Poisoned is a status effect in Divinity that causes the poisoned target to take poison damage every turn, or heal an Undead target for the same amount every turn. The status effect Poisoned is blocked by magical armour, unless the character that's attempting to be poisoned is Undead, or the caster has Torturer.


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    • Anonymous

      This page demands massive and irrevocable cancellation and for the contributor to be brought low with demoralisation status effects.

      • Anonymous

        Neglects to mention the one bit of info which would actually be useful rather than obvious - exactly how much damage does 'poisoned' status do / how is this calculated? From this we could then determine if it's actually worth crafting / using such as poisoned arrows, rather than always just inflicting pure physical damage.

        • Anonymous

          Why is this page a thing? Like seriously it's just annoying when you're trying to find info n the finer mechanics, and then there's this page, offering no relevant information and wasting time from people who are actually intrested in the system.

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