Enchantment in D:OS 2 allows you to enchance your Weapons/Armors by combining it with certain items.



Ingredient 1

Ingredient 2

Weapon deals X-X bonus poison damage based on item level Ooze Barrel, Any Poison Source Weapon
Weapon deals X-X bonus wind damage based on item level Weapon Eternal Artefact
Grants immunity to slipping on ice   Nails Boots 
2 finesse, 1 huntsman,  Adds physical armor  Helmet Eternal Artefact


10% air resistence,  Adds physical armor  Chest Eternal Artefact


2 strength, 1 warfare,  Adds physical armor  Belt Eternal Artefact


2 constitution, 10% earth resistence,  Adds physical armor  Gloves Eternal Artefact


1 polymorph, 10% air resistence,  Adds physical armor  Leggings Eternal Artefact


1 thievery, 0.1 move points,  Adds physical armor  Boots Eternal Artefact


1 scoundrel Ring Eternal Artefact


Adds 20% of weapon damage as air Weapons

Eternal Artefact



Notes & Tips

  • There are two types of Eternal Artifacts, although they have same name, the enchantment effects are different.
  • Some of Eternal artifacts counts as Ingridients, others as miscellaneous. Both have same icon and description, but 'miscellaneous' could not be used in craft!

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