Warfare Skills in Divinity: Original Sin 2 are based on your current weapon scaling. These skills are focused around melee damage and defense against physical attacks. Some skills also allow for enemy crowd control using Status Effects such as Knocked Down

Scaling: Some skills depends on if you're wielding a Strength(Str), Finesse(Fin), or Intelligence(Int) based weapon.

When using a staff or wand(s), all abilities that scale with weapon damage are converted into magic damage based on the staff's element or wands element(s) (if dual wielding) and will gain bonuses from intelligence. Please note that this damage does not benefit from warfares leveling bonus of 5% physical damage per combat point as the damage is no longer physical. Also note that many Warfare Skills require a melee weapon, which Wands are not.

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Divinity Original Sin 2 Warfare Skills

Name Req Mem AP SP CD Res Scale Range Description

Battering Ram

Rush forward in a straight line, to a designated point, hitting all enemies in your path for 50% weapon damage and setting Knockdown.
1 1 - 5 Str/Fin/Int 12m

Set Knocked Down for 1 turn(s).

Battle Stomp

Smash your weapon into the ground, knocking down non-allied characters in front of you, and hitting them for 60% weapon damage. Also clears non-cursed surfaces and clouds.        
1 1   - Str/Fin/Int 10m Set Knocked Down for 1 turn(s). 4m wide cone

Bouncing Shield

Throw your shield at an enemy dealing [X] physical damage. Shield can bounce to another enemy in 5m range.
1 1 - 2 n/a n/a  13m Damage is based on the Physical Armour of your shield.

Crippling Blow

Cripple the target with a sweeping blow, and all characters around it. Deals 115% weapon damage.        
1 1 - 3 Str/Fin/Int 3m Set Crippled for 1 turn(s).

Blitz Attack

Jump from one target to another, hitting up to 2 targets, dealing 70% weapon damage to each. Targets are chosen randomly in a 10m radius.
2 1 - 3 n/a Str/Fin/Int  8m -

Deflective Barrier

Projectiles that hit you are reflected back at the caster. This does not prevent the original projectile effects. Provides [X] Physical Armour. Requires a shield.
2 1 - 5 n/a n/a  -- Set Deflecting for 3 turn(s).


Motivate an allied character with the power of rage. Target allied character is garaunteed to land critical hits with basic attacks and weapon skills, but is muted. Clears Taunted, Terrified, Charmed, Mad and Clear-Minded statuses.
2 1 - 5 n/a n/a  2m Set Enraged for 1 turn(s).

Phoenix Dive

Leap through the air to a target position, creating a fire surface upon landing.
2 1 - 4 n/a n/a  13m -


Taunt the enemies around you. Provoke and tease them so that they want to attack you.
2 1 - 5 none n/a  -- Set Taunted for 1 turn(s).


Perform a whirlwind attack, hitting enemies around you for 100% weapon damage.
2 1 - 3 Str/Fin/Int 4.5m -


Mark target enemy. If they die in the next 3 turns, you are healed and receive damage and armour bonuses. If target survives, their Vitality is healed to full and caster receives damage.
3 1   - 5 n/a n/a  13m Apply Challenge to target, betting whether they will be dead in 3 turn(s).

Guardian Angel

Allies in melee range redirect 50% of received damage to you.
3 1 - 6 n/a n/a  -- Set Guardian Angel Aura for 2 turn(s).


Attack five times with astonishing speed, each hit dealing 50% weapon damage.
3 2 6 n/a Str/Fin/Int  2.5m -

Thick of the Fight

The more the merrier! Gain a damage boost for every nearby character.
3 2 4 n/a n/a  -- Set Thick of the Fight for 2 turn(s).


Deals 150% weapon damage. If your Physical Armour is higher than your opponent's, destroy all their Physical Armour. Can set Knocked Down.
5 3 SP3 3 Str/Fin/Int   Set Knocked Down for 1 turn(s).


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    • Anonymous

      25 Jun 2018 23:37  

      Onslaught scales extremely well with Enrage and can easily destroy opponents in just one turn, even bosses with appropriate gear and talents

      • 20 Apr 2018 13:31  

        Don't forget my fellow casters, these skills can help you bring the pain too with skills like whirlwind and such. They will scale off your INT and turn your staff into a weapon of destruction! Solid skills for every class or roll.

        • Anonymous

          08 Feb 2018 02:38  

          The ap cost of Battering Ram(50% damage)/Battle Stomp(60%)/Onslaught(250%/4a2s) should be reduced. Bouncing Shield is a little op, probably should get a nerf. Phoenix dive should give fire immunity for one turn(Creating a small Fire surface is almost useless except for pyro mage, also vendors should be selling this skill at level 4 instead of 9)

          • 17 Oct 2017 23:39  

            I would greatly appreciate it if instead of all the Deal [X] physical damage, we got 100% of 60% of 120% physical damage (Meaning what are the percentages) for the tooltips like the Huntsman skills in the wiki. Thanks.

            • Anonymous

              21 Sep 2017 11:29  

              Why scaling changed to Str/Fin?Isn't the scaling supposed to change depending on the weapon.If you have Staffmthen the scaling is INT,right?

              • Anonymous

                16 Sep 2017 18:53  

                Some of these scale with weapon damage, such as Battering Ram. If you switch to daggers or a staff, you'll get a different tooltip. This is why an Inquisitor (2H+Int+warfare+spells) or fighter/rogue (dagger+scoundrel+warfare) scales well enough to work.

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