have him in their ranks would explain the groups corrupted leadership, questionable morals and practices.

  • His mother Prudence is a Black Bull tavern keeper in Driftwood. She is totally unaware of his sadistic inclinations and thinks he is a finest physician and a decent person.

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 Notes and Tips

  • Will immediately speak to you if approached, he will ask you to give him Atusa's severed leg if any of your party members possess it.
  • To make the fight easier kill the Meat Golem in the cage closest to the entrance of Kniles room with a ranged character then try to snipe the one on the left side of the room while remaining on the ledge.
  • The Meat Golems have no armor and the Silent Monks who will join the fight do not have physical armor, making them easily dealt with if they are frozen.
  • If you have teleport, you can use it on Kniles to move him to the other side of the room and keep him out of the fight for a while.
  • If you have teleport you can use it to pull a Meat Golem out of a locked cage and teleport Kniles into the cage, this will cause Kniles to drop out of combat entirely.
  • If you don't want to fight, give him Atusa's severed leg (if in your possession). He will trade you the face ripper item if you have Fane in your party.
  • Kniles the Flencer is inspired by the serial killer Buffalo Bill from the movie Silence of The Lambs, who murdered and skinned women then tailored their skins into clothing.
  • You can find his journal in the locked chamber upstairs in the Inn of Driftwood. (Act 2)


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    • Anonymous

      13 Aug 2021 00:59  

      theres an arm and a torso near the exit to the swamps, on the lower part with blood, you can teleport the torso out of there but doesnt seems like you can do the same with the arm.

      • Anonymous

        11 May 2021 11:47  

        I murdered this fool and I flayed his face off with Face-Ripper. Then I robbed everything in his room that wasn’t nailed down. I then sold his flayed face to his mother, along with every valuables in his room.

        Still not as sick as Kniles.

        • Anonymous

          29 Nov 2020 15:50  

          This was way too difficult on tactician. Luckily enough i tryed to teleport kniles on to spikes and saw that it is possiple to teleport it in to gage. So i teleported him in to gage with golem. And afther few turns i was still losing so i tryed my luck and teleported monk in same gage with golem and kniles it worked! And funny thing is they started to fight each other in the gage😂 so the rest was easy

          • Anonymous

            01 Nov 2020 18:32  

            I put him in a cage with the teleport trick, and at the end of the fight he returned at his normal place near the statue. At that point I could attack him without any retaliation, for some reason. Easy kill.
            On a side note, couldn't pull out any sniping strats against the monks/golems. I kept aggroing the whole enemy party every time.

            • Anonymous

              01 Sep 2020 15:29  

              His two sisters and father are in the cemetery in reaper's coast. One of them died to stab wounds and the other died of an unexplained illness. Pretty sure Kniles killed both his sisters and his father.

              • Anonymous

                18 Jun 2020 20:12  

                When I first entered fort Joy I could have sworn he was level 9 (classic mode, don’t know if that’d make a difference), and I’ve seen him at level 7 on an explorer playthrough

                • Anonymous

                  10 May 2020 12:43  

                  I lucked out on this one with a party of level 3s. A silent monk wound up attacking Kniles for some reason which caused all the monks to fight him and the golems. I managed to survive with just one character left.

                  • Anonymous

                    07 Feb 2020 00:06  

                    just smash him whit a Metal Crate (full of Crates, boxes, chests, heavy stuff) and telekinesis crate on him and BOOM! :v feel the magic of no aggro the monks and golems :P

                    • Anonymous

                      27 Dec 2019 15:27  

                      just saying ...the part about Kniles being "bisexual, because of the flirtatious way he runs his fingers across both make and female flesh"... is probably inaccurate. i suspect it is more he has a paraphilia fetish for the flesh itself. he is probably the type that would dismember a body, then slit open the belly and have sex with the bowels. the gender of his victim is irrelevant. you can see this sort of behavior in real life serial killers

                      • Anonymous

                        02 Nov 2019 23:21  

                        Not sure the exact sequence of events, but during my fight I had pulled Kniles to the far left to force the monks and golems to group up at the base of the ladder to try and AoE everything . At some point Kniles faceplanted on ice and was knocked out, Seems at that point he lost control of the monks and they turned on the golems.

                        • Anonymous

                          19 Aug 2019 14:33  

                          Just cheesed this on Definitive Edition (Tactician). Block all cages using coffins. Teleport Kniles into cage blocked with 2 coffins on lower level. Kill Monks then easily pick off trapped Golems. Then simply use ranged attacks to grind him down since all can do is attack the high HP coffins. Simple piece of stinky cheese.

                          • Anonymous

                            17 May 2019 18:30  

                            This can be a tough fight but it's much easier if you take the time before the fight preparing the area. 1) block the golems in using the high hit point coffins lying around. Just put them as close as you can to cage doors. The golems will rage at them once you agro kniles but they wont get out. You can pick them off at your leisure after. Just be careful not to be seen by kniles as you prepare. 2) while you are at it, block stairwells and ladders to seriously impede the movements of the agitated monks. Again by the time they can be of any help to kniles he will be long dead. 3) kniles is by far the hardest hitter concentrate on him with all you got and kill him quick. The rest are easy after the preparation above. I use this preparation a lot in many fights now it's very useful throughout the game. Stop things getting close and your life will be a lot smoother

                            • Anonymous

                              19 Mar 2019 17:46  

                              Playing on the Definitive Edition... Killed the monk and Meat Golem to the right of the room using teleport (the right where you first walk into the room). I then sneaked my team into the corner next to the cage where the Meat Golem was where Kniles cannot see you. After, I agro'd Kniles and was able to teleport Kniles into the cage which took him out of the fight. All I had to deal with were the monks (2) and Meat Golems (2) while Kniles watches and yelps for help. You won't be able to pickpocket him, but you can leave him in the cage for eternity, or slap the life out of him and loot his corpse.

                              • Anonymous

                                06 Nov 2018 21:32  

                                I had two rather odd thing happen during the fight: - After a few rounds the Silent Monks became Agitated Silent Monks and starting attacking Kniles and the Meat Golems. - One of the Meat Golems decided that he rather try to open the cage door than attacking it; resulting in what I thought would be an endless loop of it trying to open the locked door, but it seems the NPCs might have a maximum timer for their turn. So everytime it was its turn it would spam the door til the timer ran out.

                                • Anonymous

                                  30 Sep 2018 10:37  

                                  So I end up fighting them. I rid the of everyone but him and the spear wielding guy he casts through. I put the spear guy in a locked cage. Kniles does his teleport thing and now he is in the cage and the spear guy is outside and dies. Suddenly, the battle is over, kniles is standing at his table by the statue. Did I just hit a bug? It kind of seems "off" to me.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    10 May 2018 14:13  

                                    Loop from previous comment happened to me as well after I hit it with poison wand, it auto-ended it's turn after around a minute.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      04 Feb 2018 00:54  

                                      if u return to this fight later with bleed fire and use it on the closest caged meat golem it auto saves and locks you in an endless loop with the meat golem trying to open the cage instead of attacking it "locked locked locked locked locked locked locked locked locked locked locked locked locked locked locked locked locked locked locked locked" appears over head.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        22 Jan 2018 23:20  

                                        I gave him Atusa's leg. Then I steal from him, he got a Charm nade in is pocket.
                                        If you fight him without stealing, I think he would use it in battle and may not be possible to loot it after he died.
                                        Maybe you can purchase it when doing the talking (it's about 1200 gold).

                                        • Anonymous

                                          06 Dec 2017 22:13  

                                          1. Position one Lone wolf archer on the ledge by the caged skeleton
                                          2. Enter conversation right next to the table with a Lone Wolf Warrior
                                          3. Snipe Kniles' armor
                                          4. Knock him down with warrior so he can't run
                                          5. Kill him
                                          6. Kill everyone else

                                          I was also doing polymorph for pure stats on both my Lone Wolves so they pretty much already had a maxed stat in whatever their damage stat was at lv 4 (Warrior did not because he had warfare and a point in constitution for shield)

                                          • Anonymous

                                            01 Dec 2017 21:30  

                                            You can take the silent monks out of the equation doing this (kind of breaking the game though):

                                            Walk up to him with a character that has "Play Dead" (Fane e.g.). The moment you enter the fight you get the first round and use "Play Dead". That will end the fight and he will walk away. After 3 turns you are back up on your feet and you will be back in a fight, but the silent monks wont be aggro. It's only you vs kniles and the golems.

                                            At some point kniles even exchanged his position with a non aggro silent monk. Was funny. :)

                                            Prepare and position everyone though. And obviously you can have only 1 char in sight range of kniles so you can actually end the fight after the conversation. I positioned everyone on the stairs, kniles will follow your character and you have 3 turns to easily kill him before the golems even start moving.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              21 Oct 2017 15:49  

                                              // user Leric: //

                                              With 2 Lone Wolf melee fighter at level 4 on Tactics mode.
                                              1. Bring Atusa's leg with you.
                                              2. Speak with Kniles, and get the face ripper (if you are an undead)
                                              3. Move a coffin to the front of the gates of the Meat Golem Cages which will prevent them to get out in time - they need ~25 turns to get out... 600 life / coffin
                                              4. step behind Kniles, sleep, Fortify, Encourage quickly, then attack him. If you are lucky, you will have 1 turn before he could do anything.

                                              I killed him without getting hit by him. I only had to take care of the coming Monks, then Teleport the Meat Golems out of the cages one by one.

                                              Actually this barrel/coffin trick works on every situation....
                                              1. Think as a Strategist and prepare the battlefield, imagine what do you need,
                                              2. Do what a scout would do: sneak the area with 1 person and check the possibilities (I do it without sneaking skill, just be aware of the full red area in SHIFT or sneaking mode...)
                                              3. "Build a Fort" by bringing as many barrels with you as possible, you dont even need to pick them up, you can easily throw them with your bare hands...
                                              4. Close all unwanted paths with the barrels, close the melee fighters, they will not attack the barrels ;)
                                              5. Sneak in to the closest possible location of enemy Rangers or Wizards, sneak behind them and close all paths where the melee fighters could reach you.
                                              6. Start fight with the most problematic enemies in close combat many vs 1 if possible, and rule the battlefield (Teleport, moving barrels...) to ensure only those enemies can reach you who you want to fight with at the moment.
                                              7. Enjoy the match ;)

                                              • Anonymous

                                                21 Oct 2017 00:38  

                                                FWIW, there is yet another face ripper in his room on the second floor of the inn in Driftwood. on a shelf next to his bed.

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