Tools in Divinity: Original Sin 2 can be created or found by the player and then utilized when Crafting to create more advanced Materials required for Recipes. Below is a list of Tools in the game and their respective Recipes.

Note that most tools are fully re-usable, including Buckets.


Tools Recipes

Crafter's Kit Tools

Final Product

Ingredient 1

Ingredient 2

Ingredient 3

Boiling Pot CookingPot Campfire  
Bucket of water Bucket Water barrel  
Barrel Nails Crafter's Kit Any Wood
Blessed Water Barrel Any Life Essence Water Barrel  
Crafter's Kit Metal Scraps Wood Chips Repair Hammer
Cursed Oil Barrel Any Tormented Soul Oil Barrel  
Lockpicks Any Metal Crafter's Kit  
Nails Scale Scraps Tongs  
Oil Barrel Any Oil Source Crafter's Kit Any Wood
Ooze Barrel Any Poison Source Crafter's Kit Any Wood
Trap Mechanism Fuse Metal Scraps Crafter's Kit
Undeployed Dazzler Trap Razzle Dazzle Grenade Trap Mechanism  
Undeployed Displacer Trap Teleportation Scroll Trap Mechanism Empty Canister
Undeployed Firestorm Trap Firestorm Grenade Trap Mechanism  
Undeployed Nailbomb Trap Nailbomb Grenade Trap Mechanism  
Undeployed Poison Gas Trap Poison Cloud Grenade Trap Mechanism  
Undeployed Smoke Trap Smoke Grenade Trap Mechanism  
Undeployed Thunderbolt Trap Thunderbolt Grenade Trap Mechanism  
Water Barrel Any Water Source Crafter's Kit Any Wood

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