Original heroes/characters quest line path(s) quests related, places and things not to miss (eventually lore related).

Better guides about crafting, what is worth and what isn't, current farm guide is highly outdated. (Someone should probably write, about a guide about getting thievery item, and using/abusing the mirror in L. vengeance, and robbing pretty much 100% of the NPC in the game, as there is no repercussion what so ever about it.) (Every single character can pickpocket any given characters once, if you manage to find 3 pieces of thivery (which is super easy (chest, Belt, Glove)) you can get a good 14kgolds / NPC which is by far the best usage of the time of anybody else. Unlike the current crafting guides.

 Also write simple guides about, mixing of classes, what main class work well with other one. Aka. Aero/Hydro for example. (Needed are especially, warfare good combos and rangers. Other should be logical more or less.)

Another most needed aspected, is tedious quests walkthrough. Aka the blood path in Lucian Church for example. If rushed, it's very cryptic. A lot of quests can be hard to understand, use self-judgement on that. (that was the only one who stopped me for a good 30 minutes)

Figure actuals % values of skills, or fix the current typo of skills definition of skills, so they display ?% instead of ??
From my experience, these numbers as easy to figure out as there are always rounder 10 15 30 33, etc.

Secrets/Spoiler section,
This one shouldn't be a focus, but should exist, so people can add to it as time past when they found amazing stuff in their opinions.

Comprehensive, guide about civil, and combat skills. What's good, what's bad, why X why Y.
A must being thievery, persuasion, loremaster(Unless thievery abusing.) for any parties. (outside of combat skills obviously)

For any lore freak, a timeline would be a blessing for peoples who care about it. Listed by years, and big and important events.(Refered in game directly with main characters)

Exploits and glitches.
This section, in my opinion should feature great mechanic usage as well but not only.
For example in co-op, you can eat sources from bodies usable, as the same time to get 2 sources points from it. This is insanely easy to do.
Another "exploit", or cleaver use of mechanics, should explain that fleeing after killing an enemy doesn't respawn it for example.
Another being in coop again, you can buffer you character (that is not in the player party that engage RP/Talking with NPC)
It's a very simple process, if you aren't the one engaging RP, you can listen to it, that make your character "frozen" in term of turns, allowing you in some cases to buffer buff, 2 characters in the non engaging party, and 1 in the engaging party. Giving you a great edge in many fights. (Clear mind, hast, Magic shell and fortify(careful with this one prevent tp'ing))
Some exploit can be cornering a character, between 2 very high armors and armor characters preventing him to move (But that cant be use in many cases)

Cursed VS Blessed especially how or what cleanse Necro Fire. (blessing, Blesses consumable, etc.)
Necrofire is by fast the one the "hardest" to convert, or getting rid of.

Artefacts guide, where to find each pieces, and what it gives you.
Also very relevant in my opinion, to say vagally that if an artefact is related to a quest, do not sell it without saying explicitly where it's used, unless in spoil banner. (Sword-breaker for example)

For the madman, posting spot of hidden digging spot, with screenshots of the in-game place, and a map place.

Very important, Pyramids places, it's very useful even in solo to have 2. Especially in Driftwood, since it allows you to drop one near the source fountain near the Meister to refill when needed, it also helps a solo player, to drop one down, and move his whole party wherever he needs to. And teleport back when he's ready.

Glitches and know bugs, that you personally reported and know are reported.
For example I got a shield near the statue of the "Godkind" that "set deflect" except it doesn't.)

A guide for ideal quest order.

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