Divinity Original Sin 2 Character Information includes links to combat-related effects. Divines can use this information to optimize their characters by selecting the right combination of stats and perks, as well as identifying information in PVP.


Environmental Effects


Status Effects


PvP Information


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    • Anonymous

      11 Dec 2018 03:23  

      why the jurnal dont number the quest so you know what lv to fight first and not to fight the higer level yet quest 1 then quest 2

      • Anonymous

        11 Dec 2018 03:20  

        I am in repers cost and am lv 11 but every one i find to fight is always two lv above me so i can not win battle why? what did i do wrong

        • Anonymous

          13 Sep 2018 13:59  

          Why is it that sometimes my caster can fire their wands ... and sometimes they cannot .. seems they can only attack every 2nd go

          • Anonymous

            17 Jan 2018 16:56  

            "the most*****ty thing about this game is that you cant place your chars where you want them to be before combat. they instantly run back to you and group up even though you have the most spread formation possible. this makes every encounter broken af since all the aggressive spells in this game are AOE"

            Just un-group your party members and position your casters/archers farther back before a combat encounter . Ambushes are different. IRL you would be able to ask your opponent to let you reposition for optimal combat formations. :P

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