Sir Lora


Sir Lora and his cat steed Quercus.

Sir Lora is a NPC pet in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


Sir Lora information

  • Sir Lora is a squirrel. He will follow you once you reached Fort Joy beach, but does not participate in combat.
  • The player requires Pet Pal to talk with him, like with any animal.
  • Sir Lora is riding on a skeleton cat named Quercus.
  • If Sir Lora dies, he will follow you in spirit form. You can see him with Spirit Vision.
  • His quest yields no experience and is not noted in the logbook.


Sir Lora location

  • Sir Lora appears in Fort Joy Beach and will follow your main character for the rest of the story.
  • If shooed away, he can be found on the top floor of the Lady Vengeance.


Sir Lora Quest

  • Sir Lora is obsessed with saving the world from the "Great Acorn". He was previously a "Knight of Drey", however he quit the order when he realized that their goals and ideals were too extreme. He considers himself on the run and in hiding from the knights.
  • Sir Lora occasionally wants to talk with you when you make progress, as indicated by a yellow exclamation mark above his head. Sometimes he gives you a recipe.
  • Once you receive Bless from your god, Sir Lora gives you the recipe for the skill book Erratic Wisp.
  • Once you escape from Dallis aboard the Lady Vengeance, Sir Lora will give you the recipe for the skill book Bleed Fire.
  • Once you arrive at the gates to Arx, Sir Lora will have a quest update and give you the recipes for the Blood Storm skillbook. 


Notes and Tips

  • Sir Lora apparently revived Quercus after he was publicly executed by his fellow Knights, for being another kind of animal. This explains why Quercus is a skeleton.
  • While there is no evidence of the "Great Acorn" throughout the story, you can however find two Knights of Drey. Sir Lora recognises one of them as a dead squirrel on the eastern troll bridge in Driftwood. The other can be found alive and spoken to at the Lady Vengeance's crash site in Arx.
  • Sir Lora runs off right before the final fight to "save the world from the Giant Acorn". He can later be encountered in the epilogue on the ship.
  • Sir Lora has no use gameplay-wise apart from the occasional recipes he gives you. He only serves as a pet. The "Great Acorn" will never be encountered by the player and none of Sir Lora's interactions give experience. 
  • He can absorb up to three source points by walking over source puddles. The player can in turn cast Source Vampirism on him.
  • He can be targeted by certain spells such as Nether Swap which may be beneficial in combat. 
  • Because Sir Lora's spirit will continue to follow you even after he dies, there is no point in reloading the game just to keep him alive. Additionally, he cannot trigger traps or status effects when he is in spirit form.
  • Shooing him away has no consequences and may actually be helpful.



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    • Anonymous

      03 Oct 2021 00:17  

      Claro que importa si muere, yo cargue múltiples veces mi partida con tal de mantenerlo vivo y así fue. Vivió hasta el final como un héroe más de mi equipo.

      • Anonymous

        17 Sep 2021 03:36  

        I love talking like "Sir Lora" to my friends and family. Just imagine the face of (your mom!) when you say weird stuff like "The giant speaks, Quercus.". Totally nuts and almost ruined my life, totally worth it tho.

        • Anonymous

          12 Sep 2021 00:47  

          "Because Sir Lora's spirit will continue to follow you even after he dies, there is no point in reloading the game just to keep him alive"
          WHATS WITH THIS PARAGRAPH RIGHT HERE?? Its so cruel I don't even have words right now! What if he doesn't have a real purpose in game? Him following you as a spirit doesn't mean it is ok to let him die, poor Sir Lora! Poor Quercus! He's the one character I really grew attached to in this game, and would move montains to save him till the end of the game ( unless he died, you know, half a game ago and I didn't noticed, but if I didn't lose much? You can bet I'll reload to save him)

          • Anonymous

            21 Jan 2021 04:27  

            Useful for cheesing fights by getting a char in dialogue with him so another char can apply buffs that don't start to expire until leaving convo. Never shoo him away.

            • Anonymous

              21 Dec 2020 14:44  

              honestly sir lora has some combat use when alive, i used the nether swap on him to teleport my units out of harm for basically free, cause he stands away from combat and usually is in a better location than the one my units are in (due to fire or ice or what have you) so id swap em an boom lora runs back out and my units arnt in harm either, heck i used him to get the high ground one time cause he was below everyone else

              • Anonymous

                29 Oct 2020 19:22  

                Nothing can stop Sir Lora, fire, acid, mines nor even death fog!! At least his spirit lol
                Seriously he died for me in middle arc 2 in death fog so it was quite early even then i can't count how many times i saw him getting damaged or i accidentally hit him, even if i was simply moving objects Sir Lora was finding a way to getting hit!! I wish it was a spirit from beginning as he is far less annoying now...

                • Anonymous

                  22 Apr 2020 03:40  

                  I love Sir Lora and Quercus. They're funny and adorable. I'd pay money for a DLC where you get to play the game as Sir Lora.

                  • Anonymous

                    12 Mar 2020 12:10  

                    Tbh with him running around too much, he ended up going in death fog multiple time so I got tired of reloading and at one point I forgot to save and it had been a while so when he decided to run just in front of the corpse I wanted to source vamp, welp he met the ultimate end of having his soul destroyed/eaten by me and I was honestly pissed, but I didn't want to reload so he stayed dead.

                    • Anonymous

                      23 Feb 2020 17:54  

                      I kept him alive throughout the entire game. It isn’t impossible to keep him alive through the queen/Isbell battle in the poison pit, but what WAS insanely annoying was I tried teleporting him out of the pit first turn and he immediately spawned back into the pit because my main character was still in there. I had to reload and heal his magic armor and wait until my main character used tactical retreat to get out, then teleport him again. What really bothers me is there is zero payout for keeping him alive. (Spoilers I guess): he says before the final battle he is going to aid you in the final fight with a spell he’s been working on to destroy the “great acorn”... no such spell is EVER USED. His entire so-called quest seems utterly unfinished, and you never really get closure with this character or his story arc whatsoever. I wish I could find the developers addressing this because it is extremely odd considering how well crafted almost everything else in the game is.

                      • Anonymous

                        13 Dec 2019 23:05  

                        What's up with the various times Sir Lora touches you and you see visions of potential spells? It seems like he might have some legitimate powers...but so far hasn't passed anything onto me...

                        • Anonymous

                          05 Dec 2019 18:07  

                          Idk if my quest bugged or whatever but I didn't get his dialogue about being an ex-knight of drey and 'death' of querqus. anyways I think that was because I shooed him away right before the last fight on nameless isle so if you want to listen to this dialogue for yourself do not shoo him away before arena of the one

                          • Anonymous

                            21 Jun 2019 22:13  

                            there is a bug, he ended up dying during the reaper coast corrupted tree scenario in the graveyard, i reloaded to try and save him but he died every single time, and i could never get to him to resurrect him in time, even though his spirit follows me around in the trees memories Lora refuses to leave them and is thus trapped forever.....not the WORST bug in the world, but i liked having him tag along.

                            • Anonymous

                              13 Jan 2019 10:47  

                              I hate Sir Loras AI. When he decides to run through the battlefield he consumes all my healing tears charges and spreads disease all around.

                              • Anonymous

                                01 Jan 2019 18:48  

                                the AI is bad and he gets himself killed but he can still follow you as a ghost after he dies making him impervious to damage but if this happens you wont be able to talk to him until act two

                                • Anonymous

                                  29 Dec 2018 07:36  

                                  Most annoying character in the game. He just died meanwhile I was in a battle, because he gets teleported back where I fight which is a fire field and stupidly runs around. Why don't he just leave like the black cat did? It was annoying sometimes too and ran inside the battle, but not everytime like Sir Lora

                                  • Anonymous

                                    22 Dec 2018 16:09  

                                    So far he is just useless and sometimes even annoying (like most of comments below), but I found one thing which you can think of as 'positive'... he counts as ally, so Rallying Cry got +1 member effect.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      04 Dec 2018 11:28  

                                      I managed to keep him alive into Arx, unfortunately there is at least one place where I believe it is impossible to keep him alive (damn Isbeil) and so without a mod you're going to be stuck with a ghostly Lora anyway eventually. Other fights he can be kept out of for the most part, usually by keeping him & your main on the edge of a fight so that he runs out rather than into it.

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