Classes available in Divinity Original Sin 2 will be shown below. When starting the game, the player will create a character with different Origin and type. During this customization, many aspects of the classes can be altered - both gameplay choices (Attributes, Abilities, etc) and cosmetic choices (gender, skin color, hair style, portrait icon, etc). All characters start with 10 points in each Attribute. Each character gets 3 more Attribute points, 2 Combat Ability points, 1 Civic Ability Point and 1 Talent point to spend as they see fit. 

Choosing a particular class affects the starting gear and items a player has. In Divinity Original Sin 2, your class/origin in particular also affects your gameplay. Your background has varying consequences. While the extent of these consequences remains to be seen, it is evident from this video that it will affect dialogue choices and quests


Classes in DOS2


Warriors who amplify brute strength with powerful magic.


Clerics heal allies or smash skulls, depending on the direction of the wind.



Conjures a trusty personal demon and elemental totems to aid in battle.


Casters who prefer to turn the tides of battle from afar, manipulating foes with powerful magic.



Brutal warriors and experts in close combat.


Daring wand-wielders who risk life and limb to decimate evil head-on.


Specialized in war tactics, knights are trained not only to fight, but to rally troops.


Adapts to dangerous situations with transformational tricks of nature.




Marksmen with a legendary knack for self-perservation.


With a lot of skill and a little luck,  rogues see the world as an open offer.




Powerful assassins who use magic and illusions as well as cold steel


Survivalists and practitioners of magic, Wayfarers are hard to hit and even harder to evade.



Witches possess an intimidating presence, their bone-chilling powers terrify friends and foe alike.


Scholars of magic specialised in starting and ending battles with a flick of the wrist, exacting swift victory from a safe distance.


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    • Starting gear for all classes, in addition to the backpack, minor healing potion and resurrection scroll:
      Battlemage: fireball scroll
      Cleric: water balloon
      Conjurer: firestorm grenade
      Enchanter: nothing
      Fighter: firestorm grenade
      Inquisitor: electric discharge scroll
      Knight: firestorm grenade
      Metamorph: oil flask
      Ranger: fire arrow + knockdown arrow
      Rogue: poison flask
      Shadowblade: oil flask
      Wayfarer: fire arrow + poison arrow
      Witch: poison flask
      Wizard: fireball scroll

      • Anonymous

        Class called "Blood Witch", A necromancer/hydrosophist that is really powerful alongside a "Storm Spring", an aerotheurge/summoner.

        • Anonymous

          What this page really needs is a table where you can compare the starting skills and talents all at once. Having the right or wrong skillbooks and talents can be a setback for all of Act 1.

          • Anonymous

            Useless section in this game. Literally has no impact in the game. Pick any class change abilities the way u like and go into your adventure. U pick Warrior and build him as Mage, Archer and make his as summoner and so on. Nothing changes in the entire game.

            • Anonymous

              I like rangers with 1 in warfare instead of pyromancer to get executioner take glass cannon and get hydrophorics for combat control and get soooooo much ap in 1 turn

              • Anonymous

                More classes can be created out of the norm.
                For Example my friend likes a class he found called Death Knight which is Warfare/Necromancer.
                We're starting an Undead playthrough and i'm actually trying out a "Corrupt Paladin" Class that I thought up, Warfare/Geomancer where you can tank and poison everything.
                I'm looking at creating more fun mixes.

                • Anonymous

                  There needs to be something class-specific like a talent that changes when you respec. Otherwise classes are meaningless, everyone is just a hybrid of skills

                  • Anonymous

                    This class page isnt even super necessary, all these classes are is a mix of attributes or focusing on 1 attribute, you can make your own path

                    • Anonymous

                      i though there was going to be a class that used a lance as it´s main weapon but there is no information about it, just asking because you cant use a lance for the rogue skills which its bad on itself, and being a finesse weapon you cant used it properly with warfare so it seems that lances in this game are trash because you cant use them properly for anything else than doing the basic attack.

                      • Anonymous

                        LOL at the description of wayfarers, "... and practitioners of sucking cock/*****, Wayfarers are easy to hit and even easier to fuc."

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