Black Cat

Black Cat is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2 which follows the first character in party it sees. You can converse with it using the Pet Pal talent, but it doesn't tell you much and seems confused.



Black Cat information

  • Will follow character at beginning of campaign when you arrive in Fort Joy



Black Cat location



Notes and Tips

  • If you escape Fort Joy without it getting killed by magisters, it gives you the Summon Cat Familiar skill. (The magisters guarding the front entrance to the ghetto and the patrolling magister are of no concern.) The easiest way to escape with the cat quickly involves the quest called The Teleporter.
  • The Black Cat will generally speaking run away from combat if you engage with anything (crocodiles, your camp mates, etc).
  • The Black Cat cannot traverse ladders, and neither does it follow along when you use waypoints.

    • 11 Nov 2018 08:49  

      Bypass the initial encounter via ladder and the cat will patiently wait there. Quite convenient and much better than having it follow you around.

      • Anonymous

        23 Sep 2018 21:11  

        Here I was just minding my own business while Ifan had a little 'chat' with Magister Borris and one of the archers just starts shooting my cat! What the hell!? Had to reset to before the croc fight to get it back.

        • Anonymous

          01 May 2018 14:52  

          I just now met Orivand with the familiar, having escaped previously with the cat and tested a bit.

          The only thing I haven't tried is summoning the familiar before the fight and re-summoning it every time it expires during the fight until it is over and the familiar is still there. But apart from that, I had no special dialogue, and in the end, the Swap skill was unchanged, it still only worked with the summoner.

          In short, for what I can tell, there is no upgrade to it. Not just by going to Orivand after escaping with the cat, at least.

          • Anonymous

            05 Apr 2018 01:24  

            Well i lost the cat somewhere between hour 30 and 35. The problem was I exited fort joy via the sewer after killing Kniles without the cat following. You can teleport to waypoints to temporarily lose it and stop it following you, useful when talking to Buddy the dog or taking on a fight with lots of area of effect damage etc.

            I THINK, If you exit fort joy and get the quest update without the cat following the cat seems to stay in it place. I stumbled on it again after hour 48 at the scaffold tower exit near Orviand. x310 y124 (I was chasing after Gawin trying to kill him).

            Maybe check all the fort joy exits before you consider the cat dead, since it is a very early summon with a utility teleport ability. Sewers, Scaffolding, Docks, Bridge.

            • Anonymous

              08 Jan 2018 06:59  

              I have a slight problem...
              I killed the cat in order to speak to buddy because it would not stop following me, now the cat is dead and I think it might have been a bad idea, is it very important later on?

              • Anonymous

                07 Jan 2018 23:13  

                If the cat dies, and you didn't reload, you don't get the opportunity to keep the cat as a familiar. but I can 100% confirm that I now have summon cat familiar on my bar. It runs away during most combat, but focus on escaping without it dying before you go back into town and complete any other quests to minimize the chances you don't lose it. Heal it when it's low health from poison, etc. and as soon as you escape with Pet Pal, it will start a conversation about it's previous owner. You have to be a good owner while it follows you in order to keep it. :)

                • Anonymous

                  10 Dec 2017 23:33  

                  The cat will follow the first character to approach the area close to the Fort Joy Entrance/Atusa scene

                  Don't walk by the archer at the gate guarded by 4 magisters and a source hound, he will shoot the cat cause "black cats are unlucky"

                  For battles, summon him prior to starting a fight so he can jump somewhere and swap spots with you for kiting.

                  • Anonymous

                    30 Nov 2017 19:22  

                    Same problem here... how can i meet the cat again without loading again and Play everything from Start on?

                    • Anonymous

                      26 Nov 2017 01:31  

                      I have a problem:
                      After i Loaded the Game to a older save, the cat just dient wann to appear... so is there a was to Met him or do i have to Play everything again to her him?

                      • Anonymous

                        30 Oct 2017 21:00  

                        I can confirm that you get the "Summon Cat Familiar" skill after escaping with the cat. I got it after i went through the prison, looted the prison key and entered the main floor of the keep. I went towards the dock and fought two magisters that were interrogating Han. I escaped with him by boat and had a small conversation with the cat sine i dont have pet pal and was given the skill.

                        • Anonymous

                          21 Oct 2017 16:24  

                          can sombody tell me how the black cat familiar upgrade works? in the notes stands that ''the cat will express gratitude for reuniting it with its previous owner and upgrade the Swap Places skill, allowing it to swap places with any member of your party'' but everytime when i use the skill and enter the room, nothing happens. same when i enter the room and the dialoge starts, nothing happens. after that the fight begins and i summon the cat and still nothing happens.

                          • Anonymous

                            23 Sep 2017 16:13  

                            Just box the cat in where you find the shovel with the crate up top and one found near where you came ashore.. Just dont have the red prince with you when you encounter the cat unless you want him to have it.

                            • Anonymous

                              21 Sep 2017 13:07  

                              This f**king cat is completely bug, he went to the fire after a combat... I recommend to go rush the outside of Fort Joy to get the skill.

                              • Anonymous

                                18 Sep 2017 18:56  

                                The part about it following characters with Pet Pal seems wrong. We have a multiplayer game where it did not follow our Pet Pal and instead granted someone else the skill. Forum users report something similar for single player:
                                It seems completely arbitrary who gets the skill.

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