Fighter is a preset class in Divinity: Original Sin II.


"Brutal Warrior and expert in close combat."



 Opportunist: Gives you the ability to perform attacks of opportunity


Starting Skills

 Battle Stomp: Deal Physical damage and Knockdown enemies in front of you

 Bouncing Shield: Throw your shield, dealing Physical damage to the target and others around it

 Fortify: Provide Physical Armour to a targeted character



If you recruit a Fighter on the Lady Vengeance, you get Nestor, a male Dwarf starting with:

 Battering Ram: Rush forward, dealing Physical damage while knocking down foes

 Mend Metal: Nearby allies slowly regenerate Physical Armour

 Provoke: Taunt nearby enemies, causing them to target you

 Reactive Armour: Deal Physical damage to all characters around you


Starting Gear

  • ???



  • Consider choosing Dwarf (+10% max Vitality) or Lizard (+10% Fire/Poison Resistance) as your race for this class

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