Beginner's Guide and New Player Help for Divinity: Original sin 2, to guide new players and help them get started with this hardcore RPG. There are many things that are unique about Divinity: Original Sin 2, so pay attention because it isn't an easy game.


New Player Help


Selecting a Class and a Race

There are 5 races with special abilities, and 14 classes in D:OS2. Each race provides a special bonus, and classes a specific playstyle that will be enhanced.


Attributes and Skills

To develop the player character, investing points into attributes and unlocking skills is necessary. Attributes have caps, meaning there is a maximum of X points that can be alloted to a specific attribute, however it is possible to surpass the default limit by wearing equipment that grants +? to that attribute. Skills and abilities are the unlockables that grant you the capacity to perform actions in combat, in some cases necessitating specific weapon types. (Note, the maximum attributes are capped at 40. 10 for combat skills and 5 for civil skills. However, equipment can grant your character higher stats)


How can I restore my health?

Find a bed and rest on it, your health will restore automatically. Or grab a bedroll, put in your bag and you can double-click. Healing comes at once. 

 Learn the Restoration spell or the Healing Ritual spell (Hydrosophist Skills)


How to open a locked door?

You can lockpick it, or simply attack it and reduce its health to 0, but attacking with weapons in this way severely reduces weapon durability. You can have an Undead in you party, as they have a innate ability to lockpick.


Buy things from NPCs

Some NPCs dont have a proper trading conversation, but you can click the trading button next to their names while talking to open a trading window. 

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