Erratic Wisp

Erratic WispAP

Cause target character to teleport in a random direction each time they are attacked. Increases Air Resistance by 40%

 Sets Erratic Wisp for 2 turn(s).

Requires Aerotheurge 1cldwn5
Requires Huntsman 1
Costs 1 Memory
 Range 13m

aerotehurge-skills-dos2 Aerotheurge

Erratic Wisp is an Aerotheurge Skill in Divinity Original Sin 2.



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    • Anonymous

      28 Jun 2019 14:47  

      Does the Erratic Wisps still trigger on a missed physical attack? (Due to high dodge chance from Uncanny Evasion, for example)

      • Anonymous

        28 May 2019 04:23  

        Combos decently with flaming tongues. Enemy moves to hit you, gets tongues, hits you and then you teleport away. Rinse and repeat.

        • Anonymous

          05 Jul 2018 19:35  

          Very unusual but effective tool for archer style builds. Throw an oil flask at the ladder/vines of your high ground and fire a stray shot whenever someone climbs it.

          • Anonymous

            05 May 2018 21:33  

            So there's a pretty abusive combo with this and reactive shot from the huntsman tree. If an AI character with erratic wisps enter the reactive shot zone, they'll be shot and teleported away, but since the AI is stupid they'll keep entering the zone and teleported away, which allows you to basically have 3 free attacks and prevent an enemy from getting close to you.

            • Anonymous

              10 Jan 2018 07:56  

              Has anyone tied to use this with Rupture Tendons? Since neither Rupture Tendons or Erratic Wisp are resisted by armor, this might be a useful combo to kill an enemy without having the need to strip the enemy's armor. Just cast RT and then EW and keep attacking the enemy -> Teleporting should kill the enemy, right?

              • Anonymous

                20 Oct 2017 22:37  

                Do notice that from my tests, the target can only be teleported when it is attacked by a physical attack and not magic.

                • Anonymous

                  30 Sep 2017 05:39  

                  There are shoes called "Lord Ruaney's Booets" at the cellar/dungeon of the Doctor (Arx), which is locked behind a magic seal.
                  It is one of a whole set being an "eternal wispy, angelish thing."

                  Discovered by VegasVolt3ya9a :P

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