Jahan is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


Jahan information

  • Jahan is a demon hunter and source master. He tasks the player with the quest A Hunter of Wicked Things and in return offers more source.
  • He plays an important role in Lohse's personal quest.
  • Sells necromancy skill books.


Jahan location

  • Jahan first appears in Cloisterwood, at Reaper's Coast.
  • If Lohse is in your party, Jahan will join you on the quest to defeat Lohse's demon. He will remain on the ship until it arrives at Arx. However, he fails to kill the demon and ends up locked in his basement, where he can be freed by the player.


Notes and Tips

  • During the search for source points in Act 2, try to gather source from other source masters and not from Jahan. Because if you have maximised source before finishing his quest A Hunter of Wicked Things, Jahan will give you the powerful Summon Inner Demon skillbook instead.

    • Anonymous

      13 Dec 2018 21:38  

      I can't find a voice acter list over who voices this dud, anyone know? For some reason his voice is soo alike to Peter Jurasik when he plays Lando in Babylon 5.

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