abi warfare

Warfare increases all Physical damage dealt.

Physical attacks deal +5% more damage.

Warfare is a combat ability in Divinity Orginal Sin 2. Warfare increases all physical damage a character deals.


Warfare Notes


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    • Anonymous

      Affects assasinate and sawtooth knife. Maybe a bug but if you use venom coating and then true dmg skill that bonus poison dmg is treated as true dmg too and us increased by warfare(and caster geomancer lvl as well).

      • Anonymous

        This wiki says "to physical armour" but in-game is states that it's just a increase to all physical damage dealt.

        • The reasoning behind saying this skill line is the king of physical damage buffs is the claim that it is a multiplier applied to current damage while most other buffs are an addition to the base damage. (1) Does anyone have test results? (2) Does each point modify the current damage (ie is the damage boost compounding on itself similar to compounding interest)?

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