Goodie Bags in Divinity Original Sin 2 are covered on this page. Goodie Bags are the small updates and bug fixes of the base game but also comes with some gear for your adventurers!


Goodie Bags in Divinity Original Sin 2

Gift Bag #1


  • Added new Character Creation assets
  • Mac Pro 2013 now supported
  • MacOS 10.14.4 introduces a fix for Apple Gamecenter lobbies

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a rare crash when joining multiplayer games with certain mods
  • Fixed save file compatibility issue
  • Fixed an issue with using the Swornbreaker in multiplayer games
  • Fixed issue with player fast-traveling to Lady Vengeance
  • Fixed Dashing June not taking gold from player inventory
  • Fixed Sir Lora incorrectly absorbing Source
  • Fixed the Frozen Family incorrectly initiating combat if defrosted in a certain way
  • Fixed issue with Malady not appearing on the lower deck in some situations
  • Fixed issues with players not receiving Seascape and Liberator achievements
  • Fixed issues with The Gargoyle's Maze quest not appearing in the Journal under certain circumstances
  • GM: Fixed issues with certain children missing faces and limbs when switching torsos
  • Fixed minor visual and audio issues
  • Fixed some dialogue issues
  • Fixed UI cutoff in Spanish


Gift Bag #2


  • Crafter's Kit - Plenty of new recipes and unique items to craft!

  • Endless Runner - Find a new icon in your Hotbar which you can use to toggle sprint on and off. Sprint increases your movement speed of your party and the movement speed of your followers.

  • Animal Empathy - Allows all player characters to talk to animals without having to spend a talent point. Also Changes Pet Pal talent to grant maximum positive attitude in all conversations with animals.

  • Fort Joy Magic Mirror - Manifests a Magic Mirror in the Arena of Fort Joy, along with a new Character Creation level. This allows you to respec before moving on to the next act of the game.

  • 8 Action Points - Increases the base maximum Action Points of hero characters to 8.

  • Herb Gardens - Plant your own herb garden! Take any herb and combine it with a bucket to create a seedling. Then just place your seedling in the ground and watch it grow. We will have additional Gift Bags of free and cool content for you in the coming months, too!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed rare crash when using the Magic Mirror in multiplayer Fixed rare crash when returning to the Main Menu from Story

  • Fixed issue with conjuring Incarnates on electrified water surfaces

  • Fixed some inconsistencies between in-game models and portraits

  • Fixed skills not staying on hotbar after being unmemorized

  • Fixed character portraits getting stuck to the cursor in certain situations

  • Fixed rare chance of player indefinitely boosting stats while in multiplayer

  • Fixed rare issue with turn order after player gets knocked down

  • Fixed several small UI issues

  • Fixed small text and name issues

  • Fixed minor visual and audio issues


Gift Bag #3


  • Pet Power - Pet Power greatly enhances the summoning class and its infusion spells. With this feature, you can cast infusion spells on all available summons, not just your own Incarnate. Each summons receives different skills depending on the base elemental infusion type.

  • Combat Randomizer - When entering combat, one or more random enemies will receive one of the new special statuses created specially for this feature. Think you know how a particular fight is going to go down? Not any more! This will change everything you thought you knew about combat, with each battle presenting a fresh new challenge.

  • Nine Lives (Back Cat+) - Transforms the Black Cat into a follower. Once rescued, a whistle will appear in your inventory. You can use this if your cat gets lost or if you want to change who it follows.

  • Improved Organisation - Find a collection of special bags that allow you to better (and automatically) organise your inventory.

  • Sourcerous Sundries - In each major hub, you can now find a mysterious vendor selling exotic and potent artifacts. These artifacts can upgrade a character’s gear with immense power, bringing them up to the players' current level.

  • Hagglers - Tired of forgetting to switch to your 'haggling' character when talking to traders? Now the reputation and skill of your whole party can help you wrangle the best prices!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed crash in multiplayer Mac-PC crossplay with Crafter’s Kit enabled

  • Fixed crash related to loading saves with Larian modifications enabled

  • Fixed major issue related to enabling/disabling Larian modifications in conjunction with community mods

  • Fixed issue where player could steal Drudanae from the Elf Herbalist without any consequence

  • Fixed player not receiving points for level up if inside Magic Mirror

  • Fixed the Battered Raft being destructible

  • Fixed music not playing during loading sequence when Larian modifications are enabled

  • Fixed rare issue with Alexandar remaining in battle even after death

  • Fixed rare issue when failing to pickpocket Meistr Siva

  • Fixed rare chance of player ending up stuck in combat during the fight for Divinity

  • Fixed minor issues with UI selection when playing with a gamepad

  • Fixed small issues with VO and dialogue in Herb Gardens

  • Fixed minor text and localization issues

  • Fixed minor visual and animation issues


Gift Bag #4 (Sourceror Secrets)


  • From The Ashes - Party members automatically resurrect when using the bedroll out of combat.

  • Source Meditation - Source Points are restored when using the bedroll.

  • Divine Talents - Adds several new talents to pick from during Character Creation or Character Respec.

  • Spirit Vision - Spirit Vision lasts forever and has a larger range.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Achievements being locked in a new Campaign game having started a separate Adventure with Larian Modifications turned on first

  • Fixed Black Cat becoming hostile after the client uses the Black Cat Whistle in multiplayer

  • Fixed several issues with having two black cats after escaping from Fort Joy and having Nine Lives modifier turned on

  • Fixed Sir Lora being a ninja. He now has correct footstep sounds.

  • Fixed some dialogue inconsistencies in Fort Joy with Song Of Nature Gift Bag

  • Fixed small text and name issues

  • Fixed macOS 10.15 specific compatibility issues

  • Fixed a crash related to having a high amount of logical processors


Gift Bag #5 (The Four Relics of Rivellon)


  • Captain Armour -A set of armour that can dominate the minds of those around you. Each piece also boosts Lucky Charm, Persuasion and Bartering.
  • Vulture Armour - A light set of armour based off of dwarven rituals. Each part of the set enhances range and damage dealt from higher ground, while the complete set gives the wearer a pair of permanent, vulture-like wings.
  • Contamination Armour - An ancient set of armour created from magic thought lost long ago. Each piece offers resistance to poison, while the entire set grants immunity to poison along with a special ability to spawn exploding spores that will damage enemies in combat.
  • Devourer Armour - A set of armour said to make its wearer almost invincible. In combat, the armour will mark a certain target in range. Any attacks on this target cannot miss and will deal extra damage.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash related to picking rewards after returning Saheila to the Elven camp
  • Fixed a crash when re-assigning a character that was in the rewards screen
  • Fixed a crash in split screen when a character gets charmed
  • Fixed a crash when approaching Queen Justinia and Isbeil
  • Fixed a corruption issue in the undertavern, causing NPCs to freeze in place or walk out of bounds
  • Fixed getting invisible status permanently after pickpocketing specific animals with Master Thief talent
  • Fixed Eternal Arbiter being hostile when he should be neutral
  • Fixed unlimited range of bedroll when Source Meditation is enabled
  • Fixed summons getting random buffs from Combat Randomizer in multiplayer
  • Fixed container window disappearing behind inventory when dragging
  • Fixed Greedy Vessel talent restoring source points on dead characters
  • Fixed missing exit icon in the map’s legend
  • Fixed automatically added spells to be added to the currently active hotbar number instead of the first one
  • Fixed being able to see enemies in hotseat arena
  • Fixed “can’t reach” issue during pipe puzzle in Arx
  • Fixed overlapping item interactions during dialogs
  • Fixed Soulcatcher talent spawning zombies even if the player with the talent is dead
  • Fixed a multiplayer connection flow issue when the host is using mods
  • Fixed Circle of Protection’s tooltip
  • Fixed sometimes being unable to surrender in arena mode
  • Fixed an issue displaying empty archived journal page when loading older savegames
  • Fixed not being able to switch out of the character sheet tab when assigning points without saving
  • Fixed map names not loading correctly in the lobby sometimes
  • Fixed Arena mode team colours when sending items
  • Fixed an issue with inviting players to your party while they are in dialog
  • Fixed an issue with surrendering on the AI’s turn in Hotseat Arena mode
  • Fixed Erratic Entity staying in combat when Combat Randomizer is active
  • Fixed Lone Wolf giving double attributes when combined with Magic Cycles talent
  • Fixed an issue with attribute bonuses in the magic mirror being applied incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue with lobby map filtering
  • Fixed hold in hand feature when trying it from within containers
  • Fixed notification system messages while trying to cast scrolls when silenced
  • Fixed dialog log when restoring NPC attitudes towards the player after combat
  • Fixed text visibility issue in rune enchantment window
  • Fixed an issue with reassigning characters that have active summons
  • Fixed AI behavior when affected by Ruptured Tendons and Resist Death
  • Fixed not getting a confirmation window when donating multiple items (controller)
  • Fixed Shrieker portraits
  • Fixed being able to manipulate Higba’s armor while controlling him, resulting in lost items
  • GM Mode: fixed peace mode activated message appearing incorrectly
  • GM Mode: fixed party reroll breaking player’s attributes, abilities and talents
  • GM Mode: fixed a crash with giving NPCs Shields Up skill
  • GM Mode: fixed dice roll updates in combat log
  • GM Mode: fixed Game Master icon being visible on possessed creatures




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      How do I turn off Relics of Rivellon? I don't see the option in the menu, but it keeps breaking all my new games.

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        Honestly, some of these "gift bags" feel like band aid fixes disguised as free content updates, especially the crafting one, as it adds missing recipes that should have been in the base game already, therefore patched in, but instead they're added as a free update pseudo mod that disables achievements, pretty disappointing.

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