Transport pickupable items in the target area into your inventory.

special divinity original sin 2 1 Memory slot

properties divinity original sin2 icon Requires Aerotheurge 2cldwn3
properties divinity original sin2 icon 
Range  8m. Area of effect: 4m radius. Ground targettable.

aerotheurge skills s Aerotheurge

Apportation is an Aerotheurge Skill in Divinity Original Sin 2.


Apportation Location

  • Can be bought from only a few Vendors after level 9.


Apportation Effects

  • Scroll crafted by combine Sheet of Paper, High Quality Air Essence, and Rope
  • Is affected by range bonuses (Far Out Man, Farsight)
  • AI cannot use
  • Doesn't pick up grounded items
  • Containers will have their contents intact
  • Using this skill on red-marked items is of course considered thievery. If you are caught stealing more than one item it will only be considered as a single offense instead of multiple instances of theft.


Apportation Trivia & strategy

  • The only skill that doesn't appear in any generic magic vendors' inventories



Aerotheurge Skills
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