NPCs in Divinity: Original Sin II are the various characters that you find throughout your journey. These NPCs will trade with you, give you Quests and Side Quests and also sometimes engage in combat with you.

Companions on the other hand, are characters that you meet as NPCs at first, but can be convinced to join your party aid you in your journey. 

Below is a list of Companions and other NPCs that you may come across in Divinity: Original Sin II.



The Hold



Fort Joy Ghetto (Continued)




The Hollow Marshes

Armory of Braccus Rex

Sanctuary of Amadia

Gargoyle's Maze


Lady Vengeance NPCs




Reaper's Coast NPCs





Nameless Isle



The Arx





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    • Anonymous

      anyone pick up on the outrageous prices demira sells things to you for? i every time i leveled up, the prices of the goods i sold her before jumped up considerably. the 1000 gold hammer i sold her is now going for 70000 gold. the overpriced griff's drudanae that i sold her when i entered the place is now 8578 per unit. she has two for sale for 17000+ gold. oddly, i had a coin purse that i kept my gold in and she would always offer the value of the gold in the purse. then at level 15 iirc, she was offering to pay me half of it's total value. odd. anyways, if i kill her now, she doesn't drop any of the unique loot i sold her. only 99999 gold and 5 random items of the 100 or so she has now. i can't pickpocket some of the items. i don't care, i just think it must be some kind of bug. glad i didn't sell anything important to her.

      • Anonymous

        In the Stonegarden there is a Tainted Ancestor Tree with several NPCS inside that are unnamed here, the main one was named something like Ghanala.

        • Anonymous

          A woman guard of griff in fort joy give you a date in wood city(?) what's her name and where i can find her? thanks

          • Anonymous

            Traders of Fort Joy update skill books after you taken level 4. Are there general information about updating like this?

            • Anonymous

              Kalias (Warfare Skill Book Vendor) in the Caverns. If he has -45 reputation he won't sell anything to you. Just gift him 20 gold, at -35 he will sell you skillbooks.

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