Companions in Divinity: Original Sin 2 are Party Members that can join the player during the course of the game. They have unique conversation Tags and have their own Class and equipment.

Initially, If your companion goes missing, you can find them back at their recruiting point, or they sit a bit east of Amadia's Sanctuary at the beach (next to the corpse of a Magister Swordsman) (x:390 y:21).  Other places where you can find them are: on Lady Vengeance; mostly on the 2nd floor.

(Note: Companions not in your team after the end of Act 1 will become unavailable. After that you can hire mercenaries.)



Slave no more, you still bear scars your master gave you, and wield the skills he taught you: femme fatale, spy, assassin. Skills you plan to use against all masters.

The Red Prince

Unique among your own kind, you are a prince exiled from your Empire. This land is hostile, its inhabitants inferior, but no one will stop your march to vindication.



Ifan ben-Mezd

No body escapes the Lone Wolves unscathed, and your freedom was won at a terrible cost. You swore you were done, but there is one last wrong you need to right.



You were never normal: mind a playground for demons, body prone to violent episodes. The Divine himself couldn't save you, can you save yourself?





Your failed rebellion against the Queen nearly destroyed you - so you began a new life on the high seas. Now, your old enemy is back. If you don't stop her, no one will.



You woke up and your world was gone. The last of your kind, you hide behind a charmed mask, searching for the truth about a history that no one knew existed.

    • Anonymous

      25 Mar 2018 17:58  

      Is it possible romancing while playing a pre-made character? Per say, if I play Lohse, can I romantically involve with Ifan?

      • Anonymous

        19 Nov 2017 16:30  

        there are only 6 companions to recruit? seems wierd considering you meet them all almost right away.... mad eit seem there would be lots throughout the game.

        • Anonymous

          21 Oct 2017 02:55  

          I recruited Sebille whilst playing with a friend, who recruited Red Prince. Once we joined the ship, and they leave you temporarily, my friend re-recruited his own and Sebille. Now it treats it as if she was not originally hired by me, and I lost the ability to interact with her. Even if he dismisses her, I can't hire her back. Is this intended, or a bug? I don't want to restart the game just because of this.

          • Anonymous

            29 Sep 2017 21:44  



            So after I reach Reaper's Coast, Origin companions who is not in my party is considered killed in the encounter with Dallis, and player is given the option to hire mercenaries which is pretty much custom companions. Amirite?


            • Anonymous

              26 Sep 2017 19:59  

              Main class: Conjurer
              Companion classes: Conjurer
              Tactics: Conjure an army and laugh

              I am about a 3rd into the game and have yet to use any resurrection scrolls. Summoning on different elements have different effects, for example: Water gives healing ability to minions. So four Conjurers is very OP.

              • Anonymous

                24 Sep 2017 05:58  

                Okay, I'm not sure why this is impossible to find online, so I'm gonna ask. Are there really only 3 companions after Lady Vengeance? Am I gonna meet more people down the road? I'm not gonna lie, I'm gonna be massively blown if I'm basically stuck with these three companions. I get that it adds replay value, but that's a poor trade off for: no variety after the first act, story/quests severely diminished, experimentation etc. I don't need any specific info, just if I'll get to recruit more companions.

                • Anonymous

                  15 Sep 2017 23:17  

                  Of course you can. Only their origin remains constant. Also you are able to determine their focus during the conversation with them (wizard, fighter...), what means you can tailor your companions extremely detailed. Besides that - and the ability to play these detailed characters as your own avatar/protagonist - you also can create and customize your own character and play that one, similiar to part 1.

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