Geomancer skills in Divinity: Original Sin 2 are Intelligence-based , allowing players to harness the power of Earth to deal various kinds of AoE damages, buffs and other status effects. Geomancer skills tend to deal Poison Damage and Earth Damage, and cause Acid and Poison statuses. Compared to other school, while not providing high damage output or strong crowd control, Geomancer has consistent damage and many tools to counter melee (using Slow) and physical-damage enemies.


SBk GeomancyGeomancer Skill Books


Divinity Original Sin 2 Geomancer Skills

Name Req Mem AP SP CD Res Scale Range Description
contamination icon
Deals 55% Poison Damage to enemies and undead allies around you and can poison them. Turns water, blood surfaces and clouds into poison!
geomancer skills s1 1 AP - 3 magic armour icon Int 8m Set Poisoned for 2 turn(s). 2m Explode radius

fortify icon

Provides [X] Physical Armour. While Fortified, the target cannot be teleported. Removes Poisoned, Bleeding, Burning, Acid, Decaying.
geomancer skills s1 1 AP - 4 - Level & Geomancer 15m Set Fortified for 3 turn(s).

fossil strike icon
Fossil Strike

A giant rock with sticky oil that deals 85% Earth Damage. Creates an oil surface where it lands
geomancer skills s1 1 AP2 - 3 - Int 13m 2m Explode Radius

magic poison dart icon
Poison Dart

Cast a magical poisonous dart that does 100% Poison Damage, and creates a puddle of poison.
geomancer skills s1 1 AP2 - 4 magic armour icon


15m Set Poisoned for 3 turn(s). 1m Explode Radius

geomancer 16 26
Corrosive Touch

Destroy [110% Int] Physical Armour on target character, and set Acid status.
geomancer skills s1
necromancer skills s1
1 AP - 5 - Int  2m Set Acid for 2 turn(s).

geomancer 17 13
Oily Carapace

Consume oil surfaces around you and convert them to Physical Armour. Removes Slowed.
geomancer skills s1
warfare skills s1
1 AP - 3 - -  -- Restore up to [X] Physical Armour, depending on relevant surface area

geomancer oil spring icon
Turn to Oil

Turn water and blood surfaces into oil. Remove Stun and Shocked from characters.
geomancer skills s1
polymorph skills s1
1 AP - 4 - - 13m  -

geomancer 17 11
Venom Coating

Coat your weapon with poison, adding [X] Poison Damage to your weapon skills and attacks.
geomancer skills s1
scoundrel skills s1
1 AP - 5 - -  -- Set Venom Coating for 2 turn(s).

geomancer 16 29
Throw Dust

Throw dust at a character, blinding them and dealing 75% Earth Damage. Clears surfaces and clouds in the area.
geomancer skills s1
hunstman skills s1
1 AP2 - 3 magic armour icon Int  13m Set Blinded for 1 turn(s). 2m Explode Radius

geomancer mend metal icon
Mend Metal

Allies near you start slowly regenerating Physical Armour.
geomancer skills s2 1 AP - 3 - -  5m Restore [X] Physical Armour for 3 turn(s).

geomancer 14 29
Reactive Armour

Deal [X] Physical Damage, based on your current Physical Armour, in a wave of metal spikes to everyone in the area (Including Yourself)
geomancer skills s2 1 AP2 - 6 - -  -- Damage is based on your current Physical Armour.
impalement icon
Spikes impale all characters and items, setting Crippled and dealing 100% Earth Damage. Also creates an oil puddle.
geomancer skills s2 1 AP2 - 4 physical armour icon Int  15m Set Crippled for 1 turn(s). 3m explode radius

geomancer 14 15
Poison Wave

Poison erupts from the caster in a circular wave, dealing 100% Poison Damage and forming poison clouds. Gives immunity to poison and earth damage for 1 turn
geomancer skills s2 1 AP2 - 4 - Int  -- Set Earth Immunity for 1 turn(s).

geomancer 1 22

Deals 100% Earth Damage and Knockdown enemy characters and items around you. Creates 8 random oil surfaces within the area
geomancer skills s2 1 AP3 - 5 physical armour icon Int  -- Set Knocked Down for 1 turn(s)

geomancer 14 30
Worm Tremor

Deals 50% Earth Damage to each character in the area. At your command, poisonous worms slither up from the earth, attaching to every character in the area who is not protected by Magic Armour. Affected characters cannot move or teleport, and they receive [X] Poison Damage each turn.
geomancer skills s2 1 AP3 - 5 magic armour icon Int  13m Set Entangled for 2 turn(s). 2m Explode Radius

geomancer 16 27
Corrosive Spray

Destroy [100% Int] Physical Armour on targets in a cone, and set Acid and Atrophy.
geomancer skills s2
necromancer skills s2
2 AP2 SP 3 physical armour icon Int  7m Set Acid for 2 turn(s).
Set Atrophy for 1 turn(s).
geomancer 17 14
Mass Oily Carapace
Each ally consumes oil surfaces around them, converting the oil surfaces to Physical Armour.
geomancer skills s2
warfare skills s2
2 AP2 SP 5 - -  - Restore up to [x] Physical Armour, depending on relevant surface area.

geomancer 17 12
Venomous Aura

Allies in range receive Venom Coating, which adds [X] Poison Damage to weapon skills and attacks.
geomancer skills s2
scoundrel skills s2
2 AP2 SP 5 - -  - Set Venomous Aura for 2 turn(s).

geomancer 17 10
Dust Blast

Throw dust at all enemies in range, blinding them and dealing 100% Earth Damage.
geomancer skills s2
hunstman skills s2
2 AP3 SP 3 magic armour icon Int  13m Set Blinded for 2 turn(s). 2m Explode Radius
geomancer 10 31
Summon Artillery Plant
Plant can lob acidic spores and emit cursed poison clouds.
geomancer skills s3 2 AP3 SP 6 - -  13m Duration 5 turns.

geomancer siphon poison icon
Siphon Poison

Remove poison surfaces and clouds. Gain poison damage bonus to weapon attacks and weapon-based skills (dependent upon size of poison area cleared)
geomancer skills s3 1 AP - 5 - -  -- Set Siphon Poison for 2 turn(s).

geomancer 14 28
Living Wall

Vines sprout from the ground to block the path in the target area, emitting poison clouds around them.
geomancer skills s3 1 AP2 - 5 - -  13m Duration 3 Turns

acid spores icon
Acid Spores

Shoot spores of corrosive acid, dealing 90% Poison Damage.
geomancer skills s3 2 AP3 SP2 5 magic armour icon Int  13m Set Poisoned for 3 turn(s).

geomancer pyroclastic eruption icon
Pyroclastic Eruption

Multiple oil-filled rocks erupt from the caster at all enemies in the area. On impact, they create oil surfaces and deal 300% Earth Damage.
geomancer skills s5 3 AP3 SP3 5 - Int  13m 3m Explode radius


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    • Anonymous

      pity you can't succ all that oil into containers and sell for $$$. human geomancer with maxed bartering go brrrrrrr

      • Anonymous

        Pyroclastic Eruption has so much damage, best skill damage for my mage. And gets everyone in a large area. Amazing skill

        • Anonymous

          Geo alone is best if you wanna use it for its support skills, but if you wanna use it offensively you need to combine it with either hydro or pyro that have good synergy with it and give you another type of damage to use. Between all of the Voidwoken and Undead in this game who have either high poison, high earth, or high resistance to both its hard to deal a lot of damage effectively using poison or earth skills alone. Sure you'll be fine against most living characters of the four races and some animals, but against Undead and Voidwoken your offense becomes practically nonexistent if you're pure geo.

          • Anonymous

            Hey so new here but I’ve been working on a “Chef” style build that focuses on using the 5 Star Diner talent. The Stoneskin Potion gives you 184 physical armor. That is then doubled by the talent and gains extra armor from geomancer. By level 3 I could have placed 4 points into Geomancer which becomes 8 from the Lone Wolf feature. This means that my Stoneskin potion would grant 441.2 physical armor not including my normal armor bonuses. If the previous calculation is wrong then it should be 533.2. I could also use the fortify skill to bring the armor even higher. Would it be viable to use the reactive armor skill as a main way of damaging enemies? I haven’t had the time to full test this and would love some feedback.

            • Anonymous

              Geomancer is actually with the best magic branch for everything. Good damage, good syngery, many options. You can't go wrong with Geo ...

              • Anonymous

                Worm tremor + Torturer talent has been useful. Sets Entangled on a good sized surface; can't be resisted. I have occasionally seen enemies use movement skills to escape it, but most of the time it's a good CC for groups of melee opponents. Works on bosses.

                • Anonymous

                  I am having an issue with making Venomous Aura. Twice now, I have tried to make it using a level 2 Scoundrel book and a level 2 Geo book. Both times it has given me Venom Coating. This is so frustrating because I have wasted 4 books now. Has anyone experienced this? I have never had a problem combining books before.

                  • Anonymous

                    Geomancer feel like it could have been plit into two school earth and poison. the game count earth and poison damage separately type too

                    • Anonymous

                      Maybe the damage bonus of Geo spells should change according to equipped weapons(strength when using a sword, finess when using daggers). The reasons are, One, the status effects like crippled and knockdown are resisted by physical armor, an intelligence-based geo mage deals earth/poison damage resisted by magic armor, which means unless you have a companion who deals physical damage your enemy will never suffer these debuff. Two, the posion damage is quite low if you don't put any points in intelligence, meaning you have to put points both in intelligence and geo skills if you want to heal your undead character, unlike normal healer who only need hydro skills and no intelligence when healing non-undead.

                      • Anonymous

                        Does Companion Tiger considered as Geomancer skill ? If so , this page is missing it. I found it at Huwbert's secret chamber...

                        • Anonymous

                          I dont have to remind not to focus on poison skills because of so many enemies with high resistance to it, besides the undead you often come across. Earth is good though.

                          • Anonymous

                            Nope, it is correct. It deals Earth damage, but crippled checks for physical armor. So, someone with physical armor will never be crippled by using this skill, since it does not reduce the physical armor (magic [earth] damage after all)

                            • Anonymous

                              Some of the spells seem to work differently from the description of the spell. Impalememt: says Resisted by Physical Armour but actually deals Magical damage.

                              • Anonymous

                                Worm tremor doesn't appear to function properly
                                Characters can still move with it applied, albeit at a massively reduced pace, and can teleport themselves with movement skills
                                For example, a fighter could phonix dive, a rogue could backlash etc
                                It seems to block other characters from teleporting them which IS NOT GOOD, since they can still teleport themselves; it means you as a caster lose a major control skill for a movement slow and some ongoing poison damage
                                It costs 3 AP too, so it should actually stop them from using teleport attacks given how much AP it costs

                                • Anonymous

                                  Reactive Armour has to be updated. 2 AP, 6 CD.

                                  2 points in Geo are still a must have on any physical melee character.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Cannot Stress enough how useful some of the level 1 skills are in this tree. Fortify alone is a worthwhile skill on almost any character for your early and midgame and dust throw on any character even a non archer can be a life saver. My rogue if you can even call him that anymore (Scoundrel, Necro) even has some gemomancer skills just for the utility.

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