Beginner's Guide and New Player Help for Divinity: Original sin 2, to guide new players and help them get started with this hardcore RPG. There are many things that are unique about Divinity: Original Sin 2, so pay attention because it isn't an easy game.


New Player Help

Selecting a Race and a Class

There are 5 races with special abilities, and 14 classes in D:OS2. Each race provides a special bonus which can be seen here. Classes are presets that automatically assign your skill points and determines the items you start with. Classes are suggested builds only, you can ignore the presets and set your ability points manually.

It is highly recommended to start with one of the 6 Origin characters if playing for the first time as they get you the most out of the game.

Attributes and Skills

There are 3 types of points in the game, Attribute points, Combat Ability points, and Civil Ability points. Attributes all start at 10 and can be increased to a maximum of 40. Abilities are divided into Combat Abilities and Civil Abilities. Combat Abilities are capped at 10 points and Civil abilities are capped at 5. It is possible to surpass the default limit by wearing equipment that grant bonuses to that attribute/ability.

Skills can be learned when one point has been allocated in the corresponding Combat Ability. Skills are actions you can perform in combat, in some cases necessitating specific weapon types.

Recruiting Party Members

The six Origin characters can be found early in the game and be recruited to your party. If you chose an Origin character to start with, they will not be available to recruit. You can have a maximum of 4 squad members(The player character and 3 others).

Where can I find a shovel?

If there is no Lizard in your team, you can find a shovel on the broken bridge towards the Fort Joy Gate.



How can I restore my health?

Find a bed and rest on it, your health will restore automatically. Or grab a bedroll, put in your bag and you can double-click. Healing comes at once. 

Learn the Restoration spell or the Healing Ritual spell (Hydrosophist Skills)


How to open a locked door?

You can lockpick it, or simply attack it and reduce its health to 0, but attacking with weapons in this way severely reduces weapon durability. You can have an Undead in you party, as they have a innate ability to lockpick.


Buy things from NPC's

Some NPC's don't have a proper trading dialogue, but you can click the trading button next to their names while talking to open a trading window. 

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