Polymorph Skills in Divinity: Original Sin 2 are located on this page. Polymorphs are inspired by nature and their magic takes some of the best and worst aspects of other creatures and puts them to combat use. For example, you can grow wings and fly over surfaces, and then chain that with the Flight skill for longer distance flight. The Polymorph combat ability gives players one free Attribute Point to your avatar for every Ability Point invested. Compared to other schools, Polymorph has highest versatility and can be used to mixed alongside any other builds. On its own, Polymorph can provide skills with high impact for physical melee players or many tools to supportive players.


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Divinity Original Sin 2 Polymorph Skills

Name Req Mem AP SP CD Res Scale Range Description

polymorph 12 17
Bull Horns

Magnificent horns sprout from your forehead, making you see red. You can rush at your enemies and gore them. Increases Retribution ability by 1 for the duration. Incompatible with Medusa Head.
polymorph skills s1 1 - - 6 - Str/Fin  -- Set Bull Horns for 4 turn(s).

polymorph 12 14
Chicken Claw

Turn the target character into a chicken. Squawk!

polymorph skills s1 1 AP2 - 6 physical armour icon -  2m Set Chicken Form for 2 turn(s).

polymorph 12 18
Tentacle Lash

Lash out at your opponent dealing, physical damage and setting Atrophy on them.
polymorph skills s1 1 AP2 - 3 physical armour icon Str 8m Set Atrophy for 1 turn(s).
polymorph 9 25
Chameleon Cloak
Grants you the ability to blend in with any enviroment as if invisible.
polymorph skills s1 1 AP - 6 - - -- Set Invisible for 2 turn(s).

polymorph 12 16
Heart of Steel

Your heart pumps liquid metal, creating a robust layer of Physical Armor. This regenerates each turn.
polymorph skills s2 1 AP2 - 5 - - -- Restore [X] Physical Armour for 4 turn(s).

polymorph 12 12
Spread Your Wings

Sprout temporary wings to fly when you move, allowing you to ignore ground surfaces. Incompatible with Spider Legs.
polymorph skills s2 1 AP - 6 - - -- Sets wings for 3 turns. Allows use of the ability Fly.

polymorph 16 2
Spider Legs

Spider legs burst from your back. You can create web surfaces in an area to entangle foes. Incompatible with Wings.
polymorph skills s2 1 - - 5 - - -- Set Spider Legs for 3 turn(s).
polymorph terrain transmutation icon
Terrain Transmutation
Target two circular areas. Swap surfaces and clouds.
polymorph skills s2 1 AP - 2 - - 13m -

polymorph 15 21
Medusa Head

Snakes grow out of your head, giving you a petrifying aura and the Petrifying Visage skill. Incompatible with Bull Horns.
polymorph skills s2 1 AP2 - 5 magic armour icon - -- Set Medusa Head for 2 turn(s).
polymorph 15 3
Summon Oily Blob
Fling an Oil Blob at a target point, dealing [X] Earth Damage in the area. Oil Blob deals earth damage with melee attacks and leaves an oil puddle on death.
polymorph skills s2 1 AP2 - 6 - Str 13m 3m Explode Radius

pyrokinetic 15 15
Flaming Skin

You get immunity to fire, but lowered resistance to water. You bleed fire.
polymorph skills s2
pyrokinetic skill s2
2 AP SP 5 - - -- Set Flaming Skin for 2 turn(s).

hydrosophist 16 21
Icy Skin

You get immunity to water, but lowered resistance to fire. You bleed ice.
polymorph skills s2
hydrosophist skills s2
2 AP SP 5 - - -- Set Icy Skin for 2 turn(s).

geomancer 17 8
Poisonous Skin

You get immunity to poison and earth, but lowered resistance to air. You bleed poison.
polymorph skills s2
geomancer skills s2
2 AP SP 5 - - -- Set Poisonous Skin for 2 turn(s).

aerotheurge 16 12
Jellyfish Skin

Bleed electrified water. You get immunity to electricity, but lowered resistance to poison and earth damage.
polymorph skills s2
aerotheurge skills s2
2 AP SP 5 - - -- Set Jellyfish Skin for 2 turn(s).

polymorph 12 13
Skin Graft

Reset all cooldowns. Removes Burning, Necrofire, Poisoned and Bleeding.
polymorph skills s3 2 AP SP - - - -- Set Skin Graft

polymorph forced exchange icon
Forced Exchange

Exchange Vitality percentages with target character.
polymorph skills s3 2 AP SP2 1 physical armour icon - 2m Exchange vitality percentages with target character

polymorph equalise icon

Vitality and Armour percentages of characters in target area are summed up and redistributed equally.
polymorph skills s3 1 AP2 - 5 - -  13m -

polymorph 16 3
Flay Skin

Destroy [X] Magic Armour on target character. Set status that halves resistances.
polymorph skills s3 1 AP2 - 5 magic armour icon Str 13m Set Nullified Resistance for 3 turn(s).

polymorph apothesis icon

You take the first step towards godhood. The cost of all Source skills is reduced by -3 Source Point.
polymorph skills s5 3 AP2 SP3 - - ? -- Set Apotheosis for 2 turn(s).


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    • Anonymous

      Pairs well with Sebille Blood Mage w/Elemental Affinity: Pre-Cast Hasted (5AP), Flesh Sacrifice (6AP), Apotheosis (3AP), Adrenaline (5AP), Blood Storm (3AP), Grasp of Starved (2AP), Skin Graft (1AP), Flesh Sacrifice (1AP), Adrenaline (3AP), Blood Storm (1AP), Grasp of the Starved (0AP). Executioner not required but a bonus.

      • Anonymous

        In icy skin if you open it, the skill says that it requires 1 memory slot, while in the chart it says that requires 2

        • Anonymous

          I wonder if you can stack skins, like getting full immunity from both fire and water. there isnt a rule that says you can like the bull horns/mudusa head, or icy king/demon. Just pop Apotheosis, and then you can cast the rest of the skins for free without source, making you immune to all elemental damage. if you were running lone wolf, glass cannon you can do all of it on turn 1. I'll have to try it next time i play.

          • Anonymous

            Apotheosis is the best skill in the game. Skin Graft is just OP. Invi is nice for any class. And +1 stats for each point (+2 stats on lone wolf).

            This is a skill tree for any class.

            • Anonymous

              This school tree is OP.
              I've completed tactician mode with ease using a Polymorph main build. The school tree scales with strength, but can deal both Physical and Magical damage while also maintaining abnormal statuses. My favorite skills being : Tentacle Lash (Deals a ton of damage and can easily -1 melee characters) and Flay Skin (This is a TON of damage at a cost of 2 AP) and scales with STR. Imagine running with 4 man Polymorph with OP stats and you'd just run over weapon users with Tentacle Lash and if there are enemies with high magic armor? Flay the Skin out of them.

              All STR Based rofl

              • Anonymous

                Polymorph has something. It's a nice encore for many options. But by itself it is not enough. You always need something else. I would also have wished for a real shape-changing tree towards a beast shape like the classic werewolf, of course, or at least something beastly. Nevertheless, I would like to keep polymorph and expand and maintain it in another DOS part. Somehow the many options were fun. Sometimes flying, sometimes charging, making invisible, ironing a steel skin over it, or turning whom into a chicken. However, the last kick was missing. In addition to a real shapeshifter skill tree, I would like to have Poly with me again.

                • Anonymous

                  Lone wolf necro, pyro, geo, poly. Elf, elemental affinity Start with 6 ap Flesh sacrifice into 7ap apotheosis down to 5 ap adrenaline up to 7 ap summon inner demon down to 6 ap Peace of mind down to 5 ap skin graft down to 4 ap flesh sacrifice again up to 5 adrenaline again up to 7 then Blood Storm (Down to 4), Grasp of the Starved (Down to 3), Totems of the Necromancer ( Down to 2), Black Shroud (Down to 1) Now the fight is over and you still have one ap left. and if its not over just use that one ap for demonic tutelege so that if someone gets close it kills them.

                  • Anonymous

                    polymorph does not stack with lone wolf unlike other skills, you have to invest all points into polymorph instead of just half

                    • Anonymous

                      There is gonna be a new polymorph skill called metronome, and it gives you a random skill from any skill set, 10% chance for each, and the cool thing about it is that there is a 70% chance normal skill (not source consuming), 15% chance 1 source skill (such as Summon Fire Slug), 10% chance 2 source skill (such as forced exchange or closed circuit), and a 5% chance of a 3 source skill (such as thunderstorm or apotheosis), and you have no requirements for a skill, such as if you have only 3 polymorph, and you got laser ray or something, of course, the damage will still scale with it, but it does not require 2 pyrokinetic. It will, though, scale with polymorph. It also does not cost a source point.

                      • Anonymous

                        i really expected the polymorph spells to be more about you transforming into various beast or giving yourself various attacks, this isn't what i had in mind really.

                        • Anonymous

                          i am currently doing a retribution/necromancy character with this in the mix. using lone wolf. it words really well together. picked up the elf girl as a summoner, it is a really great team up, focus on physical damage, also since the main is an elf also, they can flesh sacrifice, use the puddles of blood to raise totems and incarnate.

                          • Anonymous

                            really usefull for a assassin (scoundrel) put 3 point in poly (which also give 3 stats points) and choose chiken clow and medusa for crowd control (pick this one because they work against armor, and you do dmg to armor), and also pick skin graft both usefull to removes "curse" and reset skill, and pick chamelon to hide afterr your first engage (in order to not be fully attack by the other party (work against npc not sure against real player ^^)


                            • Anonymous

                              Only 2 abilities scale off strength. I think bull horns as well but the damage isn't all that great its the statues they inflict. The reason they put 2 finesse and 2 strength is that you have enough strength to equip armor requirements and pump most of the points in finesse to get better damage from your spear. I think its pretty cool. You have armor, longer melee range and a skills that allow you to adapt to any situation. If you choose lone wolf you still only get 1 point for polymorph so if you put that into finesse you get 10% more strength plus 20% if you put all in finesse. compare to putting into warfare its the same thing except if you take picture of health. This is what I have learned so far.

                              • Anonymous

                                Jellyfish skin still allows you to be healed by poison.I think it may even increase the healing.Use that plus rain and contamination when you need poison surfaces.

                                • Anonymous

                                  polymorph class starts with 2 str 2 fin. it is pointless to stick with that, change it around. i suggest doing str and just dual wield or even two hander, maybe give the 2 in finesse to constitution instead. taking this with warfare would be amazing. if you wanted to be able to buff both physical armor and magical armor, maybe take water magic also.

                                  also, if undead, i wonder if poison skin messes up your ability to heal from poison or if it would be smart to take this with undead

                                  • Anonymous

                                    so, they start you off with a dex weapon, but luckly your abilities scale off strength. If anyone sees this, make sure to start with strength class like Knight, then change their talents/perks or what ever around.

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