Enchantment in D:OS 2 allows you to enhance your Weapons/Armors by combining it with certain items.



Ingredient 1

Ingredient 2

Ingredient 3

Weapon deals X-X bonus fire damage based on item level Weapon Any Oil Source Any Fire Source
Weapon deals X-X bonus poison damage based on item level Weapon Any Poison Source, Ooze Barrel  
Grants immunity to slipping on ice   Nails Boots   
2 finesse, 1 huntsman,  Adds physical armor  Helmet Eternal Artefact  
10% air resistence,  Adds physical armor  Chest Eternal Artefact  
2 strength, 1 warfare,  Adds physical armor  Belt Eternal Artefact  
2 constitution, 10% earth resistence,  Adds physical armor  Gloves Eternal Artefact  
1 polymorph, 10% air resistence,  Adds physical armor  Leggings Eternal Artefact  
1 thievery, 0.1 move points,  Adds physical armor  Boots Eternal Artefact  
1 scoundrel Ring Eternal Artefact  
10% fire resistance, 2% critical chance, 5% dodging, adds physical armor Necklace  Eternal Artefact  


Notes & Tips

  • There are two types of Eternal Artefact, although they have same name, the enchantment effects are different.
  • Some Eternal artefacts counts as Ingredients, others as miscellaneous. The Artefacts labeled "Miscellaneous" can't be used in crafting, despite looking the same.

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    • Anonymous

      23 May 2021 19:07  

      I am running DE with no giftbags (other than default 4 armors of Rivellon). The oven+oil+weapon = +flame damage does not work. However, I *was* able to combine an eternal artifact with Delorus's Bow to get +air damage. The eternal artifact I used was one of the asymetric skinny ones that cannot be used to enhance armor.

      • Anonymous

        18 May 2021 03:02  

        Could someone please post back the other weapon enchants (elemental types). It was removed because a lot of confused people commented they didn't work.
        They work in the DE version of the game, with the specific gift bags switched on. It's a shame this info is now missing on this site because people are lazy and jump to conclusions.

        Ideal would be to post them with an asterisk disclaiming they only work with the gift bags

        • Anonymous

          03 Mar 2021 07:07  

          No, the fire enchantment does not work in Definitive Edition without the gift bags. It's really not so hard to test yourself.

          • Anonymous

            06 Sep 2020 07:38  

            Fire enchant DOES NOT work unless you have the gift bags turned on - I used it last week on my other play through, which had giftbags, but my current run has no giftbags being used and there is no book in the magister tent in fort joy (new Paladin Cork) and I can't use the recipe.

            • Anonymous

              21 Aug 2020 23:10  

              The poison enchant (ooze barrel) and the fire enchant (fire from campfire etc + oil barrel) definitely works in definitive (22 Aug 2020). But only on edge weapons, crossbows and bows - not on wands or staffs.

              • Anonymous

                11 Aug 2020 09:32  

                Someone removed the fire weapon enchantmens, and they actualy worked!

                I'm sorry if it did not work in your version but they DO WORK in mine. Also the poison, and the phase capacitor for air damage.

                You don't need to have the recipe, just go to a fire place, select it, and choose combine:
                - Fire Source (a Fireplace, bonefire, or campire)
                - An Oil Source (I always carry an Oil barrel with me)
                - A weapon (worked with unequipped spears, swords, daggers, mazes, and bows)

                I have the Definitive edition with gift bags, although I found people who says it works without it

                • Anonymous

                  29 Jun 2020 18:54  

                  I kept trying to 'extract' the rune's powers, trying to put them in my weapon when i finally realised that u just need to put it in at level 10 act 2.

                  • Anonymous

                    08 May 2020 20:48  

                    Can confirm the fire recipe only works with crafting gift bag turned on. The recipe tome is in the big magister tent with the bear skin rug in the rafters of Fort Joy.

                    • Anonymous

                      25 Apr 2020 17:10  

                      Using the crafting gift bag, but using the "Eternal Artefact" crafting component with a weapon provides the air enchantment - Phase Capacitor has no effect.

                      • Anonymous

                        17 Apr 2020 15:50  

                        The fire recipe certainly works in Definitive. But it only works if you've found the recipe. It's in Fort Joy on the ramparts in a Magister tent on the way to Paladin Cork. You may need to activate the crafting gift bag for it to show up as I don't remember that having been there before. The air one still works as well, but I think only the Phase Capacitors will do it. Also doesn't work for wands or staves.

                        • Anonymous

                          11 Feb 2020 23:00  

                          As some folks seem to be confused about the artifacts, I recently tested the artifacts and they still work everywhere that's listed above. HOWEVER, some artifacts don't combine. How can you tell which ones do? Simple. Right click on the artifact. If the "combine" options is available, click it, and combine with whatever you're combining with. If the "combine" is NOT available, you have one of the oddball duds. It's not a failure of the recipe, it's a failure of some of the artifacts.

                          • Anonymous

                            01 Oct 2018 21:18  

                            Good to note that applying poison to weapons, and applying nails to boots, increases the value of the items anywhere from 1-20 gold each. Since the ooze barrel isn't consumed when poisoning weapons, you can actually make a little bit of extra gold by poisoning them prior to vendoring.

                            • Anonymous

                              07 Jan 2018 03:25  

                              So far applying nails to boots to give immunity to slipping on ice does NOT interfere with other previous enchants.

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