Enchantment in D:OS 2 allows you to enhance your Weapons/Armors by combining it with certain items.



Ingredient 1

Ingredient 2

Ingredient 3

Weapon deals X-X bonus poison damage based on item level Weapon Any Poison Source, Ooze Barrel, Zaikk's Talon  
Weapon deals X-X bonus fire damage based on item level Weapon Any Oil Source, Oil Barrel Camp Fire, Cooking Station, Oven
Weapon deals X-X bonus air damage based on item level Weapon Phase Capacitor  
Grants immunity to slipping on ice   Nails Boots   
2 finesse, 1 huntsman,  Adds physical armor  Helmet Eternal Artefact  
10% air resistence,  Adds physical armor  Chest Eternal Artefact  
2 strength, 1 warfare,  Adds physical armor  Belt Eternal Artefact  
2 constitution, 10% earth resistence,  Adds physical armor  Gloves Eternal Artefact  
1 polymorph, 10% air resistence,  Adds physical armor  Leggings Eternal Artefact  
1 thievery, 0.1 move points,  Adds physical armor  Boots Eternal Artefact  
1 scoundrel Ring Eternal Artefact  


Notes & Tips

  • There are two types of Eternal Artifacts, although they have same name, the enchantment effects are different.
  • Some of Eternal artifacts counts as Ingridients, others as miscellaneous. Both have same icon and description, but 'miscellaneous' could not be used in craft!

    • Anonymous

      12 Feb 2020 05:00  

      As some folks seem to be confused about the artifacts, I recently tested the artifacts and they still work everywhere that's listed above. HOWEVER, some artifacts don't combine. How can you tell which ones do? Simple. Right click on the artifact. If the "combine" options is available, click it, and combine with whatever you're combining with. If the "combine" is NOT available, you have one of the oddball duds. It's not a failure of the recipe, it's a failure of some of the artifacts.

      • Anonymous

        02 Oct 2018 03:18  

        Good to note that applying poison to weapons, and applying nails to boots, increases the value of the items anywhere from 1-20 gold each. Since the ooze barrel isn't consumed when poisoning weapons, you can actually make a little bit of extra gold by poisoning them prior to vendoring.

        • Anonymous

          07 Jan 2018 09:25  

          So far applying nails to boots to give immunity to slipping on ice does NOT interfere with other previous enchants.

          • Anonymous

            13 Nov 2017 05:10  

            Amulet + Eternal artifact = +10 % Fire Resistence, +2 % Critical Chance, +5 % Dodging, Adds physical armour (< 10%)

            • Anonymous

              19 Oct 2017 15:24  

              Poison enchant not working for crafted Tongs roped together, but is working for 1h daggers so far in my test. More testing needed to see if Poison does not work with "blunt" weapons...

              • Anonymous

                02 Oct 2017 12:39  

                How does this wind enchant work? Does it stack with poison? What is an eternal artifact and why something so neutral sounding gives wind and not any other element?

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