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Sergeant Zrilla on Boat

Sergeant Zrilla is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Sergeant Zrilla information

  • She is a recruiter offering Henchman for Hire if your party is not full
  • Cost is based on your current level, they will be the same level
    • At Level 9 - Each recruit costs 1550
  • She will not talk directly with anyone other than the player's main character (the one with the crown near the portrait).
  • Sergeant Zrilla first appears below decks in Lady Vengeance, then can be found up top until the end of the game.



Hireable Party Members

When recruited, a hireling will automatically be boosted to the player's current level. They will not have any defining story or personality; the only real options you have when speaking with them are to dismiss them from your party.  Their name and appearance can be changed by using the magic mirror on the lowest level of the Lady Vengeance.

Fighter Nestor Dwarf Male
Battlemage Ravella Dwarf Female
Knight Yastara Lizard Female
Inquisitor Straffan Human Male
Metamorph Trxyl Undead Lizard Female
Wayfarer Morrgen Undead Human Male
Shadowblade Shanova Undead Human Female
Rogue Pestilence Undead Lizard Male
Ranger Veeros Elf Male
Cleric Myrella Elf Female
Enchanter Aurnia Undead Dwarf Female
Witch Taylia Undead Elf Female
Wizard Forrex Lizard Male
Conjurer Francesca Human Female



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