Ancient Temple is a sub-area of Reaper's Coast in Divinity Original Sin: 2.  Please see Walkthrough and/or Locations for other areas.


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Notable NPCs

  • Silent Watcher
  • Armored Voidwokens
  • White Magisters
  • Weaponized Monk
  • Black Rings
  • The Eternal Aetera


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Ancient Temple 

Notes & Tips

In the heart of Ancient Temple, there is a puzzle, there are seven shrines of seven gods, you need to activate them in the correct order. 

The riddles are:

"Our first lord babes with power glowed, our second's born in blood that flowed. Our third's young to the wind returned, our fourth's to glowing flames adjourn. Our fifth lord's cubs with minds were blessed, our sixth's had brawn beyond the rest. Our seventh's brood spread from earth to glen, and thus no king shall rise again."

The key to the puzzle is within a book on a corpse within the Ancient Temple chamber. It will say on the second page that each god is a representation of an element or power:

  • Amadia - Magic 
  • Tir Cendelius - Blood
  • Duna - Air
  • Zorl Stissa - Fire
  • Xantessa - Mind
  • Vrogir - Muscle
  • Rhalic - Earth

The correct order is: Amadia, Tir, Duna, Zorl, Xantessa, Vrogir, and finally Rhalic.

After you hit all the pillars in the correct order the shield will disappear. When you then open the sarcophagus an Eternal will appear, and have an interesting conversation with your god. You need to defeat the Eternal and her stalkers. Loot the place and leave. 

NOTE: If Fane is in your party, and anywhere near the area when someone opens the sarcophagus, Aetera will always talk to Fane regardless of who opened it. Of all the possible conversations with the Eternal Aetera, having her speak to Fane (and his corresponding god Amadia) gives the most insight into what happened to the ancient Eternal civilization, and who the Seven Gods really are. She'll treat anyone else with extreme arrogance, considering them a simple "beast" or "source vat". Lohse's conversation is also different, as her inner demon will be able to speak directly to Aetera and have slightly different conversation options.




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    • Anonymous

      I'm playing with only 2 in my party, and I was a bit underlevel, so it was tricky:
      1 of them Talk and tank the initial damage, she does a ton of damage, so, before Aetera finish her combo, the second one (outside the combat, and in my case, Sebille) teleported her next to the tank, cancelling the spell, and letting the tank doing hard CC.

      As I was underlevel, I needed to cast Fane's "ultimate" to him attack again, so I could knock down her and didn't let her attack once.

      • Anonymous

        If you have someone with the Captain's set in the thick of things, her summons have such low magic armor they just keep getting charmed whenever they get close

        • Anonymous

          Literally got every oil barrel in the area, used the teleport pyramids to jump all over the place and fill them with oil. Stacked them where she spawns in at. And then had sibille hide and chuck one fire grenade at her. Boom. Dead. GG EZ

          • Anonymous

            Positioned tank by sarcophagus. Other three down steps leading up to temple. Once tank completed dialogue, others were not in combat and burned summons near boss. CC boss once physical armor down. Burned adds' magic armor with AOE then cc-ed with medusa head. easy peasy at level 13

            • Anonymous

              Hello!! I'm a little stuck and i'd appreciate some help. My main is Sebille and i let Fane do the talking with Aetera. Everything was fine until the fight, when i realised we were doomed because we were in a cramped space. So i decided to reload an autosave and do the talking and the fight again. In my surprise Fane couldn't talk to Aetera anymore and my only 2 options where 1. Step back. If it's that important, you won't stand in the way. 2. Hold your ground.You are the head of this group and you will speak to the creature.(both of them dismissive of Fane). I read that things get a little tricky if you don;t let Fane do the talking, so i;m at a loss of words, because i saw the other option with my own eyes and now it seems i can't replicate that. Thank you a lot

              • Anonymous

                I use this strategy for my hard CC party in tactician mode:

                Right before you end the dialogue with Aeterea I recommend that you give to the 3 others party members an 100% water resistance and an 100% air resistance potions (50% if you have Five Stars Dinner). This way Aeterea can only one shot your main character. You could give him the potions too, before the dialoge, but I don't like to do that because is not lore friendly ( In my playthrough, I examine Aeterea and I saw she had 10 in hydro and aero, so my party members drinking elemental resistance potions wasn't out of the blue)

                You need to keep her minions under constant magic CC. It's easy, they only have 46 magic armor.

                For killing Aeterea you will need one or two heavy strikers. Like an assassin or an archer. She have various elemental resistance potions so I don't recommend any elemental magic.

                You got 3 turns until your potions wears off, you need to get rid of her armor before that or drink another 6 potions again.

                Once you have gotten rid of her phisical armor I recommend to use Chicken Claw + any crippling skill, so you don't trigger her Perseverance.

                Dont forget to keep all her nearest minions under CC.


                • Anonymous

                  Guide says there's supposed to be some conversation with Eternal Aetera and there should also be Amadia somewhere yet... The moment i touched sarcofagus (with Fane) she just spawned and attacked without uttering a word.

                  What's going on?

                  • Anonymous

                    An amazingly quick strategy. Have someone transport Amadia as far away as possible. She will take time and action points to move toward the group. The first person in line should have soul mate and lots of healing potions. I cast it on this undead creature and swallowed 3 giant health potions and just like that, she died. The rest was easy.

                    • Anonymous

                      When I did this fight, there was a puddle off source on the ground and my incarnate just ate it. What the heck does that do?

                      • Anonymous

                        Aetera goes first and will put out some heavy damage to everyone in your party. In a previous game, we did have a tank that took her out immediately. (Of course you need to survive the first attack). If you don’t have a tank, then transport Aetera as far away as you can. Have a player with worm tremor jump close enough and use that on her. It runs right thru all armor and will hold her for many rounds. Then the whole group went to work toward removing her physical armor. Our summoner put in a powered incarnate who knocked her down and our archer used knock down arrows. Finally, we turned her into a chicken and destroyed her. The rest was easy.

                        • Anonymous

                          Current game, just opened the sarcophagus and it immediately started the fight even though I had Fane stood right next to Ifan whom I was controlling. Only thing I can think is that I looted both chests either side of the sarcophagus first... I also set up all the oil barrels from previous room around her, so another possibility is one of them was too close to where she spawned and thus started fight that way. Didn't think to check combat log after fight and done other stuff since so can't see what initiated it.

                          Interestingly the game still decided to treat it as if Fane had spoken to Aetera and found out what happened to his people. This is on the PS4 Definitive Edition

                          • Anonymous

                            The first order is to get rid of Eternal Aetera. Our tank using enrage and a bunch of high damaging warfare skills destroyed all armor and half her life. A summoning incarnate finished the rest. After that, it was easy.

                            • Anonymous

                              I soloed this fight with a lvl 14 Deathknight Sebille with lone wolf in tactician mode. I had started the talk with fane, then teleported him out of the room until only Sebille was inside. Unfortunately the fight triggered here already because I was too close, but you can get everyone out of the room before it even starts. Aeterna usually casts 2 wolves turn 1 close to you, then drinks some potions. The wolves took all the armour and 70%hp before my turn. I'd cast: Living on the Edge - Death Whish - Flesh Sacrifice - Adrenaline - Bull Horns - Skin Graft - Adrenaline - Flesh Sacrifice - Enrage. Then Bull Rush onto Aeterna and one-shot her with Onslaught (about 2k damage overkill), killing her two summoned wolves in the process. Two more wolves are standing on the upper part -> Blitz Attack onto them and end turn. One wolf jumps up, while another walks the long way around. Turn two you still have Living on the Edge and Enrage active, so you can simply kill all 3 wolves near you with Whirlwind. The last one will be too far away to reach you next round and you can engage on it first, being able to instantly kill it. I've been using 2-handed Sword (Quartermistress Anna right outside the save sells an excellent one) and totaled at 48 strength, 10 two-handed and 15 warfare. I managed to similarly solo this fight by using uncanny evasion instead of Living on the Edge, but it's just a 90% dodge chance, not a guarantee like being undying for two turns.

                              • Anonymous

                                Filled two crates full of oil barrels, stacked them right where Aetera spawns, used phoenix dive and teleport to get all the dogs in the middle, then blew up the barrels. Instant 50% HP and 0 armor Aetera. The rest of the fight was not too bad even though my chars were one level lower than the mob.

                                • Anonymous

                                  tip for the fight: jump on aetera and kill her. with wolves left if it's too much just jump off to the furthest side and it will automatically escape the fight.

                                  • Tip if you are struggling with Aetera: The Eternal Stalkers have high attack but low magical armor and resistances. Aetera has lots of physical armor but otherwise no physical resistances. Charming the stalkers to strip her physical armor makes this fight so much more manageable. Good opportunity for one of those Mind Maggot grenades.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      If you're confused about the order for the puzzle you may be using the first order the article lists, which is just listing all the pillars. The order you activiate them is right below that if you keep reading: "The correct order is: Amadia, Tir, Duna, Zorl, Xantessa, Vrogir, and finally Rhalic."

                                      • Anonymous

                                        hmm Why is that the correct order? According to the poem it should be:

                                        "Our first lord babes with power glowed" muscle (Vrogir)
                                        our second's born in blood that flowed. blood (Tir-cendelius)
                                        Our third's young to the wind returned, wind (Duna)
                                        our fourth's to glowing flames adjourn. fire (Zorl Stissa)
                                        Our fifth lord's cubs with minds were blessed, mind (Xantessa)
                                        our sixth's had brawn beyond the rest. magic (Armadia)
                                        Our seventh's brood spread from earth to glen, and thus no king shall rise again. earth (Rhalic)

                                        However, this order doesn't work. Can someone explain the logic?

                                        • The rat and the poet.
                                          There is a rat located in the excavation area that asks you if you are a poet.
                                          It says it needs a rhyme but wont accept any of the default choices. Anybody know the solution?

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Worked for me as Sebille

                                            1 - Amadia 2 - Tir-Cendelius 3 - Duna 4 - Zorl-Strissa 5 - Xantessa 6 - Vrogir 7 - Rhalic.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              It was the good order for me :)
                                              Do you noticed the kind of sarcophagus north from the yellow flag named "Ancient temple" ?
                                              It's impossible to interact with it. However, you can touch it with spells, any idea ?

                                              • Anonymous

                                                So how am I supposed to find out the order knowing the elements? there is no logical order that is obvious in itself.

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