Aerotheurge skills in Divinity: Original Sin 2 are Intelligence-based, allowing player to deal damage using power of the Air. These skills allow players to do a large variety of things from teleporting and stunning enemies to giving allies shields and status effects. These skills are generally reliable to have because very few enemies have Air Resistance. Compared to other schools, Aerotheurge provides players with many skills to counter terrain disadvantages, high mobility,  and high direct damage output. This school doesn't provide much ways to crowd control, but when combined with Hydrosophist will give players ability to a strong but unreliable stun effect.


Aerotheurge Skill Books


Divinity Original Sin 2 Aerotheurge Skills

aerothurge1= Aerotheurge 1, etc

Name Req Mem AP SP CD Res Scale Range Description

Favourable Wind
Favourable Wind

Control the forces of nature , increasing the movement speed of you and your allies by 1.5m (as long as your allies stays within 10m of you)

aerothurge1 1 - 6 - - 10m Sets Favourable Winds Aura for 4 turn(s).

Blinding Radiance
Blinding Radiance

Enemies around you receive 90% air damage. You receive a status that turns enemies in a 5m radius Blind.
aerothurge1 1 - 4 Int 5m Sets Blinding Radiance for 1 turn(s)

Electric Discharge
Electric Discharge

An electrical jolt deals 90% air damage to target character. Sets status Shocked.

aerothurge1 1 - 3 Int 13m Sets Shocked for 2 turn(s)

Shocking Touch
Shocking Touch

Sets the Shocked status on a target within arm's length and deals 110% Air Damage.
aerothurge1 1 - 3 Int 2m Sets Shocked for 2 turn(s)

Erratic Wisp

Cause target character to teleport in a random direction each time they are attacked. Increases Air Resistance by 40%
1 - 5 - - 13m Sets Erratic Wisp for 2 turn(s).

Breathing Bubble

Creates a bubble of clean air around your head, allowing you to ignore effects of cloud surfaces. Immune to suffocation and Silence.
1 - 5 - - -- Sets Breathing Bubble for 5 turn(s).

Vacuum Touch

Deal 80% Air Damage. Set Suffocation and Silence on target
1 - 5 Int 2m Sets Suffocating for 1 turn(s).
Sets Silenced for 1 turn(s).


Remove Petrified and Frozen from target character. Vaporise ground surfaces into clouds. Does not work on Oil, Ice or Lava surfaces
1 - 4 - - 13m -

Smoke Cover

Create a smoke cloud around you, hiding from sight.
1 - 5 - - -- -
Teleport a target character or item to a point of your choosing
aerothurge2 1 - 4 - Int 13m Damage is based on your level and receive bonus from Intelligence.

Dazing Bolt

An electrical bolt falls from the sky, dealing 120% Air Damage to characters and items in the area, and setting Shocked status.
aerothurge2 1 - 4 Int 15m Sets Shocked for 1 turn(s).
3m Explode Radius

Nether Swap

Make two characters switch places. One of the characters can be you.
aerothurge2 1 - 3 - - 13m Sets Nether Swap for 1 turn(s).

Pressure Spike

Condense all cloud surfaces in the area. Deals 70% air damage to enemies and douses fire.
aerothurge2 2 - 3 Int 13m Damage is based on your level and Intelligence

Uncanny Evasion

Dodging for targeted character is increased by 90% and your Movement Speed is increased by 20%.
aerothurge2 1 - 4 - - 15m Sets Evading for 1 turn(s)


Transport pickable items in the target area into your inventory.
aerothurge2 1 - 2 - -

8m Area of Effect

4m Radius


Vacuum Aura

Deal 80% Air Damage to enemies in the area. Caster receives an aura that sets Silence and Suffocating on enemies
2 5 - Int  -- Sets Vacuum Aura for 3 turn(s).

Mass Breathing Bubbles
Set Breathing Bubbles on allies around you, allowing them to ignore effects of cloud surfaces and making them immune to suffocation and Silence.
2 5 - -  -- Sets Mass Breathing Bubbles for 5 turn(s).

Evasive Aura

Your dodging chance and those of allies around you is increased by 90% and your Movement Speed is increased by 1m.
2 5 - -  -- Sets Evasive Aura for 1 turn(s).

Blessed Smoke Cloud
Conjure a cloud of thick blessed smoke that makes characters invisible.
2 5 - 13m

13m. Area of Effect:

4m radius. Ground-targettable.

Chain Lightning
Chain Lightning
Shoot a stunning bolt of lightning that forks up to 8 times in a 8m radius and deals 150% Air Damage to each target.
aerothurge3 2 5 Int  13m Sets Shocked for 2 turn(s)


A tornado moves randomly around the battlefield, removing surfaces and revealing invisible characters. Also clears Invisible, Burning and Slowed.
aerothurge3 1 - 5 - -  13m -

Shoot forking spikes at all enemies within the area, dealing 100% Air Damage and setting Shocked.
aerothurge3 1 - 3 Int  8m

Sets Shocked for 1 turn(s)

Damage is based on your level and receive bonus from Intelligence

Electric Fence
Closed Circuit

Deals 220% Air Damage to enemies around you; then creates cursed static clouds on the edges of the spell.
aerothurge3 2 4 Int  -- Sets Air Immunity for 1 turn(s).
Sets Shocked for 2 turn(s)


A storm rages in the target area, hitting enemies with lightning bolts, each dealing 100% Air Damage.
aerothurge5 3 5 Int  17m Duration 2 turns


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    • Anonymous

      FYI, as of 6/Jul/2020, the Tornado icon on the Aerothurge Skills Page isn't clickable (at least for me)--only the name is, if you want to access the Tornado page. Maybe it just needs a link attached. :)

      • Anonymous

        With Aero, I lack more air magic and a little more variety in the magic. Aero felt kind of boring and didn't look too good. I would have liked more synergies with fire. So a burning place, which you can then chase with a wind spell as a flame wave a few meters over the map and the enemies. Or use a whirlwind to make a burning area a pillar of fire for a few rounds, which slowly moves across the battlefield and causes severe fire damage. Something like that. Aero was too unpleasant for me .. but I am not the flash type either.

        • Anonymous

          Make these tables sortable or stop being the first result on Google. Every single Fextralife wiki is horribly formatted or doesn't have complete information. Stop wasting my time.

          • Anonymous

            i am a total noob but is this page up to date? i am creating a character right now and even though she has 2 points in aero, i can only choose out of 4 skills, 2 of which are pretty similar.

            • Anonymous

              Not getting why so many people say this skill set is boring... what could possibly be boring about going Palapatine on your enemies? Perfect skill set for those that want to role play as an evil character ready to stab his “friends” in the back to achieve godhood.

              • Anonymous

                Aero and Hydro have always been support based skills because of the disables. They were never meant for raw dmg. But if you plan around it you can do insane dmg even on Honor. I mean, all you should care about is stripping the enemies armor in one turn then casting rain skill/scroll for stunning, if you can't even do that then you need better gear at current lvl ( Start stacking up that int and scoundrel ). They are not like a mine pyro which are meant for one shotting enemies in a single turn.

                • Anonymous

                  Kids love to pretend Aero is still the best, simply because it started out blatantly overpowered. News Flash: check the patch notes. Pyro and Geo does more damage than Aero + Hydro, doesn't get punished by Perseverance or Indomitable, and still has huge defensive options with Geo for physical armor regen + (Living Armor + Pyro's massive damage) Pyro for magic armor regen. Yes, Aero and Hydro do still work -- and work well. But to pretend that Geo and Pyro are playing second fiddle is ass-backwards. Pyro and Geo are kings, Aero and Hydro are princes.

                  • Anonymous

                    The auras would be useful if they were a permanent effect like on some of the special enemies. Obviously evasion would be the exception because it would be too cheesy.

                    • Anonymous

                      I'm not gonna act like it's the best just because stunning and teleporting is so strong. Because it's not. This skill set cannot succeed without the help of another tree. Using lightning as a primary means of attack? NOPE! Too few, options. It's best for close range and even then it's not safe. While it's supportive and defensive abilities are to die for, it's attacking options have a disparity in usefulness. It's either so good you'd be stupid not to use it, or so much of a bad idea, why did you even bother. There is NO in between.

                      • Anonymous

                        man aerotheurge got some of the best skill in the game but it also have the worse skill in the game . i do wish it got more attack spell

                        • What do you mean I just crit everything around me for 10k and everything that's still standing is slowly choking and losing magic armor? PSSSSSSSSSH. One of if not my favorite spell line for damage and utility, I've always gone for air magic when using spells if I could and this game does not let me down when it comes to doing the skills right.

                          • Anonymous

                            I wonder why there is no Electric Ray either, considering one of the Eternal Guardians (blue golems) uses it on Arx if you take the sword in the stone.

                            • Anonymous

                              Why the noticeable lack wind magic compared to lightning? Seems like big missed opportunity...

                              Wind wall : more range on projectiles passing through it one way, shortens or blocks projectiles going the other way.
                              A Skill to disperse fields / gases like in DOA 1.
                              Tornado Punch to knock people back.


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