PvP in Divinity Original Sin 2 is a new feature that allows players to engage in quick combat against each other in an arena. The PvP is for local-multiplayer only (so far). You can commence PvP by approaching an Arena Master, who will place you and your opponent in an arena. Below is a list of information we know about PvP so far.


Divinity Original Sin 2 PvP Information

  • You can start a PvP match almost anywhere in the world by attacking your teammates, however doing so will have its consequences upon death.
  • The PvP Arena mode allows for quick PvP without the consequences of dying as above.
  • Speak to the Arena Master to begin combat.
  • The Arena has a chest in the middle filled with goodies that can help you beat your opponent (strong skill books, health potions etc. )
  • In the corners of the arena there are bodies strewn about, which you can use to obtain Source Points.
  • These bodies and chests are also randomly guarded by Skeletons who will attack players on both sides.
  • The rules are simple: last one standing wins.
  • You are resurrected by the Arena Master after the match is over.
  • There are various arenas in different areas of the map.
  • If you win often in an arena, you will become the Champion of the Arena. 
  • Becoming a Champion allows you more dialogue options within the area around that arena.

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