Windego is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


Windego information

Act 1

  • Level: 5

  • Talents: This character has no talents.

  • Spells: Fireball

Windego drops

Act 1


Windego location

Act 1

  • Windego can be found in Fort Joy (X: 378, Y: 248).

Act 3

  • If killed in Act 1, Windego can be found in the Sallow Man's camp (X: 80, Y:200)

Notes and Tips

  • There is a sand pile that can be discovered near Windego with a hidden chest. 

  • Windego is related to the Act 3 quest Mercy is Power.

  • In Act 3, Windego will appear as an Undead, even though she will not be listed as one. Because of this, she may still be damaged with poison and normally healed.

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