Elves are a playable race in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


"Elegant and lithe, elves are a key race within the Divinity Original Sin 2 world. They are skilled sourcerers, and are able to consume the flesh in order to gain their memories. They are easily idenfified by their sharp ears, broken English, and long limbs. As a result of their lean builds and swift movement, elves generally benefit from classes that focus on finesse."



 Ancestral Knowledge: Gain +1 Loremaster

 Corpse Eater: Eat body parts to access memories of the dead



Special Ability

 Flesh Sacrifice: Gain +1 AP and deal +10% damage at the cost of -[X] Constitution

 Dome of Protection: Create a magic field that increases elemental resistance & restores Magic/Physical Armor



Corpse Eater: Notable Parts

Chunk of Flesh: Found at the crime scene on the Merryweather; Grants the Adrenaline skill

Atusa's Leg: Found at the gate to Fort Joy; Grants the Fortify skill

Severed Head: Found in the caverns of Fort Joy; Grants the First Aid skill

Saheila's Arm: Grants the Armour of Frost skill




  • Elves benefit from a fluidity in class-building as their racial passive doesn't inherently favor an archetype, but their racial active, Flesh Sacrifice, compliments scaling damage output and leeches from the player's Constitution value.
    • NOTE - Despite the favor being steered away from tank and support builds, Elves may still appreciate the dynamic in having additional AP and a percentage damage amplification.

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    • Anonymous

      there are several advantages of flesh sacrifice, other than direct ones;
      leech to have a minor healing
      a boost p att of bows by using elemental arrows on the blood from the skill
      deceasing necromancy skill's ap cost with elemental affinity and blood puddle. make sure you dont have leech or it will go away if you take even a nick!
      again deceasing aero skill's ap cost by using shocking touch on the blood puddle. which will both reduce necromancy and aero skill's cost. it will take 1 ap in the end and shock you if you dont have m armor but will be useful if you be careful.

      if you find any more please do write it as a reply.

      • Anonymous

        after reaching the marshes, go north, towards the witch who sets the starting ship on fire, by the dog mouning his dead master, you can find a piece of flesh to eat, it gives you the "Spread your wings" polymorph ability.

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