Necrofire is a status in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Deals [X] fire damage each turn. Cannot be extinguished.

Fire Resistance: -20%

Water Resistance: +10%

Immunity to Frozen

Immunity to Chilled

Immunity to Warm

Immunity to Wet



Note: Necrofire deals 50% more damage than normal fire.


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    • Anonymous

      Necrofire becomes a very common surface type & status effect in the later portions of the game. Due to it's nature as a cursed element, there are not a lot of ways you can deal with the status effect once it's on a character (Most of the methods to remove Necrofire either require a source point or certain skills which may also require source points). The best way to deal with Necrofire is to either avoid getting the status effect in the first place or to outlast it.

      When trying to avoid necrofire as a surface, there are a variety of skills that help you avoid or ignore its effects. Many movement spells help you avoid walking in surfaces and taking unnecessary damage. Some skills, such as breathing bubble, tornado, and spread your wings can help you ignore the effects of certain surface types altogether by either nullifying their effects or by removing the surface.

      Do note that pheonix dive, while being a good teleport for fighters, can backfire with necrofire if you land too close to the necrofire surface, as the fire from your pheonix dive will convert into necrofire.

      The absolute best way to deal with necrofire however is to outlast it. This can be done by increasing your magic armor and/or fire resistance. Magic armor is usually obtained through armor and skills, whereas fire resistance is usually gained through runes, armor, and very specific skills.

      Potions can help you here as well, as they are very easy to obtain and are extremely powerful when combined with the Five-Star Diner talent. a Medium Fire Resistance potion can give you 100% fire resistance for 3 turns with this talent. Do note that 100% fire resistance does NOT mean garunteed immunity; if your fire resistance is below 100% when you drink the potion you will NOT be immune to fire damage (but you will take drastically less damage overall). Potions however can be game-breaking and remove all the difficulty to a fight. If you want a challenging experience I advise against using them (looking at you, medium resist-all potion).

      • Anonymous

        Also(I don't know why nobody mentions this) you can't heal a character with the necrofire status,it will damage them like an undead

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