Hydrosophist skills in Divinity: Original Sin 2 are based on your skill-level for damage, healing, and providing magic armor. These skills make your character the main healer of your party, both in and outside combat (allowing you to save precious Action Points to heal your members, and using them instead offensively). In addition, Hydrosophists can freeze blood or water that is spilled on the floor, making enemies slip and take damage, or use Action Points to go around the area instead, allowing you to set up some nice traps. Compared to other school, Hydrosophist deals lowest damage but provide many ways to heal, AoE counters for mages and terrain advantages. 

Hydrosophist Skill Books


Divinity Original Sin 2 Hydrosophist Skills

Name Req Mem AP SP CD Res Scale Range Description

Armour of Frost
Armour of Frost

Ice forms a defensive barrier around the target, providing [X] Magic Armour. Cures Burning, Poisoned, Stunned, Frozen, Suffocating and Petrified.
1 1 - 4 - -  13m Set Magic Shell for 3 turn(s).


Create a spreading water surface which douses fires. Set Wet status on characters in the area.
1 1 - 6 - - 8m Set Wet for 1 turn(s). 10m radius
Restore Vitality of a target character. Restoration also cures Poisoned and Bleeding.
1 1 - 4 - - 13m

Restore [X] Vitality for 2 turn(s).

Hail Strike

Icicles fall from the sky, chilling enemies and dealing water damage. They create ice surfaces where they hit the ground.
1 1 - 3 magic_armour Int 13m Set Chilled for 2 turn(s).  Strikes 3 circles with 1m Explode Radius each

Consume Frozen surfaces around you and convert them to Magic Armour. Removes Burning and Necrofire.
1 - 3 - -  - Restore up to [X] Magic Armour depending on relevant surface area.

Healing Tears

Three healing tears circle around you. Everytime an ally walks into melee range near you, a healing tear bathes them.
1 - 5 - -  - Set Healing Tears for 3 Turn(s)

Vampiric Hunger

Set Vampiric Hunger on target character, adding 50% Life Steal for 2 turns. Life Steal heals you in proportion to the damage you deal to Vitality.
1 - 5 - -  2m Set Vampiric Hunger for 2 Turn(s)

Cleanse Wounds

Heal target and create a water puddle beneath them. Remove Burning, Diseased, Decaying Touch, Poisoned, Bleeding, Suffocation and Acid.
1 - 5 - -  2m Restore [X] Vitality

Soothing Cold

Regenerate Magic Armour for all allies around caster.
2 1 - 3 - -  - Restore [X] Magic Armour for 3 turn(s).

Winter Blast
Winter Blast

Deal [X] Water Damage and set Chilled status on characters in the area. Freeze blood and water surfaces.
2 1 - 3 magic_armour Int  13m Set Chilled for 2 Turn(s)

Ice Fan

Target 3 positions and shoot an ice shard at each one, dealing [X] Water Damage and making targets Chilled.
2 1 - 4 magic_armour Int  13m Set Chilled for 1 turn(s).

Global Cooling
Global Cooling

Set Chilled on enemies around you and deal [X] Water Damage. Freeze all succeptible surfaces.
2 1 - 3 magic_armour Int  - Set Chilled for 3 turn(s).

Cryogenic Stasis
Target ally becomes immune to all damage, and heals over time. Removes Shackles of Pain.
2 1 - 4 - -  13m Set Permafrost for 1 Turn(s)

Healing Ritual
Healing Ritual

Shoot a bolt of healing energy that will jump to nearby allies.
2 1 - 5 - -  13m Restore [X] Vitality

Mass Cleanse Wounds
Heal yourself and allies around you. Create a water puddle beneath every target. Remove Necrofire, Burning, Diseased, Decaying Touch, Poisoned, Bleeding, Suffocation and Acid.
2 5 - -  - Restore [X] Vitality

Vampiric Hunger Aura
Set Vampiric Hunger Aura on every ally around you, adding 50% Life Steal for 2 turns. Life Steal heals you in proportion to the damage you deal to Vitality.
2 5 - -  -- Set Vampiric Hunger Aura for 2 Turn(s)

Mass Cryotherapy
Each ally consumes Frozen surfaces around them, converting the frozen surfaces to Magic Armour.
2 5 - - Restore up to [X] Magic Armour depending on relevant surface area.

Deep Freeze

Targets in the cone that are frozen and under 10% Vitality shatter and instantly die. Otherwise they receive [X] Water Damage and become Frozen.
3 1 - 6 magic_armour Int  8m Instantly kill targets with Frozen status below 10% Vitality.
Set Frozen for 1 Turn(s)

Arcane Stitch

Fully restore target character's Magic Armour. Removes Frozen, Stunned, Petrified, Plague, Suffocating, Poisoned, Burning, Necrofire, Terrified, Silenced, Taunted, Mad.
3 2 4 - -  13m Restore [X] Magic Armour

Steam Lance
Steam Lance

Releases a stream of Blessed Steam that heals characters in its path.
3 2 3 - -  13m Restore [X] Vitality for 3 Turn(s)

Hail Strike
Hail Storm

20 ice shards fall from the sky, each dealing [X] Water Damage to characters within 13m range from impact.
5 3 4 magic_armour Int  13m Set Chilled for 1 turn(s). 4m Explode Radius

Ice Breaker

Sets off a chain reaction that causes ice areas to explode into water puddles, dealing water damage and setting Chilled.
3 1 - 3 --  --  

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    • Anonymous

      Wow, this skill tree is sooooo balanced lol.

      Imagine lone wolf with elemental affinity:
      Adrenaline, rain, hail storm, winter blast, ice fan on one target, and finish off with Ice breaker.

      (It would be stronger with savage sortilege, hothead, maxed scoundrel, maxed 2 handed, and maxed hydro.)

      • Anonymous

        The hydro tree is a bit difficult to assess. The healing is nice and clear, but I lacked an ice elemental, or I would split frost and water magic into special skill trees. I was still missing a little spell like an ice mirror shield that reflects magic and dampens damage. Or some better syngeries with other magic schools besides air. I would have liked to freeze enemies and break them with a rock attack and do a lot of damage e.g. Frost was not a half thing or a whole thing. Somehow no comparison to e.g. Geo ..

        • Anonymous

          I wish this type of magic had some damage, i equiped it to my physical damage dealer wich is a undead (so he cant heal from the ehaling spells). I though water did more damage

          • Anonymous

            In the Frost Paladin build you say that Ice Breaker dont scale with brother Str not Int, but in the description above it says that it svales with Int. Which alternative is the true one? Thx!

            • Anonymous

              Hydrosophist is my favourite, and main, school in this game, whenever I'm playing again. STEAM version has an acess to Workshop, where many talented people are modding those skills, adding something new, or balancing them. If not for achievments, I like to play with mods installed, just for fun. In classic version, Lone Wolf Hydrosophist can deal massive amount of damage to the undead (thanks to the healing spells) and still be pain in the arse to other enemies. It's good to invest in Summoning (for Soulmate, Rallying Cry, the Inner Demon), Huntsman (for First Aid, Elemental Arrowheads), Polymorph (for Apotheosis, ofc), Scoundrel (Adrenaline, Cloak and Dagger), and Necromancy (Soul Shackles, Last Rites) I finished the honor mode (on classic) with the investment like above, plus with Ifan Ben-Mezd, whom I made a long-sword fighter. Giving your tank Living Armor talent lets you regenerate Magic Armor on them, without relying of Soothing Cold and Armor of Frost too much. Soulmate creates a link, that shares heals and magic armor regeneration, so if they are out of range, you can always cast it on yourself. If your tank has high Warfare, it's a crime to not give them Picture of Health talent. I risked, and gave my tank Leech, and I had Blood Rain. Worked like a charm. TL;DR - this school is great, made me finish the game in honor mode with just blood and tears, but not sweat.

              • Anonymous

                Bit of a shame most of the hydro spells are either 1 or 3 AP, so in the former case, Elemental Affinity literally does nothing. Pyro gets Haste which is broken, why can't Hydro get a good AP economy?

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